KHSW Ch. 299

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Ling Xi lowered her head, and gently tapped the mineral water bottle, which contained a large amount of sleeping pills.

She took the two raw and cold cooked pheasants in her hands, opened the bottle cap, and sprayed water evenly on it.

“I want to understand the past of Yizhi.” Since the camera on the tree could only capture pictures, but could not receive audio, Ling Xi did not deliberately lower her voice.

Hearing Ling Xi say that she wanted to know about his past, the corner of Xu Yizhi’s mouth curled slightly, the stars in his eyes were comparable to the stars in the sky.

“I heard that when he was young, he was prone to illness, so he often stayed in the hospital. He couldn’t play like other children, so he didn’t know what a normal child’s childhood should be like.”

Hearing his words, Ling Xi inexplicably remembered the toys Yizhi bought for Xiao Nuo last time. No wonder there were Ultraman, nun-chucks, and other toys. As long as she thought that Yizhi had no childhood, she would feel distressed.

“Later, as he got older, the number of times he got sick became less and less, and later, for the first time, he came into contact with something he really liked, which was…” Acting.

It’s just that before the word “acting” was uttered, a movement was suddenly heard.

Ling Xi’s eyes became vigilant all of a sudden, “Hush.”

Several wild wolves suddenly appeared in the sight of Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi.

The color was grey and black mixed with white, and they looked very much like a dog.

Xu Yizhi was shocked, and was about to protect Ling Xi behind him, but Ling Xi put down the water bottle and grabbed his arm, “Don’t move, don’t move, I have a solution.”

Ling Xi carefully picked up the two pheasants, but stared intently at the eyes of one of the wild wolves. In her previous life, she discussed with others how to identify the “alpha wolf”. It was just fine.

The two were still sitting quietly, except that Ling Xi picked up the two pheasants, and did not make any other movements.

The six wolves approached slowly, with faint green lights in their eyes, perhaps they were sitting by the fire, and the six wolves were not too close.

Seeing that they were only on the periphery of the fire, Ling Xi tore off a piece of pheasant meat very gently, and threw it far away.

Xu Yizhi thought those wolves would snatch it like crazy, but unexpectedly, it was the opposite. Only one wolf stepped forward to sniff, slowly opened its “fangs”, and swallowed the meat.

Xu Yizhi turned his face slightly, seeing Ling Xi calmly tear off another piece and throw it away.

This time, another wolf rushed up and swallowed the chicken in one gulp, while the other wolves stared at the meat in her hand without moving.

Ling Xi thought to herself, these wolves were really as cunning as foxes, worried that the meat might be poisoned, so one wolf stepped forward to test it first, and the other wolves would be relieved when it was fine after eating.

This time, Ling Xi threw a whole chicken, which attracted a pack of wolves to snap it up.

“Howl—” the wolves began to howl, the movement was so loud that everyone in the tent was awakened in an instant.

“Sister Qianqian, what noise do you hear outside? It seems to be the sound of a dog barking.”

“What is barking? It’s howling wolves. Come on, go to sleep. Our tent has zippers anyway, so they can’t get in.”

The squad leader and the captain lived in the same tent, “Captain, there are wolves howling outside, so we can only shoot them.”

The captain’s brows were tightly frowned, and this girl was right. They had trained soldiers on this mountain for five or six years, but they had never found a wolf, but today…

“Wait a minute, Ling Xi is still outside.” The captain picked up the gun and walked out without hesitation.

He absolutely would not allow his soldiers to make any mistakes.

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