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This red line was exactly the same as that of the barbarian great wizard.

Lin Xin’s eyes turned cold. He had already expected that the Zhong family had colluded with the barbarians, but he didn’t expect the collusion to be so complete that they even taught Zhong Suifeng witchcraft. The red line was embedded in the stone wall. There were no treasures here like before, only a handful of snow. It was obviously a well-laid plan, just waiting for Lin Xin to enter the urn.

While he was talking, a group of guards dressed in white came quickly and surrounded the cave, but he didn’t know where Zishu had gone.

“I don’t know how to use this, and made the Marquis laugh. Please put down Youyu, and we can talk about it.” Zhong Suifeng smiled sarcastically, unskillfully sorting out the messy red lines, which looked a little funny.

Zhong Youyu couldn’t laugh, however. Lin Xin was injured by the barbarian witch at the palace banquet. He was also present and knew the origin of this thing.

“I have nothing to say to you,” Lin Xin used his spiritual power to activate the Luli on Mojian. With a sudden flash, the crescent moon knife turned into a full moon and tightly wrapped around Zhong Youyu’s neck. “Your Majesty, please don’t move around. Mojian’s blade is very thin, and blood will splatter three feet with just the slightest touch.”

Zhong Suifeng hesitantly held his right hand with his left hand.

“Uncle, did you really collude with the barbarians?” Zhong Youyu showed no intention of resisting, but asked Zhong Suifeng in disbelief, “This is collaboration with the enemy and treason!”

“I didn’t!” Zhong Suifeng blushed and said with a pinched neck.

“Stop talking nonsense! Tell those bastards to get out of the way!” Lin Xin grabbed Zhong Youyu and walked sideways step by step. The guards in white drew their swords and pointed at Lin Xin.

The spiritual light quickly turned around on Mojian and a thin blood mark immediately appeared on Zhong Youyu’s neck.

“Let him go.” Zhong Suifeng said hurriedly, and the guards cautiously moved out of the way to let Lin Xin go out.

The sky was dim, the morning dew was frosty, and the long night of Mogui Mountain was over.

Marquis of Lu was besieged by the Zhong family. If he was let out, not to mention the instigator Zhong Suifeng, the entire Zhong family would be in trouble. The guards were very anxious, but Zhong Suifeng did not dare to take action. They watched helplessly as Lin Xin stepped on the spiritual sword, grabbed Zhong Youyu and walked away.

The aura of sword energy streaked across the sky like a shooting star, heading westward.

“Boom!” Zhong Youyu was roughly thrown into the snow, and his head and face were covered with snow. The wound on his shoulder was still bleeding, staining his plain white brocade clothes red.

He spat out what he had choked in his mouth twice and was about to complain when he saw Lin Xin dismantling the strip of cloth in his hand. The white strip of cloth had been stained with blood, and he immediately shut up.

“Don’t make small calculations. I can chop you up with just one hand.” Lin Xin warned without raising his head. There must be something special on that red line. The wound was difficult to heal. Shen Lou just wrapped it for him the day before yesterday, but now it was rendered useless again.

“Where are you going? To report to the capital?” Zhong Youyu got up, looked at the wound on his shoulder, and scratched his head irritably. He really couldn’t understand why his uncle colluded with the barbarians and learned witchcraft.

“Going to Dizhou.” Lin Xin stood up and looked to the northwest.

The barbarians talked about Dizhou and he could not feel relieved. If Wen Shilan appeared on the battlefield, it would be impossible for Shen Lou and Zhong Lu, who were greatly reduced in strength, to defeat him, even if they worked together.

“Dizhou…” Zhong Youyu was horrified, it was as if his head was suddenly split open by something, and his wisdom roots exploded. “By the way, if my uncle really colluded with the barbarians, wouldn’t this Di people’s rebellion be another game? I’m afraid Shen Da is in danger!”

“At least you’re not that stupid,” Lin Xin sneered and threw Zhong Youyu’s spirit sword to him, “Go back and cry to your uncle, I’m going to save Shen Qingque before he is dead.”

He originally wanted to take Prince Zhong to the battlefield, and if the Western Region Army wanted to murder Shen Lou, he would kill Zhong Youyu on the spot. However, the mountains were high and the roads were far away, and the battlefield was changing rapidly. Zhong Youyu’s own spiritual power was not weak, and it was troublesome if he resisted, so he simply gave up.

After inserting a piece of Luli, the Yanggu Sword was like a full fish, happily circling around Lin Xin. When Lin Xin stepped on it, he flew out instantly like an arrow released from the string.

Zhong Youyu gritted his teeth, then tearing off a piece from his inner shirt and wrapping it around the wound, he jumped on his spirit sword and chased after Lin Xin.

The soul of the conqueror was killed by the butcher’s knife, his bones withered, and he returned to the endless world. Since ancient times, blood had been shed on the battlefield.

From a distance, you could see black and red gas steaming into the clouds, which was where the battlefield must be. The Di people were brave, the barbarians were bloodthirsty, and the Shen army was brave and fearless of death. The three parties had thus fought in a chaotic mess.

Zhong Jiajun, wearing white armor, helped on the edge, but there was no method.

This style of play obviously meant that there were no generals on either side.

Zhong Youyu ran towards the Zhong Family Army, grabbed the hammer, and used all his spiritual power to knock the dong. The sound of Zhong family withdrawing his troops spread across the entire battlefield, and the fighting intensity subsided slightly.

Lin Xin grabbed Shen Jiajun, “Where is your prince?”

“Who the hell is holding me back!” Shen Jiajun opened his mouth to curse, but when he saw Lin Xin’s face, he immediately shrank his neck, “Master Marquis! The prince and the others were fighting with the barbarians over there!”

There was a thud in his heart, and the worst possible thing had happened. Wen Shilan really came to kill Shen Lou. Lin Xin turned the flying sword and sped away in the direction pointed by the young general.

“Boom–” The explosion caused by spiritual power resounded through the valley. When Lin Xin arrived, the cliff was already empty.

“Where is Shen Lou?” Lin Xin found Huang Ge in the grass who was vomiting blood and asked loudly, holding his collar.

“He’s fallen, he’s fallen,” Huang Ge pointed at the extremely steep cliff. Seeing Lin Xin turning around and about to jump down, he immediately shouted, “Master Marquis, no!”

The Yanggu sword just crossed the cliff and fell like a broken kite which had lost its string and fell straight down. Lin Xin was startled and stepped on the flying sword. Yanggu started falling faster and hit the mountain wall. He pulled out Mojian and scratched it along the stone wall, causing sparks to crackle. He fell a full three feet before it could hook on a protruding stone.

“Is this Mogui Valley?” Lin Xin felt anxious and felt a chill from the top of his head to the soles of his feet.

The mountain where the Zhong family was located was actually called the Little Mogui Mountain. There was also a Big Mogui Mountain in the Western Region, which was a mountain range that stretched from Dizhou to the Northern Region.

This was the real Mogui, because you couldn’t wield a sword in the valley between the mountains. Every year, countless immortals stumbled here. The lucky ones lost their arms and legs, and the unlucky ones died.

“Lin Xin, hold on!” Zhong Youyu ran over at some point, untied his waist rope and prepared to pull him up.

“No need,” Lin Xin unsheathed his sword and hooked it firmly into the stone wall, “Zhong Youyu, you can distinguish right from wrong. If you want to protect the Zhong family, you know what to do.”

Zhong Youyu’s lips had turned white, and he nodded slowly.

Lin Xin said no more, let go of the knife and jumped down. He jumped a little and then nailed it in again. He was as light as an ape on the mountain wall. In a moment, he disappeared into the surrounding mountains and disappeared.

“Master Marquis is really amazing.” Huang Ge said with emotion, still vomiting blood.

Zhong Youyu helped him up with a strange look on his face, “You used to brag about Shen Da every day, but now why do you brag about Lin Xin?”

Mogui really had a well-deserved reputation, one could not control any spiritual sword here, and even the Mojian in his hand was faintly falling. It was as if there was a huge magnet on the ground attracting these iron tools, ensuring that the passing immortals could not go back.

After struggling for nearly half an hour, Lin Xin finally landed at the bottom of the cliff. Now, not only the hands, but also his arms, legs, and back were covered with scratches.

Lin Xin shook his sore wrist and looked around.

There was the sound of running water in his ears, and Shen Lou suddenly woke up after a brief coma. When he opened his eyes, Zhong Wumo, covered in blood, was leaning on a stone. Zhong Lu, who seemed to be intact, was holding a few tree branches to support his legs.

Wen Shilan suddenly appeared on the battlefield with the barbarian cavalry, catching Shen Lou off guard. The other party was ruthless in his moves, and it was obvious that he came specifically to take his life.

After being patched up by Lin Xin for a while, his soul had improved somewhat, but his strength was still less than 50% of what it was at its peak, and he was no match for Wen Shilan. Zhong Wumo came to help, but Wen Shilan grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up into the air to tear him in half. Zhong Lu tried his best to grab him, but he also fell down.

Hearing the sound, Zhong Lu suddenly turned his head and looked at Shen Lou with his eyes that were more white than black.

Shen Lou subconsciously felt for his sword, but he didn’t know where Yu Yuan had gone. The next moment, Zhong Lu’s dagger had already slashed at him. He grabbed the stone at hand, circulated his spiritual power, and collided it with the dagger with a clang.

The stone shattered, Shen Lou turned over to avoid the strike, and the dagger penetrated deeply into the ground.

“Zhong Lu!” Zhong Wumo staggered over and blocked Zhong Lu’s next attack with his horizontal sword.

“No!” Zhong Lu looked at Zhong Wumo steadily, as if he didn’t know how to explain his behavior, but he still looked determined to kill Shen Lou.

“No!” Zhong Wumo emphasized again, firmly protecting Shen Lou behind him.

“Buzz–” A powerful sword energy came from the sky. Zhong Lu immediately sheathed his sword, then he turned over and jumped away. A deep crack was opened where he was standing.

Lin Xin’s eyes turned red when he saw Zhong Lu, and he reversed his spiritual power and began to absorb souls. He originally thought that once Zhong Changye had died, their grudges would disappear, but this man wanted to kill Shen Lou again. The Zhong family was already at odds with him. Zhong Lu must die today!

Shen Lou caught Yu Yuan which was thrown at him, unsheathed his sword, grabbed Lin Xin’s waist and pushed him behind him, and went to deal with Zhong Lu himself.

When Lin Xin saw Shen Lou approaching, he immediately stopped sucking souls for fear of hurting him, and then felt dizzy. Only then did he realize that he had already spent most of his spiritual energy on the cliff, and if he continued to absorb souls now, he would probably hurt himself.

“Stop!” Zhong Wumo dragged his broken leg and rushed over to block the Yanggu Sword. “Zhong Lu knows the way out. If he dies, we can’t get out!”

“I’ll do it even if I have to climb up.” Lin Xin sneered.

Both of them were injured, but Zhong Lu’s strength was intact, and with Zhong Wumo in the mix, no one could do anything to the other. The two sides were in a stalemate, and Shen Lou pursed his lips and said, “Xinxin, stop.”

They all sheathed their swords, and Lin Xin pulled Shen Lou and dodged three feet away.

“Why kill him?” Zhong Wumo asked Zhong Lu coldly.

“A burden.” Zhong Lu said in a calm tone, not feeling that he was wrong.

Zhong Wumo frowned. This Zhong Lu was the murderer’s knife raised by his father. He had no sense of right and wrong and would kill whomever he said. He turned around and wanted to apologize to Shen Lou, but his eyes suddenly widened.

The two people who seemed to be arguing over there had suddenly started kissing each other.

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