BCFE Ch. 4.2: Buying a Ticket

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“Thank you, um, the conductor said the fastest train is the morning of the day after tomorrow. Is there any earlier train? I came out in a hurry, and I don’t know how my brother and sister are doing at home.” Ye Ning said worriedly.

“Let me ask for you.” The old policeman saw that her face was flushed, which seemed abnormal, “Are you sick?”

Ye Ning looked up blankly, feeling a little dizzy, raised her hand and touched her forehead, frowning and said: “I had a high fever last night, but I have taken medicine and the fever has subsided in the morning.”

The old policeman saw that she was wearing thin clothes, so he asked someone to get her a clean coat, and then asked someone to take her, and have her checked out at the clinic. She took a pill last night. She ran around here and there in the morning and spent so much energy on it, so she suddenly had a fever again.

39.2, Ye Ning realized why she felt uncomfortable. She had just been thinking about dealing with the police. After getting a butt injection, Ye Ning put on her pants shyly. She hadn’t had such an injection in a long time.

“You go to the office and wait first. They said they can accommodate you and give you a train ticket for tomorrow morning.” The young policeman who first interrogated Ye Ning said gently.

“Thank you, comrade police.”

Ye Ning said with sincere gratitude. After getting the injection and taking the medicine, Ye Ning just felt groggy and wanted to sleep. After holding on for a while, she saw the old policeman coming in with a staff member from the train station.

“This kid still has a fever, do you think we should give her a ticket for a hard sleeper?” The old policeman saw Ye Ning sitting alone in the office, looking languid and pitiful.

“You, Old Xu, have already spoken. Even if we don’t have one, we have to have one.”

Ye Ning became more energetic when she learned that there was a sleeper berth. It was nearly thirty hours. It would have been much harder to go back standing up. Knowing that it was the old policeman who helped to say good things, Ye Ning was extremely grateful. Although he looked serious, he had a good heart.

“You’re still sick. I’ll give you a letter of introduction. You can stay at the guest house at the train station for one night. Just come over tomorrow morning.”

The staff at the train station sent her to the west and even helped her find a place to live. Seeing them helping her like this, Ye Ning’s eyes became hot and tears came down again. Originally, she suddenly came to this world, faced with a new body and a new life, she was actually extremely panicked. However, she met so many kind-hearted people along the way, suddenly she was no longer so scared.

“Thank you.” Ye Ning thanked the staff first, then turned around and bowed deeply to the old policeman, “Thank you too.”

“This is what we should do, let’s go.” Ye Ning left with the elder sister, and when she left the train station, looking back, she didn’t know if Sun Yaojun noticed that she was missing.

Sun Yaojun bought some food and finally returned to the train. There was no sign of Ye Ning in the rest room, and her luggage was not there either. He thought she might have gone to the toilet. After waiting for a long time, the train started and no one was there. When no one came back, he panicked. No one was found in the toilets at both ends. He went back to their own hard-seat carriage, but there was still no one. There was no one in the restaurant either. He were afraid that Ye Ning would return to the rest room, so he went back to look, but there was still no one, when he was about to find the conductor, a conductor came to him.

“Are you Comrade Ye Ning’s companion? Comrade Ye Ning left two letters for me. One is for me, thanking me for taking care of her, and the other one is for you.” With that said, she took out a letter and handed it to Sun Yaojun, while looking at him suspiciously, “Are you quarrelling? She is still sick, why did she suddenly get off the train and leave?”

“We…” Sun Yaojun originally wanted to say that there was no quarrel, but he suddenly thought that the current situation between him and Ye Ning should not be exposed, so he immediately changed his words, “There was just a little conflict.”

Before Lin Zhi could continue to ask, Sun Yaojun put away the letter, politely thanked the train conductor for giving up the rest room, and then took it with him The luggage was returned to the hard-seat carriage. This room was originally lent to Ye Ning who was a sick person. He was not sick, so there was no reason to occupy it any longer.

Returning to his seat, Sun Yaojun couldn’t wait to open the envelope.

“Sun Yaojun, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I can’t leave my brother and sister behind and run away with you, so I plan to go back to Nanjiang Province. I know something happened to your parents. Don’t worry, if someone comes to me to inquire about you, I will definitely not tell them that you went to Yangcheng. So far, we should stay far apart. I don’t think there will be a chance to see each other again in the future. Let’s break up. You will definitely meet a better person than me in Yangcheng. By the way, if the situation allows, I will help you visit your parents, uncle and aunt used to be very good to me after all.”

Sun Yaojun put away the letter, clenched his fists, and looked ugly.

He never dreamed that Ye Ning would have the guts to get off the train midway. Thinking carefully about it, it was obvious that she had planned it beforehand. She first deceived him into returning to the train first, and then left him a message. She had clearly wanted to leave him.

But why? He had worked tirelessly to take care of her who was sick the night before. If she was really worried about her younger siblings, she should not have left with him in the first place.

Sun Yaojun read the letter again. He couldn’t believe it was written by Ye Ning. It seemed that everything was written for him, but in fact it was a threat. But he really didn’t dare to go back to Nanjiang Province, let alone let others know. He had to go to Yangcheng, angrily crumpling the letter into a ball, Sun Yaojun felt filled with anger.

Of course, people like him would not be sincere. He was angry that he was tricked by Ye Ning, and even more angry that he did not get the money earlier.

Ye Ning had already guessed what would happen with Sun Yaojun after reading the letter. But she was already staying in the guest house at this time.

Originally they were all bungalows, with more than a dozen people living in one room, but the leader took special care of her and gave her a single room with a private bathroom. This condition was definitely considered high-end treatment nowadays.

There was a thermos bottle in the room. Ye Ning shook it and found it was empty. She carried the thermos bottle to the first floor to fetch water. Seeing that there were quite a few on the ground, Ye Ning asked for an extra pot. She simply wiped herself down in the morning. After a lot of tossing, she was sweating again, sticky and uncomfortable. Since there was a separate bathroom, of course she had to take a shower.

After taking a bath, Ye Ning felt that she had lost at least three kilograms, and her illness had improved a lot. She went to the front desk to get two bottles of boiling water and paid an extra ten cents. Ye Ning felt that it didn’t matter, so she returned to the room and used a bottle of boiling water. She washed her head with water, but unfortunately she didn’t have a hair dryer, so she could only wipe it slowly with a towel.

After finishing all the work, she started to pack her luggage. She didn’t have much luggage, just a change of clothes, a small close-fitting bag containing bankbooks and jewellery, and another package containing Ye Qingshan’s clothes. Seeing this, Ye Ning’s chest instantly felt tight and her eyes turned red.

After all, she had accepted the memories of the original host and had some of her feelings. It was only normal to feel sad. Ye Ning packed up the luggage and put it aside carefully. She did not lie to anyone in the police room just now and really planned to go back to Nanjing Province. Not setting up a tomb in Qingshan was a disgrace not only to her younger siblings, but also to her own father, who was dead. She should have at least gone home and built a tomb, but she actually ran away with a man with the compensation and relics. Ye Ning didn’t even know what to say.

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