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Wen Shilan’s eyes were piercing, which made Lin Xin feel cold all over. At the critical moment, a wild cat suddenly burst out from the canopy of the tree. It glanced around dissatisfiedly, jumped off the wall and ran away quickly.

The barbarian over there muttered something barbaric, then Wen Shilan looked away and made a gesture. Those people obviously quickened their pace and left quickly pushing the wooden cart.

After waiting for about half an hour to make sure that the barbarians would not come back again, the two of them emerged.

“Why did you stop me? Those barbarians are obviously stealing my things! As long as I shout, all the guards from Mogui Mountain will come over,” Zhong Youyu said dissatisfied, “It’s just a dozen barbarians, look at how you are scared.”

“Do you know who that person was?” Lin Xin looked at him coldly.


“I’ll scare you to death if I tell you.”

There was a crash in the tree branches. Zhong Youyu was so frightened that he almost fell off the wall and immediately drew his sword.

“It’s me.” Zishu, dressed in a smart outfit, emerged from the tree branches. She lived next door to Lin Xin. Since Lin Xin heard the noise, she could certainly hear it too.

“Look how scared you are.” Lin Xin laughed back unchanged, jumped off the wall, and walked towards the stone room.

Zhong Youyu smacked his lips and was too embarrassed to talk to Lin Xin anymore. He turned to look at Zishu and said, “Zishu, why are you here? Did you let the cat go?”

“Yes,” Zishu responded. Not wanting to talk to Zhong Youyu, she quickly caught up with Lin Xin and whispered, “Master Marquis, I just heard that those barbarians said they were going to Dizhou.”

“What?” Lin Xin was surprised, “Did you hear clearly?”

Most of the people in Huan Xinghai understood the barbarian language, and Zishu had been following Shen Lou to fight the barbarians all year round. “I didn’t hear anything else clearly, but I am sure about Dizhou.”

Dizhou was where the Di people from the Western Regions were gathered, this time Shen Lou had led his troops to quell the chaos in Dizhou!

While they were talking, Zhong Youyu had already stepped forward and opened the door of the stone room. This door seemed to have changed its mechanism and was not as easy to open as it used to be.

“Boom–” The thick stone door opened with a bang, and bright lights rushed out like a flood that had burst through a dam.

Lin Xin squinted his eyes and was startled when he saw clearly what was in the stone room. The deep cave was filled with wooden shelves, from top to bottom, filled with gold and Luli.

“Why…how did this cave become a warehouse?” Zhong Youyu took the lead and walked in, raising his head and looking around, “I said those barbarians were thieves, but you still didn’t believe it, look, this is clearly Mogui Mountain’s warehouse. I guess my family has been robbed before, so my uncle moved the warehouse here. Wow, this is the jade pillow I used when I was a child.”

Near the entrance of the cave was all Luli and gold. But when you walked inside, it turned into various rare treasures, antiques, calligraphy and paintings.

The melon fields did not accept shoes, and the plum trees did not have their crowns trimmed. Lin Xin folded his hands and walked slowly behind Zhong Youyu. At the end of the walk, there was a solitary snow-white spiritual sword hanging on the wall. It seemed that it had been there for some years, the sword hilt was covered with dust, but the sword body was still sparkling.

“Xue Ji,” Zhong Youyu also saw this beautiful spiritual sword and read out the name of the sword engraved on the hilt, “Whose sword is this?”

“My father’s sword.” Lin Xin said lightly. Raising his hand, he bent his fingers into the shape of an eagle’s claw, and the Xue Ji Sword flew over from the wall and landed in his hand.

The cold wind blew through the forest and the rain beat the leaves, while the dead lotuses fought with the snow in silence.

Lin Zhenghan’s natal spiritual sword was named Xue Ji. The cold light remained, and the hero returned home. This spiritual sword had been separated from its owner for twelve years.

“Oh, your father’s sword, huh?” Zhong Youyu reacted, jumped to Lin Xin’s side, grabbed the scabbard and took a closer look, “Your father? Marquis of Xunlu? Why is your father’s sword in my house?”

“This, we have to ask your father!” Lin Xin suddenly unsheathed his sword, placed it on Zhong Youyu’s neck, and said in a cold tone, “Your father killed my parents, and Xue Ji being in your house, is naturally evidence of guilt.”

“Impossible!” Zhong Youyu blushed, “Your father was also a prince. They had known each other since they were young. There was no enmity. My father was a good man, why should he kill your father?”

Lin Xinxin flashed to Zhong Youyu’s side, then he scraped Zhong Youyu’s neck from top to bottom with a cold sword blade, scraping off a piece of hair on his neck, “For the Luli Mine. The father’s debt is repaid by the son. If I kill you now, it will be regarded as taking revenge for my father.”

A drop of cold sweat slipped from Zhong Youyu’s chin and dripped on Xue Ji’s smooth sword.

“Oh, oh, what happened?” The disheveled Zhong Suifeng, dragging his untied coat and holding a lantern, walked in quickly. When he saw the spirit sword which had broken skin and hair clamped around his nephew’s neck, he was immediately frightened and did not dare to step forward.

Lin Xin glanced at him and suddenly sheathed his sword, as if the threat just now did not exist at all.

Zhong Youyu looked at Lin Xin in confusion but received a grin with bared teeth and raised eyebrows. Only then did he realize that he had been fooled. He rushed forward and was about to fight with Lin Xin: “Well done, Lin Xin!”

“You can’t be rude like this, Youyu.” Zhong Suifeng breathed a sigh of relief and quickly stepped forward to dissuade him, pulling Zhong Youyu aside.

“Second uncle, our family has a thief.” Zhong Youyu told Zhong Suifeng about the barbarians he had just seen.

After hearing this, Zhong Suifeng’s expression changed greatly, and he put the lantern into Zishu’s hand, “Girl, you are very agile, go and call the guards.”

Zishu took the lantern and turned to leave.

Zhong Youyu urged Zhong Suifeng to count the Luli. Lin Xin carried Xue Ji behind him and said coolly: “How much is missing? The second master knows very well. Where does it need to be counted?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Zhong Youyu looked at his uncle, who actually looked guilty, “Uncle?”

The night wind blew into the cave, blowing out waves of gusts. The candlelight flickered, reflecting the seemingly guilty Zhong Suifeng, and suddenly there was a sense of desolation that the building was about to collapse. “Hey, that’s right, I let those barbarians in,” Zhong Suifeng sighed longly and said with a grimace, “Our family was getting poorer and poorer, and this year’s annual tribute had not been collected yet. For this emergency, I could only exchange gold with the barbarians for some Luli.”

Dayong forbade trade with Beimo, let alone exchanging Luli with the barbarians. If you exchange gold for barbarian Luli, it will only last three years; if you exchange Luli for barbarian gold, you would be beheaded for collaborating with the enemy and treason.

“Second Master, since you understand this business, why can’t you even support your soldiers and generals?” Lin Xin didn’t believe a word of Zhong Suifeng’s words.

Dayong’s Luli was limited. In fact, each family had some connections in private, which was not a strange thing. If what those people took away was really just some gold, why bother using a peerless master like Wen Shilan? It was late at night, why were they acting sneaky and deeply suspicious. What the wooden cart contained must be Luli that was destined for Beimo.

Zhong Youyu’s fingertips trembled, “Uncle, are you serious about this? Did you give Luli to the barbarians?” In recent years, the barbarians had been at war with the Northern Territory almost every year. The Shen family had almost been outnumbered. The frail and sick Shen Lou had been fighting the enemy since he was twelve years old to protect his family and country. If the world knew that Zhong Suifeng provided Luli to the barbarians, not to mention the court, not even Shen Qirui would let him go.

“This…” Zhong Suifeng’s face turned pale, as if he was very scared, and he slowly took half a step back.

“Whoosh -” A sudden change occurred, more than a dozen red threads suddenly emerged from the stone walls on both sides, stretched into a criss-crossing network, and quickly rushed towards Lin Xin. Lin Xin’s pupils shrank suddenly, and instead of retreating, he advanced, grabbed Zhong Youyu, and blocked him in front of him. The extremely sharp thin line immediately tore through Zhong Youyu’s clothes and cut a deep wound on his shoulder. If it went even an inch further, his arm would not have been saved.

The red lines immediately stopped, twisting like a living thing, they bypassed Zhong Youyu and attacked him from top to bottom.

The Mojian scimitar was instantly clasped around Zhong Youyu’s neck. Lin Xin said coldly: “If you move again, I will cut off his neck!”

Zhong Suifeng suddenly raised his head, with a panicked with a sad look on his face, he hurriedly made some hand gestures, and those thin lines finally stopped.

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