KHSW Ch. 296

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Hearing the words “survival link”, Ling Xi’s body trembled involuntarily. In her previous life, Bing Yanyan was disfigured during this link, and she left the program group without even getting a chance to get on the plane.

“Each of you has three minutes of talk time today, and you can make a call to your family.”

Hearing the captain’s words, “Chi Jingyu” was slightly surprised. He seemed to have heard Ling Xi say that there would be a three-minute talk time every weekend here, so it turned out to be true.

Suddenly, he thought of a very serious question. He didn’t know who Ling Xi would call, if it was…

Since Ling Xi asked for confidentiality when applying for a call from the program group, there were only six of them in the room.

“Chi Jingyu.”


Hearing that the Chief Secretary call his name first, “Chi Jingyu” was slightly relieved, it seemed that he needed to explain to him first.

“Hello? Are you busy now?”

The real Chi Jingyu was still crossing his legs in the office, when he suddenly heard his own voice coming from the phone, Chi Jingyu was startled, “Who are you?”

Xu Yizhi’s face darkened slightly, “It’s me, Chi Jingyu.”

Chi Jingyu immediately realized that his sister-in-law must be by his brother’s side, so it was not easy for him to reveal his identity, “Oh, oh, I know.”

“We only have three minutes each right now, so can you stop being so verbose?”

Hearing the information Xu Yizhi revealed to him, Chi Jingyu immediately understood what he meant, that was, he must not let his sister-in-law know that brother pretended to be himself and went to the army camp.

“Understood, does the thing on your face still work?”

Xu Yizhi pursed his lips lightly, “Well, everything is fine with me here, so don’t worry about it.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell them right away.”

Their conversation lasted less than a minute, and Xu Yizhi hung up the phone.

But after Chi Jingyu put down his phone in the office, his face was full of danger, “My God, why is it like being a spy?”

“Next, Yu Jiayin.”

The fourth was Ling Xi’s turn. She thought for a long time before finally deciding to call Xu Yizhi, but she didn’t know if he would be happy and excited after hearing her voice.

“Beep—beep—” After a long time, someone finally picked up the phone.

“Hello? Hello.”

It was Secretary Yang’s voice that came from the phone.

“Hello, is the owner of the phone not here? I have something to ask him.”

“Sorry, Mr. Xu has gone to a meeting, and it will be over in about half an hour.”

Ling Xi secretly slandered, this Secretary Yang, why couldn’t she even recognize her own voice?

“Oh, so that’s the case.”

“May I ask Mr. Xu to call you back after the meeting?”

“No, thank you, goodbye.” What was the use of calling at that time?

Without hearing Xu Yizhi’s voice, Ling Xi’s face could be seen full of disappointment, it would have been better if she called her mother, and this opportunity was wasted.

Xu Yizhi, who had already finished making the phone call and was waiting at the door, saw Ling Xi coming out, and leaned forward, “What’s wrong with you? You don’t seem very happy?”

Seeing that the camera uncle was not there, Ling Xi lowered her voice and said, “I just called your brother, but he was in a meeting.”

Xu Yizhi’s eyes lit up, and she really called him, “Are you missing brother?”

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