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Yan Yan’s soft face was so poked that it sunk inside.

He just sent the message, put down his phone and looked at Ji Juechuan, his fair face a little red with anger, and his bright eyes glanced over, as if glaring at him.

This look made Ji Juechuan’s heart itch even more. He retracted his hand as if nothing had happened and sat down by the bed.

“What’s wrong?”

He was really curious about what could make Yan Yan angry.

Yan Yan didn’t say anything but showed Ji Juechuan the screen recording he just saw.

The fan who sent this screen recording to him was his old fan.

The fan heard the anchor say that he contributed to the video, but the anchor’s name was not marked on the end of the video. He immediately became suspicious and felt that Yan Yan would not do such a thing, so he went to find a screen recording, cut this section and sent it to Yan Yan.

Yan Yan watched this screen recording and finally understood why every time he went to see the anchor, the anchor would give him a few perfunctory words, and sometimes even not reply at all.

It turned out that they had no intention of seriously participating in the event.

After the screen recording was played, Ji Juechuan’s brows also furrowed and he quickly understood what was going on.

Although he had known that Yan Yan had a teammate for this event, he did not know the specific information. Seeing that Yan Yan was always busy working alone, he thought that the two of them were working on their own videos, so there was no division of labor.

Unexpectedly, this anchor did nothing and even tried to take the fruits of Yan Yan’s labor into his own hands.

No wonder Yan Yan’s popularity was so high, but he was still far behind the first place. The number of likes accumulated by one person had to be equally divided between the two, so of course he could not catch up with others.

Ji Juechuan’s face became darker and darker when he thought that Yan Yan’s hard work these days which had almost been taken advantage of by someone for no reason.

He knew how much importance Yan Yan attached to this event. He often spent a whole day editing videos and traveled to many places for the material.

However, this person just talked and wanted to share the results equally and enjoy the benefits.

Although this was just a small event, and the reward was just a worthless island trip, at which Ji Juechuan would never have even looked at before.

But this time he felt unhappy, even more unhappy than being robbed of a company project.

Although he wanted to deal with this person immediately, Ji Juechuan still suppressed his anger and asked, “Do you want my help?” Yan Yan shook his head.

He had calmed down and was not as angry as before.

“I can handle it myself.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone rang.

After Ji Juechuan watched the screen recording on Yan Yan’s mobile phone, before he returned the phone to him, he subconsciously glanced down when he heard the phone ring.

It was the anchor who had just replied to Yan Yan’s message.

[I won’t withdraw]

Ji Juechuan narrowed his eyes when he saw this name.

He handed the phone to Yan Yan, “What did you say to him?”

Yan Yan took the phone back, clicked on the anchor’s reply, pursed his lips and said nothing.

Ji Juechuan took a closer look and saw that the message Yan Yan sent above which was a bit long. He first explained the reason to the anchor, then explained the rules of the event team, and finally asked the anchor to withdraw from the team.

The information was clear and precise, the tone was very polite, and he seemed easy to bully.

Ji Juechuan twitched the corner of his mouth. Was this Yan Yan’s solution?

When he came out just now and saw Yan Yan typing furiously, he thought he was quarreling with someone. Even if there were no swear words, tough words would definitely be indispensable.

Unexpectedly, even if it was typed with such a vicious look, it would still look soft.

No wonder this anchor dared to just throw two words back.

“You really don’t need my help?” Ji Juechuan couldn’t help but ask again.

“No need.”

Yan Yan seemed to be competing with his opponent. He pursed his lips and stared at the screen for a while, then started typing again.

Ji Juechuan lowered his eyes and watched his thin white fingers tapping on the screen, feeling a little helpless.

Soon, the other party responded.

[The event is almost over, and the ranking has reached second place. Do you want me to have participated in this event in vain?]

[I have also read the team rules carefully. If I don’t agree, you can’t let me quit the team]

Yan Yan had never met such a shameless person. His expression changed. He didn’t know what to do for a moment and what to reply.

He moved his fingers, exited the chat page, and searched for something on the homepage.

“What are you looking for?” Ji Juechuan asked.

“Looking for customer service.”

Yan Yan found the customer service icon, and as soon as he clicked on it, he found that the customer service staff was already off work at this time.

He was a little comforted when he saw the 24-hour customer service sign next to it, but after he clicked on it, a prompt popped up.

[This is exclusive customer service for VIP10 users]

The VIP level of the live broadcast platform would be upgraded with the money spent by the user, and VIP10 was the highest level. In order to improve the experience of these users, the website had arranged a 24-hour dedicated customer service, so there was no need to wait in line or wait until working hours.

Yan Yan hesitated for a moment and clicked on the VIP level details. The recharge amount of VIP 5 shocked him and he lost his mind for a moment.

“Let’s wait until tomorrow.”

He bit his lower lip. Anyway, there were still a few days until the end of the event, and there was still time to solve it tomorrow.

Just as he was about to lie down, he saw Ji Juechuan pick up his mobile phone, skillfully open the live broadcast software, enter the maximum amount on the recharge page, and pay quickly.

Then, he clicked on his live broadcast room and rewarded him with all the recharge money.

As soon as he finished the reward, an upgrade reminder popped up on the platform and he was automatically upgraded to VIP level 10. The whole process took less than three minutes.

After Yan Yan saw this series of actions, his mouth opened slightly, and he still didn’t recover.

It wasn’t until Ji Juechuan stretched out the phone in front of him that he realized it and his eyes widened.

“How do you have this software?” He blinked his eyelashes several times and thought of another thing, “Do you still know about my live broadcast room?”

Ji Juechuan paused for a moment. He often watched Yan Yan’s live broadcasts, so just now he went in very easily, forgetting that there was such a thing.

He quickly reacted and said in a calm tone: “When your live broadcast room was blocked before, didn’t you tell me your live broadcast room number?”

Yan Yan rolled his eyes and remembered that this was indeed the case.

But he quickly frowned again, “Husband, didn’t I say wait until tomorrow? Why do you still need to charge so much money?”

Yan Yan had not had much money since he came here, so he valued money very much. Looking at the VIP10 icon now, he immediately felt sorry for the money Ji Juechuan just spent.

Although it was Ji Juechuan’s money and not his, he still felt heartbroken.

Ji Juechuan didn’t expect that he would still be in the mood to worry about this. It made him feel a little funny and a little inexplicably happy at the same time. He felt that Yan Yan would care about this because he subconsciously regarded his money as the common property of the two of them.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, “Isn’t it all rewarded to you? You can just bring it up when the time comes.”

But Yan Yan looked even more worried, “But the reward money has to be divided with the platform, so I can only bring up half of it.”


Ji Juechuan didn’t care about the money at all, but he still fell silent when he saw Yan Yan’s worried look.

“I’ll return what I can to you first, and the rest…”

Ji Juechuan interrupted him with a dark face: “You are not allowed to return it.”

Yan Yan was stunned for a moment, his pale eyes a little confused.

Ji Juechuan pursed his lower lip and put the phone into his hand, “Hurry up and call customer service.”

Yan Yan glanced at him again with her clear eyes, whispered thank you to him, and then lowered his head and started to send a message to customer service.

The thank you made Ji Juechuan feel a little depressed, so he simply pretended not to hear it.

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