KHSW Ch. 298

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Just now there were still snowflakes flying, and Ling Xi was about to ask if it would put out the fire, when she finally realized that the snow had stopped.

Ling Xi handed the lighter to the captain.


The fire gradually ignited, and in the freezing weather, there was finally a temperature that could melt people’s hearts.

“Now, we are divided into three groups. In the first group, Ling Xi and Chi Jingyu will go hunting with me. In the second group, Liming and Yu Jiayin will follow the squad leader to find more dry wood. In the third group, Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan, you are responsible for watching the fire and these things, well, let’s go!”

When Xu Yizhi heard that the captain had divided him and Ling Xi into the same group, he was secretly pleased.

“Captain, this mountain is full of snow, did it snow once before we came?” Ling Xi asked curiously.


“Captain, is your survival training like this?”

The captain glanced at her, “Tsk, the real field survival training is crueller than you can imagine. Take this kind of fire as an example, how could we use a lighter? In the wild, the most traditional way is to drill wood to make fire. For drinking water, we don’t have any mineral water, so we go directly to dig ice, and then make a simple purification device… In short, in my eyes, you are actually here for an outing.”

Hearing the captain’s sincere words, Ling Xi suddenly felt sad. All the training they experienced here was greatly reduced in difficulty because of their identities, and the real training was far more difficult than they imagined.

Xu Yizhi walked beside Ling Xi, listening to their conversation, he felt a little touched in his heart.

“Okay, let me teach you how to make a simple hunting device. As long as an animal steps on it, it will be trapped, and the more they struggle, the tighter it will be.”

“Look, this pedal clip must be tied tightly…”

After filling their stomachs, everyone went into the tent to sleep, and the captain stayed outside to keep watch at night.

After a long time, Ling Xi came out of the tent with a bottle of water.

“Captain, you go to bed first, I’ll stand guard.”

The captain shook his head, “No, you go to sleep!”

“But I have insomnia and can’t sleep at all.”

The captain looked at her suspiciously, “Didn’t you bring sleeping pills?”

Ling Xi smiled awkwardly, “Captain, I don’t want to sleep for now, you should go to sleep and come back later in the night.”

The captain stared at her and said, “That’s all right!” After saying that, he walked back to the tent.

Ling Xi looked around vigilantly. The program team installed cameras here, which meant that her every move now may be recorded.

She sighed softly and looked at the starry sky boredly.

“Why are you not sleeping yet?”

Hearing Chi Jingyu’s voice, Ling Xi looked back, “What about you?”

“I can’t sleep.” Xu Yizhi said softly, afraid of waking up others, after so many days, he finally had the chance to be alone with Ling Xi.

“Sit down!” Ling Xi patted the open space beside her.

Xu Yizhi sat on the ground slowly, “Are you looking at… the stars?”

“Aside from the stars, there is nothing else to see here.” There was no mobile phone, no computer, and only the starry sky.

Ling Xi propped her hands on the ground, and tilted her head slightly, “Jingyu, let me ask you, what kind of person do you think your brother is?”

Hearing Ling Xi ask such a question, Xu Yizhi thought she had discovered some traces, “You…why do you ask that?”

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