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The delicate door was pushed open by a slender white hand. Inside the door, men and women in uniform stood on both sides, bowed slightly, and said together: “Welcome home.”

The camera slowly zoomed out, and a person appeared showing the back of his head, then, the man turned his head, at a 45-degree angle, his exquisite and handsome face occupied most of the screen, and his smiling eyes made it easy to feel his pleasure. The camera slowly zoomed further, he smiled and stretched out one hand, and soon, another slightly smaller female hand was placed on his hand.

This was the beginning of the commercial film shot by Yu Siyang for the Jade Hotel.

The entire advertisement planning was carried out from his perspective. He was like a tour guide and a partner inside, and the person he was accompanying did not show her face from the beginning to the end, only a hand or a skirt appeared in the camera. Yu Siyang was accompanied by “she” as they entered the hotel and opened the door, helped press the button of the elevator, entered the room to sort luggage, cooked and made her a delicate lunch, and accompanied her to the sunny bookstore. They read a book together and he helped her buy clothes in the boutique store, exercised together in the gym, played games together in the game room, sang together in the KTV room, etc., until finally he helped cover her with the quilt and turned off the bedside lamp.

Then, the focus turned around. In the exquisite room, Yu Siyang put his hands on a throne-like empty chair, smiled and said: “Welcome home.” The final picture was the name and LOGO of the Jade Hotel.

The full version of the commercial contained almost all the existing services of the Jade Hotel. It lasted 15 minutes. The person served by Yu Siyang in the commercial did not show up from the beginning to the end. The planning company said that this would allow fans who liked Yu Siyang to have a sense of substitution and they could imagine themselves as the “her” in the film.

The creativity of the planning company really hit the fans’ cute spots. Even if they were not Yu Siyang’s fans, many people who watched the commercials couldn’t stand it.

“That person is me, that’s me, who is me. Seeing that the hand is not there, he is holding me positively.”

“If the leader can stay with me like this for a day, my life will be complete.”

“The male god marry me, the male god marry me, the male god marry me… Repeat it endlessly…”

“Mom, the head turned his face at the beginning, simply! It’s so! Beautiful! There is wood there! There is wood there!”

“In order to see the prosperous beauty of the head, I immediately threw away the phone, opened my house’s TV and stared for a long time. The 55-inch look of the head was very emotional.”

“65 inches in my house, it feels better.”

“Oh, 75 inches in my house, the head is so hot, so hot, and flawless”

“My home has a projector, and the whole wall is full of the head’s prosperous beauty [proud]”

“I lost.”

“I lost.”


The full version of the Jade Hotel’s advertisement was posted on the hotel’s official blog. The hotel’s official blog, which had not been followed by fans, was swarmed all of a sudden. The blog had tens of thousands of reposts and comments in just three hours, and even more than 100,000 likes.

The editor of the official blog of the hotel was dumbfounded. Since she started to take care of the official blog of the Jade Hotel in the last three years, she had always been entertaining herself. Although there were thousands of fans of the official blog, most of them were Zombie fans, if there were even three digits in the likes of a Weibo, she would die of happiness. Even the lucky draw was not paid attention to. Suddenly, one day, her Weibo would be comparable to the popular big V. It felt…really. It’s unreal!

Xiaoyou, she seems to be the fan of a very powerful idol! ——The editor thought ripplingly.

The Jade Hotel’s commercials were not only circulated on the Internet platform, but also a refined version of the commercial was also aired on major TV stations and broadcasted during prime time. The hotel also spent enough money for this promotion. The marketing channels were integrated, and with the help of Yu Siyang’s reputation, the draft was sent out in the form of bombing, which made it fly.

After such a round of bombardment of public opinion, it didn’t take long for the hotel to see the effect.

The room reservation rate had risen by 40%, and the Chinese restaurant had even surpassed its popularity from its peak periods. The boutique shopping streets, independent bookstores, and independent flower shops attached to the hotel had also seen a significant increase in passenger flow, which was nothing compared to their previous situation. Entertainment projects that were already well-run, such as KTV, bars, theaters, and saunas, became even more prosperous.

Although the slogan in the commercial was “Welcome Home”, all it showed was an exquisite and luxurious life, accompanied by the spokesperson’s exquisite appearance like a little prince, which clearly positioned the high-end Jade Hotel. The expensive image and its reputation as a century-old brand made the Jade Hotel stand out among the similar five-star hotels, conveying the appeal of “expensive, but very good and worthwhile”.

After Huo Zhilun got the report for the new season, he smiled triumphantly when he saw the upward trending curves.

Although the process was tortuous and the expenses were far beyond the initial budget, the rewards were all-round high. There was revenue growth, stock price rise, and the popularity was also greatly improved. He wanted to reshuffle the internal forces of the group, and he would never think anything to be too big a hindrance.

“Yu Siyang’s new movie is about to be released, and our hotel will also support it, and get some heat.” Huo Zhilun called the brand director inside, and his voice was full of joy.

The brand director was also proud of the recent heat. The people from the group who had been saying they were spending too much money shut up in front of the data. He had completely established a foothold in the Jade Hotel and had become the one of the core members of the group.

Hehe, seeing that the deputy director who had been ridiculing him before was beaten in the face, he felt just one word-cool!

After Huo Zhilun hung up, the brand director called the people in the team to have a meeting to discuss how to take advantage of Yu Siyang’s new movie “The Traitor”.

As for the deputy director who was slapped in the face watching them at the meeting, he couldn’t tell what he was thinking… Hehe, who cares.

That’s right, “The Traitor” was about to be released.

From last year’s finalization to this summer’s release, the post-production time of “The Traitor” was not too long but not too short. Director Liu Cai was very good at shooting commercial films and was very good at catching the audience’s attention, but he still was a director with professional ethics, at least he would not make bad films that were waste of money but had high requirements for post-production.

From the teaser trailer of “The Traitor”, everybody could see that Liu Cai treated this movie with exquisite care, and the special effects were not fragile. After the theater version of the trailer came out, the shocking war scenes, the heart-stringing characters in the plot trailer, and the beautiful scenes made people want to go to the cinema to see the whole film immediately.

With the release of the finalized posters, the overall publicity of the movie “The Traitor” was widely spread.

As the third male lead in the movie, Yu Siyang originally signed the contract without much publicity obligations. When he signed the contract, he was still a very well-known newcomer. There were not too many obligations to cooperate with the publicity, and the event that needed to be attended was only the premiere.

In the so-called 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi[1], the film crew did not expect that Yu Siyang would become popular so quickly. Although the celebrity of the number of people in the crew was higher than him in the whole crew, such as Zhan Heng, Yi Jiaojiao, Li Yi, there were some super-first-line big names like Liang, as well as some old opera bones who were not well known but big artists. However, if it was to be judged who was more topical and searched, they were afraid that the entire crew would have a fight.

However, Yu Siyang made headlines casually with a little bit of dynamics, no less than ten groups of paparazzi guarding him, and even became famous abroad in an alternative way (cooking).

China’s entertainment industry was superstitious of foreign countries and one someone had become popular among foreigners, they were truly seen as international superstars.

Although Yu Siyang’s fame was a bit crooked, this did not prevent him from being stamped as an “international superstar” by the melon-eaters. It was just that his real fans saw this and laughed endlessly. It was straightforward to say that the team leader was a mudslide in the entertainment industry. He was obviously an actor, but he had gone abroad with his culinary skills. The leader was worthy of being the leader, and one day he would lead the foodies to rule the world with Chinese cuisine.

Uh… This was a bit far-reaching, so let’s talk about the announcement of “The Traitor”.

Yu Siyang’s contract did not stipulate that he needed to cooperate with the publicity obligation of “The Traitor”. When it was about to be released at this time, the film studio was stunned and regretted. But regretting was of no avail. They could only add an announcement and issue an agreement, and then pay another sum of money to ask Yu Siyang to cooperate with the film promotion.

The current Yu Siyang was no longer the Yu Siyang of the previous year, his price was now up!

It was not even a year and a half, and his value had increased several times. What’s more, he also had an agent who was well versed in “overwhelmingly asking prices, sitting on the ground and negotiating”—Wei Xiaofeng had trained him well, and the film side was angry with Luo Peng. One Buddha knows the other, the Buddha rises to the sky, he would calculate the past with the budget table, how could they control the announced budget within a reasonable range, and how much of the additional money could satisfy the other party and not let themselves lose money.

Yu Siyang didn’t know that Luo Peng was helping him bargain again to “pit” the movie’s money. He was criticized by Mr. Xue because he secretly took over a character who needed to have more than a hundred kilograms of fat.

“It’s not sneaky,” Yu Siyang defended in a low voice: “Brother Luo and Tang Hang both know about it.”

“So, these two people know that you are going to take such a role, but they didn’t stop it.” Xue Chengxiu was irritated and smiled. It was a bit scary, “What’s the use of having them both.”

Yu Siyang said quickly: “I want to play this role, don’t blame them.” He said that, then he took Mr. Xue’s hand and shook it.

“Stand well, don’t act like a baby.” Mr. Xue was simply cold.

Yu Siyang stood straight, but still held Xue Chengxiu’s hand.

“It hurts your body to gain weight and lose weight like this. Don’t you know that you have gastroenteritis?” Xue Chengxiu learned that his stupid child would gain more than a hundred catties in just a few months, frustrated, “What role do you want to play so much?”

Yu Siyang said enthusiastically: “An undercover policeman saving the world, isn’t it cool?” Regardless of the age of the man, they had always had a dream of “I am A superhero can save the world”.

Seeing the look of his yearning, Mr. Xue really didn’t want to pour cold water on his stupid boy, so he had to direct his anger at the script, “Who wrote the script, are you sick? The actor is a fat man of more than 200 catties, who would watch a movie like this!”

Yu Siyang: “…” Although he felt that Mr. Xue was being unreasonable, but he felt that what he was saying was right, but, Master Yan said, Wu Wenjing must be fat. This setting was important and the plot could not be changed. He really wanted to play the role of the undercover policeman.

Justice, kindness, bravery, and strength, even in the most dangerous places, never shrinking back and moving forward in the face of death.

This was a very charming character.

Seeing Yu Siyang’s tangled expression, Xue Chengxiu sighed, “I’ll let someone go and get in touch with Yan Haiqing.”

“Huh?” Yu Siyang asked, “Do you want to invest in this movie? I heard that there are many investors communicating with Master Yan.”

“Inject capital first to become the biggest investor of the movie, and then let Yan Haiqing change the script.” Xue Chengxiu snorted coldly.

“No.” Yu Siyang jumped up and hugged Xue Chengxiu’s arm, “I like this fat character.” If Mr. Xue made him change the script, Master Yan would definitely burst into anger, and would have a conflict with Mr. Xue. All right.

Xue Chengxiu was speechless for a while and flicked his stupid child’s forehead with his fingers.

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[1] Thirty years on the east, and thirty years in the west of the river meaning unexpectedly.

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