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Gu Mingli got into the water as soon as he said it, but… what he said was obviously the truth, why didn’t this man like hearing it anymore.

After a while, he emerged from the water again, and then said to Bai Mohua, who was gritting his teeth in anger.

“If you don’t want me to teach you, it’s okay.”

Bai Mohua thought about Brother Gu Nan’s very oppressive aura and expressionless iceberg face.

He quickly shook his head, no, he didn’t dare to move at all in front of Brother Gu Nan.

So…, if he wanted to learn swimming, only Gu Mingli could teach him now.

“Then…then you should teach me.”

Gu Mingli smiled angrily, “But I’m not willing to teach now.”

Bai Mohua “!!!”

This person… This person was really too much.

He stood up and turned around angrily to leave. If he didn’t want to teach, he would find someone else to teach him in the future.

Just as he stood up, a hand grabbed his ankle and pulled him into the water.

With a plop, Bai Mohua was pulled into the water.

Nuan Nuan, who was learning to swim, held her third brother’s arm and twisted her neck to look over there.

“Is my cousin okay?”

Her big wet eyes were full of worry, and she even urged her third brother to go and have a look.

The slender fingers with clear joints gently scraped the warm and delicate little nose.

“Don’t worry so much, your fourth brother is there.”

After the water calmed down, Nuan Nuan saw the fourth brother holding her cousin floating in the water and swimming over.

He could even support people swimming in the water, the arm strength was really good.


Bai Mohua, who had choked on a few drops of water, was coughing, but he held onto Gu Mingli’s strong arms tightly with both hands for fear of sinking.

In his heart, he was punching and kicking Gu Mingli.

Although the process was a bit tortuous, Bai Mohua still started learning to swim like Nuan Nuan, but every time he looked at Gu Mingli, there was a little fire in his eyes and his teeth gritted loudly.

In one day, Nuan Nuan could float on the water without sinking and choking. If she held on to the lake shore, she could also swim around the edge with her short legs, but she couldn’t breathe in the water yet, if you let go, she could only hold her breath and swim a small distance.

Bai Mohua was almost the same, and even a little worse than Nuan Nuan. Not only did he not know how to breathe, he also didn’t dare to let go.

He could only hold on to the shore of the lake with both hands, with a pitifully wet head exposed in the water, and his feet below that kept swinging in the water to prevent himself from sinking.

Gu Mingli stood on the shore with his arms folded and looked down at him.

“You are really the worst student I have ever taught!”

There was quite a hint of hatred for iron not turning into steel.

Bai Mohua “…Have you often heard your teacher say this?”

His words felt so familiar. When he was in school, the teacher also said this to those students who did not study well.

Gu Mingli: “…”

He was quite sharp-tongued, wasn’t he?

It was time to eat. Everyone had gone ashore and changed clothes. Of course, the most popular thing to eat here was seafood. Fresh seafood was delicious no matter how it was cooked, not to mention that there was an amazing chef on the island.

Not only did people enjoy eating, but the several animals enjoyed eating even more, especially the cats.

The two little kittens meowed after tasting some shrimp paste, which was all over their moustaches.

Mr. Cat Briquettes sat elegantly, biting into a red crab leg with a crunching sound, and ate the shell and meat together.

Gu Nan put the perfectly peeled crab meat on a white porcelain plate and pushed it in front of Nuan Nuan.


The words were concise, but Nuan Nuan could still interpret the gentleness unique to her big brother.

“Thank you, big brother~”

She thanked him softly. The little girl swayed her short legs, dipped the crab meat in some sauce and stuffed it into her mouth. The moment she ate it, her eyes lit up like a light, and there seemed to be stars shining in the moist and lively eyes.

Nuan Nuan’s cheeks were bulging after eating, and her face, as delicate as white jade, looked extremely happy.

Take a look at Bai Mohua and take a bite of the rice. It tasted so good!

The brothers all agreed to take turns feeding the little girl from time to time. Seeing her eating so happily made them feel particularly satisfied.

The first day on the island was basically spent riding horses and swimming.

At night, everyone lied on the beach chairs under umbrellas. The sky was cloudless and the stars were shining all over the sky, forming a romantic sea of stars.

The dazzling starry sea was right in front of them, and the dark night sky gave people the illusion that you could reach for the stars.

Nuan Nuan couldn’t help but raise her thin white hands and grab at the starry sky, but she couldn’t catch anything, but visually, those shining stars seemed to be at hand.

“Brother, it’s so beautiful here.”

The person leaning on the recliner on Nuan Nuan’s left was Gu Nan. Although his body was in a relaxed posture at this moment, his mind kept spinning, thinking about a series of things that only professionals could do.

His brain was like a computer, always working tirelessly, and he could also listen to what his sister next to him was saying.


He responded softly, staring at the stars in the sky with his dark and deep eyes.

“I’ll bring you here to play with me from time to time.”

The little girl raised her lips and smiled. The corners of her light pink jelly-like mouth were raised, and her little tiger teeth looked so cute.

A pair of bright and clear eyes were bent as they were looking into the night sky full of stars. They were so bright and beautiful that they seemed almost unreal.

“Big brother is doing well.”

She said softly, “Big brother, please bring Nuan Nuan here when you’re not busy.”

She liked it here, but she didn’t want to disturb her brother and wanted him to waste what time belonged to him by spending it with her.

Gu Nan understood, and stretched out his arm to rub the little girl’s furry head.

Why are you so good?

As his sister, the only treasure of the Gu family, she could actually be wilful.

In this quiet and warm moment, a dog barked accompanied by the plop of falling into the water. Several heads on the shore looked over and saw that the dog in the water was Rhubarb. As for why it barked…

Briquettes licked his paws, swung his tail and walked away domineeringly and calmly with cat steps, hiding his merit and fame…

There was also Doudou who had watched the whole process and was broadcasting it.

“Briquettes grabbed Rhubarb’s butt, and Rhubarb fell into the water. Briquettes grabbed Rhubarb’s butt, and Rhubarb fell into the water…”

Hmm… repeating these two sentences over and over was… shameful.

If Briquettes was a human being.

Briquette turned around and jumped up, his sharp black claws going straight towards the parrot that was chirping and annoying the cat. Doudou had no idea that Briquette would turn around and come back, and was almost caught.

It quickly flapped its wings and fled away in embarrassment.

Briquette snorted coldly, shook his head and jumped to Nuan Nuan’s feet, his body pressing on her white and tender feet like a warm blanket.

It was warm and comfortable, and its tail was rolled up and placed on Nuan Nuan’s calf.

Gu An laughed at Rhubarb for a while, “Why did Rhubarb offend Briquettes again, haha…”

Bai Mohua blinked his eyes, “Maybe because Rhubarb jumped into the water during the day and splashed Briquettes with water?”

Very good… solved the case.

But he could still remember what happened during the day. Briquette was really… very vindictive.

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