CFCS Ch. 228.1: Ending (3)

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After the water god was demoted, Bian Qing, the child born to Yu Ji, was handed over to the Snow Mountain Goddess to be raised, because he thought that Bian Qing was the son of the Heavenly Emperor anyway. Although he was born disgracefully, maybe one day, Bian Qing would be able to gain the attention of the Heavenly Emperor, who would then let him the water god return to the heaven.

Snow Mountain Goddess agreed to raise Bian Qing because she had a good relationship with Yu Ji’s mother, and in the process of raising Bian Qing, she developed a mother-child relationship with Bian Qing.

After Bian Qing grew up, he also gradually got to know his own life experience. Although the Snow Mountain Goddess was very kind to him, none of the other gods who knew about the catastrophe took him seriously. Especially after accidentally seeing the scene of Jing Yang traveling from a distance, he couldn’t calm down for a long time. He felt that they were both sons of the Heavenly Emperor, but the difference was so big, which was unfair to him.

The more unbalanced Bian Qing’s heart was, the more he wanted to observe how Jing Yang’s daily life was different from his, but the more he observed him, the more jealous he became, almost to the point of being obsessed. This was very similar to his mother, perhaps Bian Qing’s strong jealousy was inherited from his mother.

Bian Qing knew that his birth was dishonorable, but he still wanted to see his mother, however the Thunder Tower could only be opened by the Heavenly Emperor and Shang Wang, as it was the place where the gods who committed the crimes against heavens were imprisoned. Bian Qing couldn’t enter the Thunder Tower, so he could only linger outside the Thunder Tower many times, and each time, he could hear his mother Yu Ji’s painful screams.

Yu Ji was not the only one imprisoned in the Thunder Tower, but because Yu Ji caused the Heavenly Empress to lose her soul, the Heavenly Emperor made her suffer the heaviest punishment in the Thunder Tower, so Yu Ji’s screams were the loudest.

When Bian Qing heard his mother screaming so miserably, it was impossible not to feel heartbroken, and he knew that he was incapable of saving his mother, which was the most painful thing for him. Although he knew that he could not save his mother, Bian Qing still hoped to see her, at least to let her know that he had grown up well.

The Heavenly Emperor went to the realm of nothingness and never returned. Now only Shang Wang could open the Thunder Tower in the heaven, so Bian Qing asked the Snow Mountain Goddess to take him to Shang Wang to help him meet his mother.

Shang Wang knew how much the Heavenly Emperor hated Yu Ji, and he himself hated Yu Ji’s actions very much, so he rejected Bian Qing’s request without thinking.

Bian Qing didn’t give up, and tried to seek Shang Wang again and again, but Shang Wang didn’t see him at all, and he couldn’t even get close to Shang Wang.

While Bian Qing was trying his best to meet Shang Wang, even though he could only see him from a distance every time, he fell in love with Shang Wang unknowingly, and he also saw that the relationship between Shang Wang and Jing Yang was not simple.

Shang Wang’s kindness to Jing Yang was not like an elder being kind to a junior at all. The eye contact between the two, as well as the small movements between them, made Bian Qing keenly feel that they were in love.

Bian Qing went almost crazy with jealousy, and he felt even more that God was unfair to him. He thought, since God was so unfair to him, then he had to get everything he wanted by himself.

He wanted to rescue his mother and wanted to get a chance to get along with Shang Wang, for this, what he needed to do was to get rid of the stumbling block Jing Yang.

Once Jing Yang died, he would be the only son of the Heavenly Emperor. If the Heavenly Emperor could not come back, then he would be the most promising person to inherit the throne of the heaven. Once he became the Heavenly Emperor, it would not be difficult to rescue his mother and get close to Shang Wang.

So Bian Qing’s ambitions began to expand, and he secretly started his plan. He knew that the Snow Mountain Goddess had loved Shang Wang for tens of thousands of years, but was always rejected by Shang Wang, so the Snow Mountain Goddess was his best tool.

He told the Snow Mountain Goddess that he had discovered some clues that Shang Wang and Jing Yang had fallen in love. When the Snow Mountain Goddess was feeling jealous and angry, he began to slowly persuade the Snow Mountain Goddess to find a way to design against and remove Jing Yang together.

Jing Yang was the prince of the heavens, and he was protected by the ancient god of war, Shang Wang. Thus, it was more difficult to get rid of him than to get rid of the Heavenly Emperor.

So the two of them waited silently for the opportunity while making preparations. While waiting, twenty thousand years had passed.

Bian Qing accidentally discovered that Jing Yang seemed to want to go down to earth, so he changed his mind, thinking that if he couldn’t touch Jing Yang in the heavens, then after Jing Yang went down to earth, it would be his best chance to do it.

So he and the Snow Mountain Goddess jointly designed a conspiracy to make the Snow Mountain Goddess deliberately fight with the Red Flame Goddess, and then be seriously injured, and then try to find a way to retain Shang Wang for a few days, and then maybe they would have a chance to take Jing Yang out.

When Bian Qing followed Jing Yang and saw him jump off the reincarnation platform, he was almost ecstatic in his heart, everything happened according to his plan, and he finally waited for this day.

Bian Qing also came to the mortal world, and he thought that as long as he could find a way to make Jing Yang, who had become a mortal, disappear, he would be able to achieve his goal of taking out Jing Yang.

But it was not an easy task to make the prince of heaven fly away, even if Jing Yang had become a mortal, but with the protection of the heavens, Bian Qing couldn’t hurt him at all.

Unable to hurt Jing Yang, Bian Qing became very anxious, because he had found him, and once Shang Wang found him, he would have no chance to touch Jing Yang again. And once Shang Wang became alert to him and the Snow Mountain Goddess’s scheme, they would never be able to wait for such an opportunity again.

Just when he was becoming anxious, he suddenly remembered that he had read an ancient book about the extermination of gods in the library of the Snow Mountain Goddess’s father.

It was recorded in the above that, in order to destroy the God of Destiny, apart from killing him with a more powerful divine power, there is another way to destroy him. That was to find a way to bring the soul of the God of Destiny to different worlds, and then consume it there. In this way, the God of Destiny with an incomplete soul would become very fragile, and scattering his soul would become much easier.

Bian Qing thought, this was his only chance to take out Jing Yang, if he succeeded, he would become the most likely person to replace Jing Yang. But if it failed…, it would just be a loss of life. It was better to fight with your own life than to live like he was now.

So he tried to take away the soul of Jing Yang who had become a mortal, but it was not easy to consume Jing Yang’s soul in different worlds.

In order to delay the time for Shang Wang to find them, Bian Qing let part of Jing Yang’s soul disperse by himself. Then he took the other part of the soul, according to the method mentioned in the ancient book, found a suitable world, and brought Jing Yang’s soul into the body of a suitable person. After that person met a tragic ending, Jing Yang’s soul would be wiped out.

It took Bian Qing a long time to finally select a few people in different worlds who could bear Jing Yang’s soul and still have a tragic ending. And according to the records in the ancient book, he must also become Jing Yang’s opponent through reincarnation, so as to ensure his tragic ending, and not let the ending change because of Jing Yang’s soul being that of the God of Destiny.

Every time Bian Qing put Jing Yang’s soul into a world, he also put part of his own soul into it, and because of the rules of heaven, any god’s soul after descending to the mortal world would not retain their original memory.

Bian Qing thought, in this way, Jing Yang’s soul could be consumed in different worlds, and Jing Yang could also be trampled under his feet in different worlds.

The father of the Snow Mountain Goddess had been close friends with Shang Wang in ancient times. Before the soul of the Snow Mountain Goddess’s father returned to the realm of nothingness, the father of the Snow Mountain Goddess asked Shang Wang to help take care of the Snow Mountain Goddess and Shang Wang had agreed.

The Snow Mountain Goddess’ injury was not fake, because she knew that pretending to be injured would never deceive Shang Wang. In order to achieve her goal, she made up her mind to hurt herself until she was almost dying, and then trick Shang Wang into saving her.

Shang Wang did go to her, but he still saw through the fact that the Snow Mountain Goddess was injured on purpose, and there was a vinegar jar waiting for him at home. He didn’t plan to stay with the Snow Mountain Goddess and prepared to leave immediately.

The Snow Mountain Goddess saw that Shang Wang could not be retained, so in order to delay him to help Bian Qing, she used the magic mirror left by her father to set up a phantom array to trap Shang Wang.

Then the Snow Mountain Goddess wept to express his love to Shang Wang and begged him to stay with her until her injury was healed, but Shang Wang was naturally unwilling. However, the magic mirror was an ancient artifact, and it was not easy to break through its array. If it was replaced by other gods, they may have been trapped in it for a lifetime. Even when it was Shang Wang, it took several days for him to break through it.

After Shang Wang came back, he found that Jing Yang was gone, and immediately had a bad feeling. He quickly went to check Jing Yang’s whereabouts, only to find out that after Jing Yang went down to earth through the reincarnation platform, but his soul actually dispersed for some reason.

Shang Wang only found Jing Yang’s body, and after bringing Jing Yang’s body back to the heaven, he took people to find out the reason himself. When he got to know that everything was done by Bian Qing and the Snow Mountain Goddess, his heart was burning with anger, and he no longer cared about his friendship with the Snow Mountain Goddess’s father, and personally destroyed the spirit of the Snow Mountain Goddess, causing her to be wiped out completely.

After Shang Wang killed the Snow Mountain Goddess, he immediately went to find Jing Yang’s soul and collected parts of his soul. Shang Wang quickly found the souls that Jing Yang dispersed by himself, but it was not easy to find the souls that were taken away by Bian Qing. Because in the universe, there were countless worlds, Bian Qing took Jing Yang’s soul to those worlds, so it took Shang Wang a long time to find them all.

Before Shang Wang found the world where all of Jing Yang’s souls resided, he already understood what Bian Qing wanted to do. The ancient book was borrowed from him by the father of the Snow Mountain Goddess, but he never returned it to him.

Shang Wang knew that even if he found all of Jing Yang’s souls, it would definitely not work to bring them back by force, as that would only harm him. Therefore, Jing Yang could only change his destiny by himself and get a good ending in every life, and then only his soul could come back smoothly.

Jing Yang’s body was still a mortal’s body, and could not preserve the souls collected by Shang Wang, so Shang Wang sent the recovered part of the souls to Hades before finding all of Jing Yang’s worlds where Jing Yang lived and let that part of the soul to be constantly reincarnated by Hades, so that it could be guaranteed that that part of the soul would not dissipate again.

When Shang Wang finally found the world where all of Jing Yang’s souls were, in order to ensure that Jing Yang would be able to change his destiny smoothly and let all the souls return to his body, he decided to share a part of his soul to help him.

The piece of jade that Hades gave Jing Yang was actually a part of Shang Wang’s soul, responsible for taking Jing Yang to different worlds, helping him change his destiny together, and then bringing back his soul in that life.

Therefore, every time Jing Yang ended his life, he would feel a power, which was actually his own soul. And the reason why he felt that the power was sucked away by the system was because he couldn’t bear that part of the awakened soul at that time, so Shang Wang took that part of his soul away, and then used his own soul to preserve it.

After Jing Yang listened to the whole process explained by Shang Wang, he knew that the Snow Mountain Goddess had been wiped out. Although he lost a target for revenge, Shang Wang still remembered to leave Bian Qing to him, so that he could breathe a sigh of relief.

Because of his longing, Jing Yang lingered with Shang Wang for a few days. When all the emotions of his characters receded and his original character was restored, he decided to meet Bian Qing, because it was time to deal with him.

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