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No matter how Si Zhihan investigated, he never thought of suspecting Si Huang, as in his impression, Si Huang did not have the courage, nor the strength to do such a thing. Thus, he could not find the real culprit despite trying hard.

So, he had been having a rough time these days, but Si Huang was the complete opposite. She handed the agent certificate and contract to Yu Xi together. Just as the two had reached an agreement, Director Liu called her on her phone.

“Stinky boy, Fenghua just called me and said that you are in poor health and can’t perform. What do you mean by sending money into the crew as compensation, and recommending more suitable actors?” Director Liu’s tone was very unpleasant. Even though it was still courteous, but it was also full of anger.

Si Huang gave the two brother and sister of the Yu family a look, and then said slowly, “I remember that it was me who signed the contract and I also told you that Fenghua can’t represent me.”

Director Liu knew something was wrong right away, but when he learned that Si Huang had given up the role, he became angry. After hearing this, most of his anger was gone, “I don’t care about your family’s private affairs, but I can tell you that this TV series is run by Tie Lao, and anyone who dares to disrupt it will not be able to bear the consequences.”

This sentence sounded like a threat, but the hidden meaning was still heard by Si Huang. Director Liu was telling her not to worry about the pressure from Fenghua. As long as she didn’t back down, no one could force her to lose this role, and no one would dare to do anything to her before the drama “The Emperor’s Path” got over.    

Si Huang had known about this for a long time, so she did not take Si Zhihan’s threat seriously. However, she was grateful for Director Liu’s hidden concern, and smiled: “I know, thank you Director.”    

“I know! And how is your study over there, I just got the news that the shooting will start ahead of schedule. Come on, you… Forget it, the phone is not clear, do you have time the day after tomorrow? Come to the Jinyue Building at nine o’clock in the morning, and we will have a face-to-face conversation.”    


Hanging up the phone, Si Huang looked at Yu Xi and Yu Li, ” The day after tomorrow.”    

Yu Xi: “Yes.”

Yu Li: “I can go together…” Before she could finish her words, Yu Xi glanced at her, then she pursed her lips and said, “I know, I will take good care of mother.”

Si Huang raised her eyebrow unexpectedly, she seemed to remember that the parents of these two brother and sister had already passed away in her previous life. Was their mother still alive at this time? She didn’t think deeply about it and invited the two of them to have lunch together before leaving.

At eight o’clock in the morning two days later, Si Huang drove to the gate of Jingfu School to pick up Yu Xi.

Yu Xi was a little surprised when he saw the silver-grey low-key car that stopped in front of him, until the window opened to reveal Si Huang’s handsome face, and she said, “Come up.”

Although Yu Xi who got in the car tried his best to hide it, but the young man’s appreciation of the car was hard to hide.    

Si Huang noticed his fluttering eyes and said with a smile, “Do you like it? Today, just take a trip in this.” Her slightly upturned lips made people feel ticklish, “In the future, with me as a cash cow, I can guarantee that you would be able to buy better ones.”

Yu Xi said, “Fenghua’s eldest young master only drives around in a 100,000 yuan car?”

Si Huang glanced at him and said casually: “Who said it was bought from Fenghua’s money, I bought it with the money I invested in stocks. By the way, let me remind you in the beginning itself, if you really follow me, then Fenghua will be our enemy.”

The amount of information in this sentence was too large, and the shock made Yu Xi lose his mind. Then he began to feel ashamed of his poisonous tongue just now, and also a little inferior, as he thought: people can make money and buy cars by themselves even though they are underage, what about me? I can only work hard to earn tuition without burdening my mother, but I can’t help a lot! However, as Fenghua’s eldest young master, how could he be an enemy of Fenghua Entertainment?    

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at Jinyue Building. Si Huang took out a bag from the back seat and handed it to Yuxi, “These are the clothes for you. I bought it according to your size. Go to the bathroom to change into it first.” The words of refusal Yu Xi wanted to say were blocked as well: “Don’t refuse, the role of the broker is not as simple as a middleman in the transaction. The money for this suit will be deducted from your commission after you officially sign the contract.”

In fact, Yu Xi took special care of himself today and wore a suit. It was just that the suit didn’t fit well, and the quality and style were outdated, but he had a lot of extra points because of his elite face.

Si Huang was leaning against the door of the bathroom, when after about four or five minutes, he heard a movement and turned to look.

The 21-year-old young man in his line of sight was wearing a gray-blue fitted suit. His whole person looked very straight, with neat hair, a white face, and his sharp eyes covered by a pair of silver-rimmed glasses. Looking straight at him made people feel stressful.

Si Huang nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile: “Very good.”

Yu Xi was a little embarrassed by her praise. He just looked at Si Huang carefully, and found that this person looked very casually dressed, but every time he seemed just right, not sloppy at all, it seemed that it was right when people said that extravagance came from within, and with his flawless face, he really could make people’s heart beat when he smiled at them.

In that instant, Yu Xi also acquiesced to what Si Huang had said: This person is a cash cow at first sight, and a born superstar who would be chased wildly by fans!

Si Huang: “Let’s go.”

Yu Xi: “Yeah.”

Si Huang saw the way he was walking and thought to himself: As expected of a gold-star agent who was famous for his venomous tongue in his previous life, just like Yu Li, some years later, Yu Xi became quite famous in the entertainment industry. He was famous for his means and mouth. As long as he brought an artist, he was like a steel wall. The pervasive masses such as entertainment reporters could never get close to them, and they were never bombarded or smeared.

What Si Huang wanted was this strength of Yu Xi. Even if he had not grown to his level from ten years later, he would definitely grow up in a short period of time in this life and become her right-hand man, so that she could do other things with peace of mind.

The two walked into the elevator together, but just as the door was about to close, they heard: “Wait! Hold the doors and wait!”

Si Huang raised her eyelashes and saw a group of people running towards them. One of them was running ahead, and at the last moment, he finally blocked the elevator door from closing, “Oh! Didn’t I tell you to hold it? You don’t understand human words!” He glared at Si Huang, but when he saw Si Huang’s face, he froze.

Such a face, shouldn’t he be a big-name superstar!?

Guan Li, who was followed by a few people behind her, came over, her eyes stopped for a second when she saw Si Huang, and then she stood in the middle of the elevator as if there was no one else around. The others looked at each other, and as usual, surrounded Guan Li like the stars and the moon, forcing Si Huang and Yu Xi into a corner.

Yu Xi glanced at Si Huang quietly and found that there was no negative emotion on her face.

The sweaty assistant pressed the elevator floor and asked casually, “Which floor do you want?”

Si Huang indicated the same with his eyes.

Only then did Guan Li open her mouth: “Are you going to the crew of “The Emperor’s Path”?”

Si Huang’s eyes wandered over Guan Li’s beautiful and refined face, but there was no strange look in his eyes, only pure appreciation, and with a light smile on his face, he said, “En. “

She didn’t talk much, but it didn’t make people think she was a dull person. That smile surprised even Guan Li, who was used to seeing handsome men. There were many handsome men in the entertainment industry, but none of them were as…clean as the one in front of her. That’s right, it was clean! From the eyes to the temperament, it was so clean that it made people feel good. He seemed to be a young boy who had not left the school or entered society, but he did not have the impetuousness of a young boy.

“I haven’t seen you before, newcomer?” The corner of Guan Li’s mouth also rose slightly.

The assistants and others around her all widened their eyes. Guan Li’s debut image was an iceberg girl, and she was also a cold person in essence, so her temper was not that good. It was rare to see her speak softly, let alone laugh, to a stranger she had met for the first time. Even if people looked good, she shouldn’t treat them differently! The assistant’s face full of resentment also showed a hint of surprise, but he quickly hid it, however in his heart there was one more evaluation of Si Huang: he didn’t look like a sixteen-year-old child.

The author has something to say:

Er Shui: Your Majesty, it is shameful to pretend to be tender!

Majesty Huang: I am underage.

Ershui: Cough! Pink and clean Your Majesty, come and give me a hug!

Majesty Huang (squinting and domineering smile): Huh?

Er Shui: Nima, you don’t have to have such finesse! Tell me, am I right? Or is His Majesty right? Ok?

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