KHSW Ch. 297

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Hearing the words of “Chi Jingyu”, Ling Xi’s face turned slightly depressed, “Yes, I really think about him, every time I feel tired, I think about him very much.”

Xu Yizhi’s eyes flickered, but his heart ached. It would be great if Ling Xi could know that he was by her side.

“By the way, I haven’t had a chance to tell you before, do you know what the ‘survival link’ is?”

“I don’t know.” Xu Yizhi shook his head lightly.

“It means throwing us into the wilderness to survive for three days.”

“So it’s like this, you really know a lot!” Xu Yizhi imitated Chi Jingyu’s usual exclamation, and Ling Xi did not have any doubts until now.

“Now your focus should not be on this, but on the three days we will be in the wild, it is very likely that we will encounter some dangers.”

Ling Xi’s face was full of worry, but she didn’t know if the three things she brought could help them survive some dangers.

Xu Yizhi nodded, “Well, that’s right. Looking at the current day, it is very likely that it will snow heavily. If we go out at this time, there are indeed many factors to consider.”

Sure enough, just two hours before their departure, it really started snowing.

“Captain, do we have to go in this kind of weather?” Shen Bingqian expressed reluctance. If they went out in such a horrible weather, wouldn’t they be frozen to death?

“What’s wrong with this weather? Do you know how our soldiers train in winter?” The captain’s face became more serious than usual.

Each of them carried a backpack on their backs, were wearing military overcoats, military boots and hats, which was already the best condition.

Bing Yanyan pulled Shen Bingqian to signal her not to say anything that would make the captain angry.

“Reporting to the captain, what if you encounter wild wolves on the mountain?” Ling Xi asked worriedly. Wild wolves were a second-class protected animal in the country, and shooting them would definitely not work.

“Don’t worry, there will be no wild wolves on this mountain. Every batch of our recruits will go, and our soldiers have already checked.”

Hearing what the captain said, Ling Xi became even more worried.

“Okay, let’s go.”

The cold wind was howling, and the snow was falling harder and harder. If it was summer, they could still find wild fruits on the trees to satisfy their hunger. Now it was winter, except for weeds, they were still weeds, and the scenery along the way was also bare.

“Oh, I can’t walk anymore, captain, can we rest for a while?”

Shen Bingqian only felt that her limbs were cold, and every step was extremely difficult. She had never seen such a heavy snow before.

Bing Yanyan was similarly exhausted, and her brain had become dizzy.

In the eyes of the captain, these snowstorms were nothing at all, but considering that they were recruits, he had no choice but to order to “set up camp” here.

The men started to set up tents, and Ling Xi and the others were also helping. After half an hour of tossing, they finally set up three…

“Ling Xi, didn’t you bring a lighter? Bring it here and light it.”

They picked up some dry wood and put them outside the tent. When the captain asked him for a lighter, Ling Xi was slightly puzzled, “Captain, how do you know I have a lighter?”

There was a faint smile on the corner of the captain’s mouth, “Then why did you leave those three things behind?”

Well, she admitted that she brought a lighter, sleeping pills, and a baby warmer when she first entered the camp to survive the three days.

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