RCFS Ch. 254

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Ren Qi looked at Qin Yuiyi, Qin Yuiyi looked at Wang Tingting, everyone looked around and finally looked at Ye Yunxi.

Then they thought about how when the club was first established, everyone in the school regarded them as a joke. What about now? What now?

Someone actually climbed up the pole to join the group!

This proved that they, Yehuang, did not have to be afraid!

Moreover, it had already begun to flourish!

This was all because of Ye Yunxi!


Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

Everyone was excitedly asking for it, but their faces remained calm. They glanced at each other and finally looked at Ye Yunxi.

How to do it, Yunxi would have the final say!

She was the president and also had the ability, so they would all listen to Ye Yunxi!

“Sun Chao, you can handle this matter. We, Yehuang, don’t want everyone.”

Ye Yunxi smiled slightly and saw the faces of the students at the door change slightly.

But so what?

When the club was established, ten people were required. She could recruit them unconditionally, but now, I’m sorry!

“Yunxi, can you think of me?”

A lazy voice came over, and Ye Lanshan walked in slowly with a yawn. The tall and long-legged boy smiled slightly, causing a commotion among the girls at the door.

“You? Wait in line to hand in the information. Sun Chao, do a good interrogation!”

“Hey, I would have to be interrogated too?”

Ye Lanshan looked surprised, good cousin, I am your brother!

“Yes, you didn’t come when I invited you to join. Now that you want to join, no matter who you are, you have to follow the rules!”

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10! The host is awesome!

Ye Yunxi curled up her lips and went up to the second floor.

She believed that Sun Chao could do a good job.


Ye Lanshan tried his best to wave but could not call Ye Yunxi back, so he had no choice but to turn around and take out his personal information.

Tsk, he missed it. Why didn’t he join when Ye Yunxi invited him?

So much trouble now!

“Senior, this Yehuang is too much. The senior is so capable, but they still want to review the senior. Are they blind?”

Wen Xiaolei curled her lips, obviously defending Ye Lanshan, but the drowsy sleeping prince looked at her coldly. He glanced at the girl and said, “What does it have to do with you?”

After saying that, he was the first to enter Yehuang.

Just review it. This was enough to prove that Ye Yunxi would not be emotional. She was the one who wanted to inherit the Ye family’s business. If she was emotional, how could she rebuild the glory of the Ye family?

Then there would be no need for him to follow Ye Yunxi, right?

“Here is the information for you.”

After leaving the information, Ye Lanshan looked around, found the most comfortable corner, buried himself in the beanbag, stretched out comfortably, and closed his eyes to sleep.

Hey, this is such a good place, Yunxi. Your club is so comfortable, perfect for sleeping, and he had no regrets about joining!

While squinting, something squirmed and climbed up his chest along his pants. Ye Lanshan opened his eyes and met Qiuqiu’s eyes.

Ye Lanshan: “…”


Qiuqiu swung his tail, pulled out a sunflower seed with his little paws from his bulging cheeks and handed it over: “Eat, make a new mount for me after you finish eating!”

Ye Lanshan: “…”

Quite cute and knew how to share delicious food.

The sleeping prince peeled off the sunflower seeds and stuffed them back into Qiuqiu’s mouth. He stretched out his long arms to hug Qiuqiu into his arms, closed his eyes and continued to sleep.

What a great place, they even had pets to sleep with!

At this moment, Qiuqiu was struggling desperately!!!

Let me go! Fish-lipped human!! If you piss me off, you will be miserable!

In the bird’s nest, Hades curled his lips and looked away, this idiot!

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