MMMYT Ch. 5.1: Young Teeth

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Childhood in the 1990s was quite interesting. Unlike later children who all held mobile phones, today’s children did not have mobile phones and game consoles, so they could only get together to play various interesting games.

Time flew back, and the years became very, very long.

The light and shadow turned blurry, and Jiang Sui missed the simplicity and happiness of this year. She didn’t object to playing with children at all, after all, she was now a nine-year-old girl.

The sun was not bright in the morning, so Sun Xiaowei took out half a piece of white chalk from his bag and drew a crooked grid on the ground.

After he finished drawing, he said: “The palms of the hands and the backs of the hands will be used to assign teams. I will count 123 and everyone will bring it out together.”

“1, 2, 3!” Everyone showed the palms of their hands.

Jiang Sui waited for a few seconds before stretching out her little hand, revealing her soft palm.

Sun Xiaowei, who also showed his palm, immediately exploded: “Jiang Sui!”

Jiang Sui responded to him softly: “Ah?”

Sun Xiaowei said: “You deliberately teased us, didn’t you? You have to be in a group with us who are aggressive.”

Everyone knew that Jiang Sui was a little loser when it came to playing games, and whoever was in the same faction as her would be unlucky.

But this was an injustice to Jiang Sui. She was just slow to react.

The girl’s wet long eyelashes blinked. Jiang Sui looked at the arrogant Sun Xiaowei and apologized: “I’m sorry then.”

Sun Xiaowei said: “Do it again!”

Those who were in the other team were dissatisfied, but Sun Xiaowei’s power was still there, so everyone could only do it again reluctantly.

This time Jiang Sui brought out of the back of her hand, but it was a few seconds too late.

Sun Xiaowei, who also had the back of his hand exposed, was so angry that he blushed: “…” Ahhhhhhh he wanted to kill this stupid girl!

The sunshine was cut into pieces of gold, and Chi Yan had a towel on his shoulders. He was carrying about fifty kilograms of goods on his shoulders and walked past them with sweat all over his body.

Chi Yan heard her apologize and comfort the others good-naturedly: “I’m sorry, how about we do it all over again.”

Sun Xiaowei was going crazy: “Do it again! If we do it again, we’ll reach lunch time!”

In the end, Sun Xiaowei was forced to accept this hindrance.

This group game played by the children in the courtyard was called “siege”. The camp was divided into two groups. Each group had a “little princess” sitting in the drawn circle, and the other children chased them as generals. If they touched the princess, they would be eliminated.

The last child to return could take away the “little princess” of the enemy country and become the victor.

Those who couldn’t run could only be treated as waste trophies by the “little princesses”, while those who could run became brave generals.

The good-for-nothing “little princess” Jiang Sui sat in the circle and resignedly accepted the outcome.

The “little princess” on the other side was much more worthy of her name. Liang Qian’er put her hands on her knees and carefully adjusted her skirt.

“General, charge! Charge, charge! Ahhhh!” The children cheered loudly, and ran away faster than the other, leaving Jiang Sui and Liang Qian’er looking at each other.

Liang Qian’er asked: “Jiang Sui, who do you think will win?”

Jiang Sui said: “I don’t know.”

Liang Qian’er was a little unhappy when she heard her voice. Jiang Sui’s voice was like sweet water, soft and gentle, and because of her slow tone, it had a different kind of cuteness.

Liang Qian’er couldn’t help but imitate her speech: “Sit over there, you are out of the circle.”

Jiang Sui crossed her legs and moved to the right.

The sun shone like a piece of gold, and a monarch butterfly flew over lightly. Liang Qian’er’s eyes couldn’t help being attracted to it, and then she watched the colorful butterfly land on Jiang Sui’s shoulder.

The girl opposite slowly turned her head and looked at the butterfly with her miserable little face.

The colorful butterfly was frightened, flew up gracefully, and landed on her soft hair.

Liang Qian’er’s eyes turned red with envy. Oh my God, butterflies don’t have eyes these days! Who is more like a delicate flower, she or the stupid girl?

Liang Qian’er wanted to catch it, but they were not allowed to go out in the “city”.

Chi Yiming came back with his schoolbag and saw this scene.

A little girl with a miserable little face and a colorful butterfly lazily flapping its wings over her light yellow hair. Chi Yiming couldn’t help but think, the other little girl was obviously cuter, but this butterfly was blind.

When Jiang Sui saw Chi Yiming, she tried her best to compose her face and maintain her composure. Don’t panic, Chi Yiming is not still the Chi Shao of the future.

Chi Yiming smiled in a friendly manner at Liang Qian’er and walked into her chalk circle: “Hello, my name is Chi Yiming. I can help you with your summer homework.”

Liang Qian’er asked: “Huh? Do you want to do my summer homework?”

Chi Yiming showed his two little tiger teeth: “Yes, “Summer Paradise” costs three yuan a copy, and other small homework assignments cost one yuan a copy.”

Liang Qian’er’s eyes lit up, but she glanced at Jiang Sui across from her, and whispered: “Forget it, I’ll write it myself.”

Chi Yiming was not disappointed either. He turned to look at Jiang Sui.

Jiang Sui: “…!” You go, you go!

However, Chi Yiming, who was still a little boy, was not a human spirit. He came over and stared at the butterfly flying above her head. After doing some mental preparation, he looked at Jiang Sui’s face with a smile: “Do you need my help with your homework? The more you write, the less money you spend.”

Jiang Sui got to know for the first time that the young Chi Yiming was so funny. How many more things could she get him to write in order to get a discount?

She was expressionless, wanting to tell him to go away in a cold and serious manner.

So, she said softly and slowly, “I don’t want it.”

Chi Yiming was stunned for a moment, this ugly girl’s voice was so cute. Her speech seemed to be in slow motion. But he doubted that she could finish her homework!

Jiang Sui looked at him warily, and Chi Yiming said, “How about…”Summer Vacation Paradise” for two and a half dollars?”


Chi Yiming seriously emphasized: “It’s really not expensive, but it will take a long time to write.”

Jiang Sui thought to herself that although she looked stupid, she was actually not stupid. She wasn’t moved at all. Didn’t he see that Liang Qian’er across from her was particularly moved?

Jiang Sui remembered again that Chi Yiming was a little pervert at heart. The less he could get, the more he wanted it.

She said as coldly as possible: “Oh, okay, okay.”

The colorful butterfly landed in her hair. Chi Yiming didn’t know if it was an illusion. This little girl smelled delicious. Unable to tell what the fragrance was, he looked at the blue and purple face strangely and trembled in disgust.

However, he was young after all. Chi Yiming was only ten years old this year. He was not so rigid. He had one more “little customer”, thinking like this he left with satisfaction.

“I’ll come pick up your homework tonight.” He ran away with his schoolbag on his back.

Chi Yiming kept his word. Before dinner, he quietly came over and took away Jiang Sui’s “Summer Paradise”.

Jiang Sui paid him two and a half yuan and sent him away.

She looked at Chi Yiming’s back and thought with complicated emotions, why didn’t she notice so many things before? The two most unsociable children in the compound were the two brothers from the Chi family.

While all the children were playing around, they were using their childish bodies to make money.

Some people understand the hardship of survival too early.

Chi Yiming lacked a sense of childhood, while Chi Yan had no childhood at all.

She sat in the chalk circle in the afternoon and watched Chi Yan move goods six times. If he moved fifty kilograms at a time, he moved a total of three hundred kilograms.

He stared intently, his clothes were wet with sweat, and the ends of his narrow eyes were cold and scornful. He never glanced at them and seemed devoid of any emotion.

Chi Yan seemed to be just an ordinary young man in this world. Who would have thought that this person would turn out to be so great?

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