MMMYT Ch. 5.2: Young Teeth

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Chi Yan didn’t seem to have any boredom of childhood, as he wiped his face with cold water.

Aunt Deng Yulian shook her fan and shouted: “Chi Yan, you are dead, didn’t you hear me ask you to bring back briquettes?”

July had come and gone, and it would be August in a few days. This summer was really hot.

Chi Yiming spent the entire summer vacation helping people with their homework. Hearing this, he stood up and wanted to go with his brother.

Chi Yan’s forehead was wet, and his pupils were darker than the night: “No, I’ll finish it in one trip.”

Chi Yiming said: “It’s very heavy, let’s go together.”

Chi Yan calmly ordered: “Go back.”

After saying that, he strode away without waiting for Chi Yiming.

The tall and thin young man’s back stretched into a long shadow in the dusk. Chi Yiming was used to his brother’s indifferent and emotionless tone. Sometimes he thought that his brother never had a smile in his eyes and was never gentle to anyone.

Chi Yan shouldered Chi Yiming’s life, but Chi Yan also had a cold and indifferent attitude towards him.

When life was difficult, there was no smile in people’s eyes.

Chi Yiming closed Sun Xiaowei’s brand new “Summer Paradise”, and in his heart he actually envied children like Sun Xiaowei. It was great to have a father and a mother, and it was great to have officials for your father and grandfather.

After Chi Yan finished moving the briquettes at home, his knuckled hands were stained with a lot of soot.

When he came back, he heard Chi Yiming say in surprise: “Is she stupid?”

Chi Yan raised his eyes.

Under the rosy sunset, a clean copy of “Summer Paradise” lay on Chi Yiming’s wooden table.

On it, the little girl had written her own name in serious and tender handwriting – Jiang Sui, Class 1, Grade 4.

The strokes of the character “Summer Paradise” were complicated and she wrote them very big.

Chi Yiming was so happy, “Brother, the ugly girl only has two pages left to write.”

Oh my god, the ugly girl was not only ugly, but also stupid! These two pages cost 2.5 yuan, which was a huge profit!

Chi Yan touched the book with his fingers and frowned: “Are you making money from her?”

Chi Yiming asked: “What’s wrong?”

Chi Yan said, “Don’t ask for her money in the future.” He retracted his finger and her textbook and some soot lightly fell on it. Chi Yan said, “What if she cries when she realizes what she has done?”

“No way? She did it voluntarily.”

“How much did you charge her?”

“Two and a half dollars.”

Chi Yan didn’t say anything. He washed his well-joined fingers clean with well water, and the clear well water reflected his calm face.

Chi Yan went back to his room and took out two pieces worth one yuan and one piece worth 50 cents from a piece of clothing in the cupboard. When he passed by Chi Yiming, he picked up the soot-covered copy of “Summer Paradise” and went out.

The sky showed a pink sunset, the wind was soft and slow this year, few people could afford air conditioning, and global warming seemed far away.

In the gentle summer, the heat gradually dissipated in the evening, and the air was filled with the fragrance of trees. Just waving the fan would make the whole summer pass.

Jiang Shuisheng was collecting medicinal materials in the backyard, and Jiang Sui was sitting in the yard enjoying the cool air. She had a small wicker chair.

A mosquito landed on her tender lotus-knot-like calf. She was bored and slowly kicked her legs to drive it away.

Unexpectedly, she looked up and saw Chi Yan in front of her.

The young man’s eyes were sparse and his features were cold and hard, just like had looked a few years later. Jiang Sui was still kicking her legs, but when she didn’t react, she was startled and fell off the chair on the spot.

This time she hurt her nose, and it was so sore that she burst into tears.

The young man looked at her coldly and did not pull her up.

The air was filled with the fragrance of grass and trees, and Jiang Sui struggled to get up from the ground. She vaguely felt that this teenage boy was looking at her as if watching a little monkey performing a backflip.

Jiang Sui felt so painful that her eyes were filled with tears, and she was embarrassed and ashamed. But when she stood up, she did not stand even as high as someone else’s chest.

She said nothing, holding back her tears. Her peach blossom eyes were filled with water, and she raised her head to meet his eyes.

When Chi Yan saw her standing up, he threw the book “Summer Paradise” with two yuan and fifty cents in it on her chair: “Write it yourself.”

Jiang Sui suddenly felt that the two little bastards wanted to play with her and spend her childhood just like that.

One insisted on writing it for her, while the other ordered her to write it herself.

She had a good temper, but that didn’t mean she had no temper. She remained silent and stared at him with silent dissatisfaction.

Chi Yan met her gaze, she had raised her head and her eyes were a light and shallow red in the sky.

The water reflecting in it was a bit annoying though.

Chi Yan said lightly: “Speak.”

Jiang Sui’s mouth seemed to be out of control of her head: “Oh, oh, okay.” After a moment, she reacted and her ears turned red. Jiang Sui thought desperately that this nine-year-old honest and clumsy body had disgraced all those who had gone back in time.

Chi Yan’s dark pupils looked at the little girl’s miserable and soft face, which was bruised, purple, red and swollen. Chi Yiming was right…

It was really terrible and ugly.

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