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After sending the message to the customer service, the customer service quickly found the customer service personnel responsible for the event to contact him.

The customer service attitude was very good and they paid great attention to the issues raised by Yan Yan. After understanding the specific situation and verifying their identity, they immediately went to the team anchor to confirm the situation.

This event allowed team formation, and the reason was because the platform wanted to promote new partnerships. Therefore, the rules for team formation were also very clear. One person could upload a video, but it must be completed by two people, so customer service did not dare to take this issue lightly.

Not to mention that Yan Yan had been on several hot searches recently, and his popularity remained high. With the support of powerful figures like Yan Yueluo and Ji Juechuan, if things get serious, it would definitely damage the reputation of their platform.

Fortunately, Yan Yan did not choose to let Yan Yueluo and Ji Juechuan come forward but came to them first. While the customer service staff felt lucky, they did not dare to neglect at all and immediately contacted the anchor who was teaming up with him.

After a while, the customer service staff awkwardly told Yan Yan that the anchor claimed that he had also participated in the production of the video.

The anchor also sent a screenshot to customer service. It was the chat history of when they first formed a team and the anchor offered to help cut the video.

Yan Yan had calmed down now and expected that the anchor would not compromise so easily, so he was not too surprised by this answer.

He wanted the anchor to show evidence of video editing, but he thought that his videos were all edited using screen recordings during live broadcasts, so he could easily get it.

“Don’t you have Easter eggs in every video?” Ji Juechuan reminded him.

Yan Yan reacted and quickly informed the customer service.

His easter eggs were all extra shots taken after the live broadcast. Sometimes they were about off-topic remarks and sometimes they were highlights.

For example, in the video of him visiting Ji Juechuan’s company, he added a 30-second company promotional video at the end, and the shots were all shot by him later. Although simple, it looked like a lot of thought was put into it.

Sure enough, in addition to recording the screen, no other original videos could be found.

Not long after, the customer service told Yan Yan that it was confirmed that the anchor had not been participating in the creation of the videos for this event. The team relationship between the two would be terminated during working hours tomorrow, and the number of likes would be reset.

After seeing this message, Ji Juechuan’s frown finally relaxed.

He was also worried that Yan Yan would not be able to solve the matter on his own and would still refuse to let him intervene, thus letting others take advantage of him.

Just when he breathed a sigh of relief, he saw Yan Yan looking at him.

Ji Juechuan’s eyelids twitched, “What’s wrong?”

“Honey, how do you know there are easter eggs in every video of mine?”

Now that the matter was resolved, Yan Yan remembered this problem and looked at Ji Juechuan with very curious eyes.

He thought that Ji Juechuan was usually so busy that he definitely didn’t have time to watch the videos he made. Even if he had time, he shouldn’t be interested in his videos.

Did someone else tell him?

However, Yan Yan just asked casually and didn’t expect him to really answer.

Unexpectedly, Ji Juechuan was silent for a while and said, “I’ve seen them all.”

Yan Yan was startled and turned to look at him, with some surprise in his eyes.

Ji Juechuan didn’t look at him and said, “The promotional video was cut well.”

The air became quiet.

Yan Yan never thought that Ji Juechuan would watch the videos he made. His eyes widened in surprise, and he didn’t answer for a long time.

Ji Juechuan could imagine Yan Yan’s expression without looking at it. He turned his head and lay down on the quilt, “As long as the problem is solved, go to sleep.”

“Oh…” Yan Yan also lay down on the quilt, but he still kept thinking about what Ji Juechuan just said and kept staring at his back.

After staring for a while, Ji Juechuan suddenly turned towards him, covering his eyes with his big hand, and holding him closer with the other hand.

“Go to sleep.”

He couldn’t see Ji Juechuan’s expression, so he said “oh” again, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, Yan Yan’s activity ranking rose to first place, beating the second place by a long margin.

Just when some people started talking about the change in rankings, the platform issued an announcement explaining the reasons for the change in the number of likes and severely condemning the anchor’s behavior.

Due to Yan Yan’s popularity, this matter quickly exploded on the platform. Who knew who posted the screen recording of the anchor’s live broadcast room, which caused a wave of ridicule.

“I’ve never seen such a shameless person.”

“Shouldn’t this kind of person be blocked from his platform? I’m sick of him.”

“It’s too easy to be fooled. Fortunately, there are easter eggs in the video, otherwise he would get it really cheap.”

“Famous. After watching the video, the promotional video was really well edited. Is Wangjue Group still short of toilet washers?”

Soon, the anchor issued an apology statement, but despite this, he was ridiculed several times by the group, which only gradually subsided when the event got over.

In the following days of the event, the top three rankings remained unchanged, and Yan Yan took first place as expected.

That night, he was leaning on Ji Juechuan and watching TV when he suddenly received a call from the platform.

The person in charge first congratulated him for winning first place in the event, told him that the bonus and other rewards would be distributed within seven days, and then asked him when he wanted to arrange the island tour.

Yan Yan was very close to Ji Juechuan, and both of them could hear the voice on the other end of the phone clearly, so he looked up directly at Ji Juechuan and asked him with his eyes.

“It’s up to you.”

Ji Juechuan had already arranged his work, and he could do it any time Yan Yan chose.

Yan Yan thought for a moment and told the person on the phone a date.

After writing it down on the phone, he asked again: “Are you going with your partner? We can arrange a couple travel package for you, with more options.”

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