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Qin Yize’s ears turned a little red, he held Luo Ning’s hand tightly and said: “Today is our wedding anniversary, I have prepared a candlelight dinner, let’s go eat first.” Then picking him up, he carried him directly to the cruise ship, and put him down on the deck on the second floor.

Luo Ning had never seen such a grand candlelight dinner.

Thousands of electronic candles simulating candlelight surrounded the ship, illuminating the whole ship as brightly as lights. In the middle of the deck on the second floor was a long table and two chairs facing each other. The table was surrounded by candles. This dinner must have taken a lot of thought.

Luo Ning was brought to a chair by Qin Yize and made to sit down. Qin Yize looked at him and said in a low voice: “Luo Ning, we have been married for exactly five years, that’s why I called you here to celebrate our wedding anniversary.” He poured red wine for Luo Ning while talking, and under the warm yellow candlelight, the handsome man’s expression was extremely gentle.

Luo Ning’s heart gradually warmed up. Unexpectedly, time flew so fast, and they had been married for five years in the blink of an eye.

It was said that old couples may get tired of seeing each other after a long time, but every time Luo Ning saw Qin Yize, he did not feel tired at all. Instead, he felt that his man was getting more and more handsome, especially when he returned to Mingxing. After becoming the boss, Qin Yize’s demeanor had become more and more stable, and his gestures were particularly charming.

Facing Luo Ning’s “little fan” eyes, Qin Yize’s heart beat violently, so he coughed lightly, and asked, “What are you looking at me for?”

Luo Ning said: “You are so handsome, I can’t help but want to see you.”

His directness made Qin Yize’s ears feel a little hot. When he met his Omega’s smiling eyes, Qin Yize also smiled, and lightly held Luo Ning’s hand on the table, saying: “After being with me for five years, you still think I’m handsome? Will you not get bored after watching it for a long time?”

Luo Ning shook his head: “Not at all.”

Qin Yize picked up the red wine and handed it to Luo Ning: “Then let’s have a toast and celebrate our first five years.”

Luo Ning raised his wine glass cooperatively and touched it with his.

Tasting the sweet red wine, coupled with the dreamy candlelight around him, Luo Ning felt slightly dizzy in his head. He always felt that this occasion was too warm and romantic, not like Qin Yize’s style.

Qin Yize took the initiative to peel the shrimp for Luo Ning. He peeled the shrimps one by one and put them on the plate for Luo Ning to eat. He was so considerate that he couldn’t say anything. Luo Ning happened to be hungry and ate a lot. The dishes on the table were all cooked by Qin Yize, and they were Luo Ning’s favorite taste.

After eating and drinking, Luo Ning wiped his mouth contentedly, and Qin Yize suddenly asked in a low voice, “Luo Ning, I’ve always wanted to ask you a question.”

Luo Ning looked up at him.

Qin Yize asked very seriously: “At that time we only met once at the premiere, why did you suddenly like me?”

Luo Ning thought for a while and said, “Maybe it was intuition.”

There were some feelings that really couldn’t be explained. The first time he saw Qin Yize, Luo Ning’s heart started beating violently. He always felt that this alpha was special, and he had never experienced the feeling of his heart beating like a drum before. And the facts also proved that his intuition was not wrong – after he and Qin Yize were together, the two became more and more affectionate, the children gradually became more sensible, and Qin Yize took good care of the whole family.

This alpha was indeed a bit upright and simple, with no heart, but he cherished, trusted and loved him wholeheartedly. Luo Ning had a lot of ghosts in his stomach, but in front of Yize, he was really embarrassed to plan any more, because Qin Yize gave him his heart with both hands.

Luo Ning smiled slightly and looked at Qin Yize softly: “It’s meaningless to ask how I fell in love with you now. We’ve been together for so long, and the children are grown up, am I right? I really like you, don’t you believe it?”

Qin Yi said: “I just think I’m so lucky.”

He probably saved the Milky Way in his previous life, so he was favored by the heavens. Luo Ning fell in love with him the first time he saw him. Who among the alphas in the entire empire could be said to be as lucky as him?

In fact, Luo Ning also thought the same way, who could pick the right person at a glance, and get the wholehearted love of this alpha, who was luckier than him among the omegas in the whole empire?

The two looked at each other affectionately, and the more they looked at each other, the more they felt that each other was particularly pleasing to the eye, and they didn’t find it disgusting.

A moment later, Qin Yize suddenly walked up to Luo Ning and knelt down on one knee.

“…” Luo Ning stretched out his hand to help him up, “What are you doing?”

Qin Yize didn’t get up, he just looked up at the other party and said, “Last time I proposed here, and you agreed. Today, I want to ask you one more thing.”

Luo Ning suppressed a smile and said, “After being an old couple, you still play this trick? If you want to ask for something, just say it.”

Qin Yize gently held Luo Ning’s hand, knelt down on one knee, looked at him seriously, and said word by word: “We are together, no matter whether there will be disputes in the future, don’t be disappointed in me, and believe that I love you in my heart, ok. For the rest of our lives, don’t think about being apart, okay?”

Luo Ning’s heart trembled suddenly. For the rest of his life, it turned out that this was what Qin Yize wanted.

A couple who said they don’t quarrel was not a normal couple. They still had decades to go in the future, and they would inevitably disagree on some things. But no matter what, small quarrels kept the fun between spouses alive. The most important thing was not to be disappointed in each other, and never mention the word “breakup”. As long as the two people trusted each other in their hearts, no matter how difficult things were, they could be resolved.

Qin Yize only proposed marriage last time, but this time, he took advantage of the fifth wedding anniversary to ask for a lifetime of companionship.

Facing the Alpha’s firm gaze, Luo Ning nodded involuntarily: “Okay.”

This was what he wanted too – anyway, being with Yize made him very happy, and Luo Ning had no plans to change to another alpha. Besides, there were Zheng Zheng and Yue’er, the precious pair, how could he be willing to separate them from their father?

After hearing the answer, Qin Yize immediately pressed a kiss on the back of Luo Ning’s hand excitedly.

Luo Ning wanted to kiss him back, but the next moment, his body rose into the air, and Qin Yize directly carried Luo Ning to the next bedroom.

The roof and walls of this bedroom were transparent, and one could see the stars in the sky while lying in bed.

Luo Ning was pressed down on the bed by him, and his breathing immediately became short of breath: “Yize…”

Qin Yize kissed his lips, and said in a low, sexy and hoarse voice, “I want you.”

Luo Ning couldn’t help laughing: “You really had bad intentions. I thought you took me to the boat just to have a candlelight dinner. In the end, you not only want to eat dinner, but also want to eat me?”

This guy never knew how to be shy when he spoke, but Qin Yize blushed when he said it, and explained in a low voice after a while: “Hey, it’s our wedding anniversary, this is more suitable for the occasion, otherwise you will say that I don’t understand romance.”

Luo Ning joked: “I really miss the old Yize who was so calm…”

Before he finished speaking, Qin Yi quickly took off his clothes.

Luo Ning wanted to struggle, but Qin Yize directly suppressed him: “You also said that we are an old husband and wife, do you still need to be shy? If I can sit still, then there is something wrong with my body.” He passionately kissed Luo Ning, and soon made it difficult for Luo Ning to breathe.


Looking at the stars above his head, at the moment when Qin Yize embraced him thoroughly, Luo Ning couldn’t help but smile.

This alpha had been trained by him to become more and more sensible.

He was very confident that he could live happily with Qin Yize for a lifetime.

Luo Ning thought happily, this was the first five years, and every wedding anniversary in the future, he would come here with Yize to live in a sweet two-person world.

Eating a candlelight dinner was a must.

By the way, it was also necessary to wipe out the other party.

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