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The Lin family’s Luli was carefully selected. The weight was sufficient, but one-tenth of it was unqualified in terms of quality.

“It’s a complete waste. It’s hard for me to do this to the Lin family.” Lin Xin looked at the patterns on the Mojian sword and said without sincerity.

Yuan’a put the picked out poor-quality Luli into the same box, closed it and sealed it.

Lin Yedan’s face was ashen. There was obviously nothing wrong with the sealed Luli. Some of them were simply broken when they fell to the ground. Lin Xin’s picky approach was obviously looking for trouble against the Lin family.

Lin Qu held down his father’s hand and kept a smile that made people feel like spring breeze. “It’s a bit shameful to hand it over like this, so I’ll get a new one.” After saying that, he motioned the guards to carry the box away and bring another box of Luli.

“Wait!” Lin Xin raised his leg and pressed his foot on the box. The force of the heavy weight broke the hemp rope holding the box.

The guard carrying the box almost fell to his knees. Looking at the box again, he saw that it was already three-thirds of the way into the ground.

“After I have finished selecting, you will replace with good ones. With this approach, wouldn’t everyone be qualified? The prince made a good calculation,” Lin Xin sneered. The Yuan’a immediately drew their sword and surrounded the boxes full of unqualified Luli, “The Luli order is not the order for buying vegetables!”

“Then what are you going to do?” Lin Yedan asked coldly.

“If you are wrong, you are wrong. One failure out of ten boxes of Luli, so your thirteen counties will be cut off!” Lin Xin took out a small account book, and the two Yuan’a guards beside him immediately handed over pen and ink. He was too lazy to pay attention to Lin Yedan’s thoughts, so he dipped his pen in ink and glanced at Lin Qu, the eldest son next to the family leader.

Lin Qu and Lin Xin looked at each other for a moment, and he reacted as if he suddenly understood something. The smile in his peach blossom eyes disappeared, and he raised his hands slightly, “Master Marquis, please take a step aside to speak.”

Lin Xin waved his hand to signal Yuan’a to stand by, and he followed Lin Qu to go into a flower hall to drink tea.

He didn’t know what Lin Qu told his father, but Lin Yedan did not follow them, leaving Lin Qu and Lin Xin alone in the room.

“Is the Crown Prince really the master of Taxuelu?” In the past few months, Lin Xin had been seizing lands and titles, and the shock he had given others was enough. Next, it was time to implement the next step of the plan, and the Lin family, which had always been aware of current affairs, was the most suitable role model. The premise was that Lin Qu should be the head of this family.

Lin Qu sat down opposite him and was not in a hurry to talk about things. Instead, he took his time and made a pot of tea for Lin Xin with his own hands.

The slender white fingertips, glowing with healthy pink, flexibly shuttle between the different components of the sapphire tea set, warming the cup, letting the tea rise, brewing, steeping, whisking and smelling, all of it was done in a smooth flow, which looked pleasing to the eye.

Putting the jade cup filled with green and yellow tea in front of Lin Xin, Lin Qu spoke, “The eastern region’s fiefdom is less than 30% of the northern region. There are not too many thirteen county sets. Please give me a charter.”

Lin Xin held up the jade cup and shook it. After shaking it for a while, he drank it all in one gulp. The taste of it was fresh and mellow, and the aftertaste was sweet and clear. “I act according to the order, but there are no other regulations. There is a way.”

“I would like to hear the details.” His peach Blossom Eyes were naturally smiling, and Lin Qu was also handsome, and with him looking at someone so intently, it would give people the illusion of affection.

However, in this world, except for Shen Lou, no one’s beauty could make Lin Xin soft in the slightest, not to mention that this person was his cousin. “I will take this box of scrap Luli away, and the prince will add another box. Just pretend this never happened.”

If you put in another box but couldn’t get back the Luli that Yuan’a deemed “unqualified,” it was like paying 10% more. And it was self-evident whose pocket this 10% would go into.

His peach blossom eyes widened slightly in surprise. Faced with such a straightforward Lin Xin, Lin Qu was stunned for a moment, and then he naturally began to bargain, “I’m afraid 10% is a bit too much. If the Lin family can’t make any mistakes at all, the Marquis can’t do it either. It’s not easy to do business. How about I make up half of it and give you a county?”

“If you make up half of it, you get to keep 12 counties. The prince really made a good calculation.” What Lin Xin admired most about Lin Qu was that no matter what crisis this person encountered, he would never forget to bargain.

“You bas***d!” Lin Yedan suddenly kicked in the door, “Abusing power for personal gain and embezzling Luli, is this what your father taught you?”

“Dad!” Lin Qu stopped Lin Yedan with a headache.

“It’s not your turn to take care of what my father taught me!” Lin Xin was fed up with the man’s repeated mention of his father, so he took off Mojian and slapped it hard on the table.

Lin Yedan pushed his son away, took off his spirit sword, and slapped it on Mojian. “You, come with me to the sword competition platform!” The two swords were unsheathed and met in front of each other, which indicated an invitation to fight. There was a scum like Lin Xin in the Lin family. Due to his status, he could not teach him a lesson, so he could only clean up the family in this way!

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Small Theater:

Xinxin: The Luli Games start now, please shout out your slogans.

Uncle: The head can be cut off, the blood can be shed, but the Lin family’s face cannot be lost!

Lin Qu: Good cousin, don’t run away, we can discuss the price further!

Loulou: The wind is rustling, the snow is falling, and I feel lonely guarding the empty house alone!

Xinxin: Shen Lou is not good at this, he is not positive enough.

Loulou: The wind is blowing, the snow is falling, when will we have another few days and nights of fun?

Xinxin: This is good =V=

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