IHSB Ch. 79: Strawberry Picking

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Grandma Liu’s strawberry shed was not too big, but the strawberries inside were all juicy, and the sweet aroma of strawberries could be clearly smelled as soon as you entered.

“Here are the baskets for you, go in and pick them yourself.”

Nuan Nuan hugged the bamboo basket, raised her small face, her eyes curved into small crescents, “Thank you Grandma Liu.”

The obedient and soft girl thanked her softly, and the old man stroked her fluffy and soft little head and laughed.

“My wife and I are the only ones at home. The two of us can’t finish eating. You can eat as much as you want, and you can even take a lot tomorrow.”

The shed was not too big, and Xingyun’s body was too big to go in, so he obediently sat at the entrance, waiting.

Little Orange was embraced by Nuan Nuan, the little girl looked around with round eyes and seemed to be very curious about the things inside.

“Go and play, don’t run around.” Nuan Nuan hugged it and rubbed it softly.


Little Orange ran around with her soft little feet as soon as she landed, her body was small and nimble, she lowered her head and sniffed the glowing red strawberries, and then stretched out her pink and tender tongue to lick them.

When Nuan Nuan picked two big strawberries and turned around, she saw that it had already gnawed a lot on one of the strawberries.

Nuan Nuan patted its little butt.

“Don’t gnaw on other strawberries.”


The side of his mouth was wet from eating, when Little Orange gave a soft cry to Nuan Nuan.

“Nuan Nuan, come here.”

Hearing Su Ran calling her, Nuan Nuan stood up with the bamboo basket in her hand, walked over to him with small steps and squatted down.

“Brother Su Ran.”

The boy handed her a large white strawberry, which was half the size of her palm and had a strong milky fragrance.

“Milk strawberry, this should be the biggest one, here it is for you.”

After speaking, he rubbed the little girl’s soft and fluffy hair.

Nuan Nuan held the strawberry and smiled happily, “Thank you, Brother Su Ran.”

“You should like to eat this, pick more.”

Nuan Nuan nodded, and picked half a bamboo basket with Su Ran before getting out.

When they got to the exit, she was a little surprised to find that Little Orange had a milk strawberry in his mouth, and was wagging his tail and walking with kitten steps towards the outside, and then it put the strawberry in his mouth at Xingyun’s feet.

Xingyun licked the fur on Little Orange’s head, and turned the little cat over.

“Brother Su Ran, look, the relationship between Little Orange and Xingyun has improved.”

The kitten even brought strawberries for the big dog to eat.

Su Ran hummed, took Nuan Nuan’s little hand and went to find Grandma Liu and the others in a leisurely manner.

Xingyun ate the strawberry, and slowly followed with the Little Orange in his mouth.

Little Orange, whose body was hanging in the air with stamina in her mouth, curled up her paws and tail, staying motionless, looking very obedient.

“Grandma Liu, I’ll bring you a pot of orchids raised by grandpa later.”

People who lived here were not very short of money, so Su Ran wanted to exchange other things with Grandma Liu, and the old man liked all kinds of flowers and plants the most.

Grandma Liu laughed when she heard this, “Of course you go to get your grandpa’s orchids again, but you’re not afraid of being punished by him.”

Su Ran “…it’s nothing, just be punished with a few big characters.”

“Okay, then grandma is waiting for your orchids.”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, “Then I…”

“Your share is also included in the orchids, my grandpa’s orchids are very expensive.”

Grandma Liu smiled happily, “Yes, yes, yes…these are just a few strawberries. In terms of old man Su’s orchids, I’ll still make money.”

Su Ran held Nuan Nuan’s hand and bid farewell to the two old people, “Then let’s go “

The little girl also waved goodbye to them softly, “Goodbye, Grandma Liu and Grandpa Liu.”

“Nuan Nuan, often come to play.”

“Okay.” The little girl who walked out with small steps and responded softly.

She followed Su Ran step by step and left, “Thank you, Brother Su Ran.”

With a smile on the corner of Su Ran’s mouth, he was as gentle and fair as jade, with a beauty beyond the boundaries of men and women in his facial features, but at this time he was full of youthful air and there was still a childish look on his face that was not fully matured.

This smile was even more amazing.

“If you want to thank me, Nuan Nuan can let me pinch your face.”


The little girl’s beautiful big eyes looked blankly at the boy who was much taller than her, her curly eyelashes trembled slightly, like a butterfly flapping its wings, dancing gracefully and looking great.

Nuan Nuan’s face was small, with a small pointed chin, soft flesh that had grown on the cheeks and milky white skin like jelly, her face was white and tender, making people want to take a bite.

Unfortunately can’t bite, but he wanted to pinch.

“I got strawberries for you, and Nuan Nuan will let me pinch her face.”

Su Ran was serious as if they were making a deal, but he was secretly thinking that being able to feed her and pinch her face was such a beautiful thing.

Nuan Nuan wrinkled her little face and struggled for a while, thinking that she got so many delicious strawberries for nothing, and Brother Su Ran just pinched her face, no matter how you look at it, it was Brother Su Ran who would have suffered.

After she figured it out, the little expression on her face quickly spread.

Su Ran just smiled and watched the change of expression on her face, it was so much fun.

“Then…then give it to Brother Su Ran.”

The little girl approached the boy with a strawberry basket in her arms, and took the initiative to move her little face towards him.

The smile in Su Ran’s eyes spread even bigger, and the white jade green fingers pinched the soft flesh on her cheeks.

It was soft and tender, very white, and two soft dimples could be clearly sunken as soon as he started to use his hands. He didn’t dare to use any force, for fear of crushing the little girl’s face.

Even so, when Su Ran let go, there were still two fingerprints on Nuan Nuan’s white and tender face.

Su Ran felt a little guilty and wiped her small face with her fingers.

“For you to eat.”

He handed her the strawberries he had picked.

Nuan Nuan: “But I have it.”

“You have a lot of people in your family, so take it home and share it with each person, and it will be gone. My grandpa and I are the only ones in my house. Grandpa doesn’t like it very much. And it won’t taste good after a long time.”

Nuan Nuan took it obediently, seeing that brother Su Ran said it so seriously, she believed him, opened her small mouth and bit a small cut on the strawberry.

With the unique sweet taste of strawberry in the mouth, which spread domineeringly, Nuan Nuan’s cheeks swelled up and down, and her eyes became moist, with a happy expression on her face.

On the way back, Su Ran basically kept feeding Nuan Nuan, the more he fed, the more addicted he became to feeding her.

After sending the person home, Su Ran showed a regretful expression on his clear and jade-like face, as he could not continue to feed her.

He raised his hand and put his hand on the little girl’s furry head and rubbed it lightly, while his voice was as clean as a jade pendant, “Go back, I’m leaving too.”

The little head arched like a kitten in his arms.

“Bye, Brother Su Ran.”

The corners of Su Ran’s mouth were raised, with a smile in his eyes, and before leaving, he scraped her small and delicate nose with his fingers.

“I’ll come pick you up on Grandpa’s birthday.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and said softly, “Okay.”

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