MGSGW Ch. 233

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“That’s not true.” Lin Mumu shook her head: “I just want to tell you that if you have a girlfriend, you definitely don’t want her to be bullied by others. Because that will make you appear incompetent, and even if it’s better than being straightforward, it still hurts to be slapped.”

An Mingxuan probably understood what Lin Mumu meant.

Ordinarily, Lin Mumu’s character should have been influenced by the Taoist priest with profound spiritual enlightenment. It should be clean and free from contention. That was why An Mingxuan reminded Lin Mumu to endure as long as she could.

But when Lin Mumu talked about Yun Ting, could she really change anything for Yun Ting?

An Mingxuan couldn’t help but look at Lin Mumu again. At this time, compared to when he first entered school, Lin Mumu lacked a clean and dusty elf-like temperament, but had a bit more feminine elegance and tenderness.

In terms of beauty, she was indeed more beautiful and attractive, she seemed to have transformed from the little sister next door to a fashionable lady.

“I heard that Taoism and Buddhism are very popular on Riyue Island. Mr. Jiang is here this time, and he has a few capable people with him. You’d better not attack Yun Ruoshan, otherwise.”

“I didn’t shoot at her. During the military training, she was scared to go crazy, and blamed me?”

Lin Mumu blinked her big eyes innocently: “The treatment of the official lady is different. If I am bullied by her, someone will speak for me.”

An Mingxuan knew Lin Mumu’s sophistry, everyone knew what happened to Yun Ruoshan last time, and Yun Ruoshan was afraid that Lin Mumu’s reputation would be too good, so she found many opportunities to publicize it. Although there was no evidence, it had been reported widely in private.

“If there is a day, I will stand by your side. I don’t mean to be partial to Yun Ruoshan, but as a friend, I hope you are well. As a police officer, it is also my duty to protect every citizen.” An Mingxuan seriously said.

An Xiaoqin gave him a disdainful look, nonsense, there are so many citizens in China, how can you protect them? That’s why Lin Mumu can make you so interested.

It was said that An Mingxuan was a very principled person, and usually he rarely talked about such personal matters. He could remind Lin Mumu that her behaviour was completely different from his usual style.

An Xiaoqin had never seen her brother look at a girl with such serious and appreciative eyes.

‘Be good, won’t you sink deeper and deeper? Lin Mumu is a married woman, and it is a real marriage. The relationship between the husband and wife is even quite good.’

Thinking of this, An Xiaoqin couldn’t help staring at An Mingxuan in a daze.

Lin Mumu smiled disapprovingly: “Officer An, don’t worry, I’m a law-abiding citizen and I won’t cause trouble for you. But if someone wants to bully me, I’ll call the police immediately.”

“Why didn’t you call me?”

Yun Ting’s voice suddenly sounded.

Lin Mumu had sent him a text message before, telling Yun Ting that she was eating out, and mentioned the location. He figured out that he had enough rest time at noon, so he stopped by. He wanted to surprise Lin Mumu and help her pay the bill.

Lin food fan, liked someone to pay for it.

He didn’t expect to see An Mingxuan staring at his little wife leeringly as soon as he arrived!

If An Mingxuan knew what Yun Ting was thinking, he would definitely want to debate with him immediately: What is sex? When chatting between friends, don’t you look at each other? Do you look out the window while talking to people?

“Yun Ting, have you eaten yet?”


“Let me help you barbecue.”


“An Mingxuan is paying the bill today, eat more.”

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