LGHIHW Ch. 35.2: Arc 1.31

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Late that night, 169 reminded: “Host, the mission target’s car is approaching.”

Lin Yayan, who was hiding at the entrance of Xuan Mansion, rushed out quickly, preparing to stage a painful trick. She was so cruel that she spent half a million points to buy a heartthrob halo, which would come in handy now.

But Xuan Ming didn’t even get out of the car and said directly to the driver: “Don’t worry about her, just hit her.”

The driver was a mercenary who had seen a lot of blood on the battlefield. He was not afraid at this moment. He stepped on the accelerator and hit Lin Yayan, who was speeding towards him.

Lin Yayan was stunned when she found that the script was not performed according to her arrangement. At the critical moment, the system had to take over her body and roll her into the flower bed nearby.

The SUV with superior performance could barely stop in front of the closed carved iron gate of Xuan Mansion and would have hit it a second later. This showed that the previous acceleration was intentional, rather than a sudden situation where the driver failed to react.

Lin Yayan looked back with a head full of broken leaves, only to see Xuan Ming sitting by the half-open car window, his profile as cold as a sculpture.

He didn’t ask a question with concern, let alone even giving her a look of charity, and just drove away without looking away. Lin Yayan, his uncle’s daughter, was like trash in his eyes.

Lin Yayan stared at him blankly until he disappeared around the corner.

“System, did Xuan Ming just want to hit me to death?” Lin Yayan murmured in disbelief in her heart.

“Yes, if I hadn’t taken over the host’s body in time, the host would have been knocked away by now.” 169 said in frustration: “I checked Xuan Ming’s favorability score, and it is now -9999.”

“This bi**h! What did I do to offend him? He wants to beat me to death! It’s just a few scandals, I can explain them!” Lin Yayan grabbed a blade of grass and kneaded it hard, her teeth chattering.

With her heartthrob aura, she had completely controlled the men around her. As long as she made a phone call, they would rush to clarify for her.

But she never expected that Xuan Ming could be so ruthless, wanting to hit someone to death as soon as they met him. It was not like she cuckolded him after marriage, right?

“The information given by the Lord God is indeed correct. This bi**h Xuan Ming has no heart!” Lin Yayan crawled out of the flower bed in embarrassment and said through gritted teeth: “System, I want to buy the Night Assassin! I will kill the few other missionaries first and then come back to fish for Xuan Ming.”

“500,000 points, thank you.” 169 said in a business-like manner.

“Butt off.” Lin Yayan vigorously brushed off the grass stems and broken leaves on her body, filled with indescribable frustration and resentment. Just at this moment, she found a location link in her chat box, along with a provocative sentence, which was actually sent by another tasker.

“7480?” She said with a ferocious smile, “I’m going to operate on you first!”

169 sent a timely reminder: “In order to ensure that the host will not be counterattacked, asking the host to please practice for a period of time after acquiring the skills before taking action.”

“I know,” Lin Yayan twisted her neck and said in a sinister tone, “I’ll give them a week to arrange their funeral arrangements.”


A week later, Zhuang Li’s laboratory changed again, expanding from the original -4 floor to the current -6 floor. High-precision equipment was shipped in one after another, and the top scientific research teams in the country were also brought in. They were invited to join the company and started in-depth cooperation.

Xuan Ming never asked Xiao Curly what he was doing. As long as the other party asked, he would give him everything. Money, talent, equipment, operations team, security team, medical team, you name it.

Every night, Zhuang Li was usually the last person to leave the laboratory.

He took off his white coat and walked lazily down the corridor of the laboratory. The sensor light above his head suddenly lit up when he came, and then slowly turned off when he left, causing his handsome face to change in the light and shadow.

When he approached the last induction door, he suddenly paused, tilted his head slightly, as if listening to something, and then smiled with interest.

7480 said in surprise: “Why did a red dot suddenly appear in the chat box?”

“That’s not the red dot, it’s Lin Yayan.” Zhuang Li turned and walked towards the -5th floor.

7480 took a closer look and discovered that the red dot was actually active in a dark floor plan, which was the basement of Haiming Group. How did she get in? No, how could the host locate her coordinates?

“367’s positioning program is really easy to use. As long as you send a fishing message, you can spy on everything.” Zhuang Li seemed to know what the system was thinking, and chuckled as he walked: “It is said that each of your systems has special abilities. What are the abilities of 248 and 169?”

7480 said anxiously: “I don’t know, but they both seem to be senior systems and should be very capable.”

“Are they very strong?” Zhuang Li nodded with satisfaction: “That’s good, I’m not interested in useless abilities.”

His tone was so matter of fact, as if the abilities of 248 and 169 were right in front of his eyes and could be reached by just stretching out his hand.

7480 was angry and resentful of his tyranny and greed but was too intimidated to speak up.

The little red dot followed Zhuang Li like a shadow. The surrounding lights were so bright, but he couldn’t be seen. If it hadn’t been clearly marked on the map, who would have thought that there was another person hidden in this place that was so spacious that one could see through it at a glance?

A wisp of murderous intent wrapped around him from behind, chilling him to the bone.

But Zhuang Li leisurely walked around a strange machine with a ring-shaped steel ring on the top, stepped onto the high control console, and turned on the power.

The machine roared, as if it was accumulating power, and the surrounding lights dimmed, then increased in brightness several times.

The little red dot that followed like a shadow also flashed murderous intent in the dazzling light. It turned out to be Lin Yayan wearing a night suit and holding a cold white dagger.

She suddenly appeared like a ghost, stepping on the extremely narrow guardrail like a cat, maintaining a strange balance with her body, and then lightly jumped into the air, touching her toes, stepping on various unknown machines, rising upwards to climb up to the high control panel.

Her attack was fast and fierce, clearly attacking from a low place, but like an eagle swooping down from a high altitude.

In just the blink of an eye, the tip of her knife was already in front of Zhuang Li’s face. If she thrust it forward half a foot, the battle would be over…

7480 screamed in fright: “Ahhhhh! Master, she is here!”

Zhuang Li looked directly at the tip of the knife, not hiding from it or avoiding it, and there was even a smile of interest on the corner of his mouth.

At the same time, the charging machine suddenly fired out a dazzling purple arc, hitting Lin Yayan’s right hand holding the steel knife squarely.

With a loud bang, the menacing Lin Yayan suddenly fell from a high altitude. The purple electric arc seemed to have eyes and was still chasing her body, causing her to twitch in the electric light.

Zhuang Li lay down on the protective fence made of insulators, forming a spire with his hands, lightly touching his chin, and his low-smiling voice sounded extremely gentle: “Let me tell you, aren’t you missionaries afraid of death at all? You saw the Tesla coil being turned on and you still dared to rush over?”

He opened his eyes slightly, as if in a state of astonishment, and his tone was a bit obviously evil: “Ah, I understand, it’s not that you are not afraid of death, but that you don’t understand technology. It seems that stupidity is indeed the deadliest thing.”

Lin Yayan stared at him angrily, her body gradually becoming paralyzed by the electric current.

169, who originally thought that the host would be victorious as soon as she took action: “…”

7480: “…Lie down, lie down and win!”

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