MGSGW Ch. 234

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In order to avoid Yun Ting’s cold stare during his search, Lin Mumu took the initiative to go to the self-service area to get food for him. Liu Yuanyuan and An Xiaoqin used the excuse of helping and left the battlefield to Yun Ting and An Mingxuan.

“You’re too disrespectful, you’re not afraid of your brother being beaten.” Lin Mumu joked with An Xiaoqin playfully.

“If you want to poach someone’s wife, you have to withstand the fire, don’t you?” An Xiaoqin didn’t think so, and teased Lin Mumu back.

“He can’t stand it.” Lin Mumu looked determined.

“I hate your attribute of throwing dog food at any time!”

“I’m just telling the truth, it’s because you can’t bear it. If you don’t want to have a boyfriend, you still blame me?” Lin Mumu pouted helplessly, and continued to pick and choose. She picked some raw meat, fruits and vegetables, since she couldn’t take them anyway, and An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan would help.

Lin Mumu deliberately dawdled for a while before returning to her seat.

When she sat down, she felt that Yun Ting and An Mingxuan were still sitting face to face in the same posture before she left, staring at each other without saying a word.

They were all wearing casual clothes today. There were two beautiful men with different temperaments, one was fierce and domineering, and the other was refined and gentle.

Lin Mumu said that those little waiters had weird eyes, they were still looking at them brightly, probably they had misunderstood something.

Feeling guilty, Lin Mumu didn’t bother the two men who were still looking at each other, just opened the iron plate silently, and started the barbecue again.

The benefits of teppanyaki were also quite obvious. It heated up quickly and was suitable for eating in a hurry.

The meat was just brought over, and Lin Mumu quickly roasted it on a plate, served it to Yun Ting with a few slices of shiitake mushrooms and vegetables.

Yun Ting’s serious expression of confrontation with An Mingxuan was broken in an instant, and he gave Lin Mumu a smile before starting to eat.

Yun Ting ate very fast and his movements were standard, completely different from Lin Mumu’s habits.

“Pfft.” An Xiaoqin couldn’t help laughing out loud: “Just now, Lin Mumu ate and my brother barbecued. I thought classmate Lin Mumu didn’t know how to barbecue, but I didn’t expect you to be a virtuous little wife.”

“Of course.” Lin Mumu shrugged her cute little nose, with a proud face: “Yun Ting, eat more. Anyway, someone is treating you.”


Yun Ting ate food very fast, faster than Lin Mumu’s barbecue.

Seeing Yun Ting’s speed, An Mingxuan smiled, “I’ll get some more.”

“Well, thank you.” Lin Mumu smiled politely at him.

“You just like to smile at other men!” Yun Ting looked at Lin Mumu awkwardly.

“Overbearing.” Lin Mumu gave him a blank look.

Yun Ting only said that he had the experience of his previous life and knew that Lin Mumu had the most natural personality and hated being restrained the most. So in this life, he couldn’t hold her down no matter what. In the emerging society now, making friends was the freedom of every young person. It was fine as long as her heart was right with him.

Even if something went wrong, Yun Ting would not blame Lin Mumu, but would attack the person who dared to pry his corner.

Seeing Lin Mumu patiently roasting a plate of meat and carefully turning over two pieces of broccoli, Yun Ting’s mood improved inexplicably.

He was the only one who could be fed by the little foodie.

“Why don’t you eat it?” Lin Mumu wrapped the grilled beef slices with lettuce leaves and handed them to Yun Ting.


“How grown up.” Lin Mumu gave him a blank look, still holding the vegetable roll in her hand, and handed it to Yun Ting’s mouth.

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