KHSW Ch. 300

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When Bing Yanyan heard Shen Bingqian say that wolves were howling outside, she shuddered suddenly, “What? Didn’t the captain say that there are no wolves on the mountain?”

“Okay, go to sleep!”

“Too bad, Ling Xi is still outside, will she be caught by wolves… shall we hurry to save her?”

Shen Bingqian glanced at the absence of Ling Xi in the tent, and was excited. If Ling Xi could be killed by wolves without her having to do it herself, that would be a good thing.

However, her face was full of worry, “Are you crazy? If you go out now, you will definitely have to feed the wolves.”

“Then what should we do now? We can’t just ignore her life and death, can we?”

Shen Bingqian told her something about Ling Xi before, saying that Ling Xi not only snatched other people’s boyfriends, but also made a big fuss at other people’s weddings. She never thought that Ling Xi would be such a person.

Although she had somehow rejected Ling Xi for those reason these days, it only showed that Ling Xi had a problem with her character.

“We…” Shen Bingqian rolled her eyes, what if Ling Xi was not killed? “Let’s pull the tent flap apart and see what happening.”

Ling Xi saw that a pheasant was wiped out by them in minutes, and she was terrified. Now that she had the last chicken left, why don’t they fall down?

She had already melted all the sleeping pills she brought into the mineral water. Could it be that the dosage was not enough?

Ling Xi became slightly nervous.

Holding a gun, the captain cautiously walked around to the back of the tent, only to see Ling Xi was feeding them food, and Chi Jingyu was also there.

Now they only brought out one gun, and if one was killed, the other five would attack frantically.

The captain turned his mind quickly.

After the six wolves finished eating, they continued to stare at Ling Xi. Their green eyes reminded people of ghosts at night, which made people feel creepy.

Seeing this, Ling Xi threw the last chicken left in her hand. She heard the howling of wolves just now, and they must have heard it too.

In the previous life, these wolves were shot with guns, and none of them survived…

In this life, she hoped that these wild wolves could be protected, so she chose sleeping pills.

At the same time, Liming and Yu Jiayin were fidgeting in the tent, “What should we do? Will something happen to Chi Jingyu?”

Yu Jiayin said calmly: “Look at what else is in the backpack, as long as it is pointed or sharp.”

In another tent, Bing Yanyan anxiously watched Ling Xi feed the wolves, “How should we go out and save them?”

Seeing Chi Jingyu outside, Shen Bingqian frowned slightly, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it, the captain and squad leader will definitely save them, so let’s not go out and cause trouble.”

“By the way, I remembered. We still have wooden sticks in our tent to drive these wolves away.”

“Don’t be naive, wolves are very ferocious.”

But before she finished speaking, Bing Yanyan unzipped the tent, picked up the stick and ran out.

Shen Bingqian closed the zipper cursingly, “Idiot, bastard, you can find your own death if you have nothing to do.”

“Ling Xi, I have a stick here.” When Bing Yanyan shouted, the six wolves raised their heads and looked in Bing Yanyan’s direction.

Ling Xi hurriedly shouted: “Yanyan, don’t move.”

But Bing Yanyan was already running towards her.

As soon as the pack of wolves saw it, they spread their legs and ran towards Bing Yanyan. Ling Xi shouted nervously, “Yanyan, be careful.”

She suddenly remembered the scene she saw on the show in her previous life where Bing Yanyan’s face was destroyed.

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