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Written by Luo Ning and starring Qin Yize, the second part of the Necropolis Hospital series “Death Elevator” received great acclaim after its release. It even became the first ranked horror film.

At this year’s film festival, Luo Ning won the “Best Screenwriter”, which was more important than the “Best Newcomer Screenwriter” he had won at that time. Luo Ning had completely established his position in the screenwriting world now.

Qin Yize also won the “Best Supporting Actor” award for his outstanding performance in this movie, and fans flocked to Weibo to laugh at him: “Yize, you are really willing to play a ‘supporting role’ for your wife! “”You won the Best Actor, then you came here to win the Best Supporting Actor, aren’t you embarrassed?” “The entertainment industry will be dominated by this pair of national CPs!” “You two really show your affection wherever you go. It will become a large-scale show of affection…”

In fact, Qin Yize and Luo Ning were actually very low-key, Qin Yize did not appear in any variety shows other than filming, nor did he participate in various interviews, and just educated his two children at home in his spare time. Luo Ning usually wrote books at home with peace of mind, and only joined the crew as a screenwriter when necessary.

It was just that the couple didn’t know each other, and they quickly dominated the screen as soon as they came out of the mountain-the major award ceremonies at the end of the year, not to mention the trophies won, and the hot searches on the homepage were basically all about “Necropolis Hospital” and “His Royal Highness the Second Prince” “Qin Yize’s best male supporting role” and other such searches occupying the entries, and it showed that Qin Yize, who had disappeared for three years, had not diminished but increased in popularity.

As his manager, Li Xin was having a headache just to refuse invitations to various interviews and variety shows every day. In desperation, he asked Qin Yize about his next plan, and Qin Yize said, “Wherever Luo Ning need me? I’ll be there.”

“…” Li Xin, who was forced to eat dog food, rolled his eyes fiercely, “That is to say, in the future, unless Luo Ning is the screenwriter, you will not accept other dramas, right?”

Qin Yize nodded: “Yes. I will move behind the scenes and help my father manage the business.”

Li Xin also didn’t want to force Qin Yize to continue taking on shows, since Qin Yize wanted to slowly move behind the scenes, he also thought that he could take care of Xiao Zhou with peace of mind in this way——Zhou Jinyun was much more obedient than Qin Yize, and never caused trouble for his manager.

The two reached a consensus, and Li Xin helped Qin Yize sign the contract for the Necropolis Hospital series, and all other scripts were rejected.

What the investor meant was that a film from the series would be released every one to two years, and the Necropolis Hospital would be made into a big IP series of films. The two films released now had very good reviews. Luo Ning had already written the fifth film, and he would continue to write in the future, so maybe the next five years would be very busy.

After Qin Zheng beat off two children who bullied his sister in a row, the children in the kindergarten did not dare to approach Qin Yue anymore. The two siblings had been relatively good lately, and he had heard that their homework was not bad. The children went to a full boarding kindergarten, and there were teachers in charge of them. Luo Ning and Qin Yize usually didn’t have to worry too much and could go about their own affairs with peace of mind.

Luo Ning was revising the script for the third part, while Qin Yize followed his father to participate in the management of the family business.

In order to become an actor, he rejected his father’s proposal to let him help in the company. When signing the contract, he didn’t sign with his own Mingxing Group. Instead, he worked hard with Li Xin and Xiao Zhuo since they were young and transparent. Then he set up his own Yize studio. Now, Qin Yize had achieved success in the entertainment industry, and had his beloved omega and children. He should also take up the responsibility of being a son and help his father share his worries.

When the news that Qin Yize was serving as the vice president of Mingxing Group came out, the entertainment circle exploded again.

It turned out that Qin Yize’s background was so strong that he was the only son of Mr. Qin, of the Mingxing group that controlled half the entertainment circle!

The second generation of the rich and the second generation of the emperor were also a good match in terms of family background. As a result, the low-key Vice President Qin had attracted a large number of fans, but his public appearances had become less and less, and he had gradually shifted his focus to business and family. Only for Luo Ning would he continue to play supporting roles in the series Necropolis Hospital written by Luo Ning, but his roles were also appropriately reduced.

Time passed quickly and after the awards ceremony, it was Valentine’s Day again.

Every year, Valentine’s Day was a big show of affection in the entertainment industry. Famous celebrities would give everyone some dog food, such as sharing gifts, blessings, dinners, etc., but the strange thing was that His Royal Highness Luo Ning and Qin Yize were the only entertainment couple that didn’t say anything.

The fans were a little confused—could it be that Qin Yize was too busy, so he forgot?

In fact, it was impossible for Qin Yize to forget this day. He didn’t post on Weibo to show his affection because he was seriously preparing to have a good holiday with Luo Ning.

February 14th was not only Valentine’s Day, but also his and Luo Ning’s wedding anniversary.

A few years ago, because the children couldn’t leave their side, Qin Yize prepared a dinner for Luo Ning at home to celebrate their wedding anniversary. But this year, the children were sent to kindergarten, so Qin Yize simply took Luo Ning to the place where he was completely marked at the beginning – the honeymoon villa on Planet Sita.

This villa was usually unoccupied, but it had been cleaned by robots, and the interior decoration had not changed at all.

Qin Yize held Luo Ning’s hand, put their luggage in the villa, and then took him to the beach.

As the sky was getting darker, a shining cruise ship slowly approached the two of them. Luo Ning remembered that Qin Yize proposed to him on this cruise ship, and couldn’t help but look back at his Alpha with a smile: “We are an old couple now, do you still want to make another romantic proposal?”

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