RCFS Ch. 255

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After the campus festival, the status of Yehuang had been growing rapidly.

Ten people danced the most exciting “SEXY GRIL”, and finally the original artist Yan Mubai himself was invited to perform!

Not to mention, Huangjue’s people only went to Yehuang for a visit, and even Yehuang’s practical instructor was at the provincial level!

Just these few things were enough for Yehuang to crush all the other clubs and rank among the top ten clubs of Junyao!

But the most important thing was that this matter had spread throughout the school.

Ye Yunxi was not a poor girl, she was a princess!

The richest princess of some desert kingdom!

Just asking if you are convinced!

In short, many people in the school were convinced, and many people asked to join Yehuang. Even if some people were hesitant at first, they immediately surrendered as soon as they saw Yehuang’s 200-level club classroom.

This decoration was the best in the whole school!

Why don’t you add more!

Sun Chao and Wang Tingting were almost exhausted. They had to review these people while studying, but Ye Yunxi said that our Yehuang was no longer a small club. They had enough capital to select people!

They were really happy!

“Hey, why can’t I join?”

Zhan Hong slammed the table and pointed at Sun Chao angrily: “Why can they join, but I can’t? Is there something wrong with my academic performance? Please tell me clearly!”

“We Yehuang also have standards…”

“The standard is all bull**it. Do you know how many clubs are vying for me now? I came here because I respect you, don’t be shameless!”

Zhan Hong raised her eyebrows, her grades were pretty good and her family conditions were acceptable. Why should a newly established club like Yehuang reject her?

Did they really think that they could keep pace with the three major companies?

D**n it! I came here because I like you, okay?

Hearing this, Sun Chao and others frowned, and even Qin Yui put down the small mirror and looked over with a bad expression.

For this kind of person, it would be right not to admit her. Sun Chao did the right thing, but this person actually made trouble unreasonably!

“Do you think you are awesome just because you won the first place in a school festival? Come on, there are only ten people in your club. Do you know how many people there are in Zangtian? There are nearly a hundred people in a club, so your club of ten people is really on the map. You don’t know how high the sky is!”

The more Zhan Hong said, the more awesome she felt. It was Yehuang who was blind. She simply slapped her resume forward and said angrily: “Look clearly, my grades are the best among these people. Why don’t you add me in your club? Your Yehuang is a rubbish club because they can’t support it!”

Everyone: “…”

Who gave her the confidence to say such a thing?

They believed that the club could not support itself without President Yunxi. But where did you come from?

“Then we don’t want you either, please leave!”

Sun Chao frowned, this person was really annoying!

“You don’t want me? What qualifications do you have to not want me? Your grades are not as good as mine, right?”

Zhan Hong looked disdainful. She simply left and broke into the club, raised her head and shouted at the second floor: “Ye Yunxi, Ye Yunxi, come down here. This is my resume. Although my grades are not as good as yours, I definitely have the strength to join Yehuang! I will make this club develop better!”

Sun Chao and others were confused, who let you in!

“Go, get her out!”

Damn, who was this person? She was so stupid, she even broke in!

Did she have any qualities?

Several boys rushed in to arrest her, and Zhan Hong yelled at the side: “Ye Yunxi, people from your club are beating someone up, don’t you care, come out quickly, you will regret losing me!!”

Upstairs, Ye Yunxi laughed angrily.

This girl had a really big face.

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