KHSW Ch. 295

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After the camera uncle went out, Ling Xi looked at “Chi Jingyu” with her arms folded, “Tell me, what exactly do you want to do?”

“Chi Jingyu”‘s weak energy completely disappeared without a trace, “Ling Xi, didn’t my brother tell you? You are not allowed to touch other men, why are you still…”

It seemed that she did not guess wrong, Chi Jingyu pretended to pass out so that she would not give Liming artificial respiration, “Okay, it’s thanks to your wit, do I still have to thank you?”

“Chi Jingyu” was speechless, as if it was his own fault.

“Haven’t you heard of ‘borrowing positions? Don’t forget what your sister-in-law does.”

“Chi Jingyu” was slightly taken aback, she was right, he was indeed too impulsive, and there was a hint of embarrassment in his eyes, “I’m sorry!”

Ling Xi waved her hand lightly, “Okay, don’t tell me you’re sorry, I know you’re doing it for my own good.”

“However, there is one thing that I don’t understand. Since you have already decided to use positioning, why didn’t you choose me instead of the boy Liming?” Someone imitated Chi Jingyu’s tone vividly.

Ling Xi looked at him helplessly, “I think so too, after all we are so familiar, but have you ever thought about it, if your brother sees this part of CPR, do you think he will not be too angry, and want to strangle your throat?” While speaking, Ling Xi made a gesture of strangling someone.

“Chi Jingyu” frowned, she was right, if he saw Ling Xi giving Chi Jingyu artificial respiration, he would definitely be unable to control his possessiveness.

“Oh, I see.”

“Okay, since you’re fine, come over to train in a while, and I’ll be leaving first.”

“Chi Jingyu” nodded his head in a daze, perhaps because of the “silicone” on his face, he looked a little stiff and awkward.

It wasn’t until Ling Xi went out that “Chi Jingyu” started to giggle.

As long as he thought that Ling Xi had no intention of kissing Liming at all, and that she really listened to his words, his heart felt soft ~ soft in a mess.

When “Chi Jingyu” returned to the dormitory, Liming asked with concern: “Brother Jingyu, are you okay?”

“Chi Jingyu” glanced at him indifferently. At first, he didn’t like this kid… But it didn’t matter now, even if he had a crush on Ling Xi, Ling Xi belonged to him alone.

“I’m fine, it’s just that the intensity of the training is too high, and I feel uncomfortable for a while.”

“That’s good.” Liming was indeed too naive, never thinking that he deliberately pretended to be unconscious in order to interrupt Ling Xi.

After all, his actor’s acting skills were still there, so it was not because of him.

For more than a week, they had been doing various physical and skill training, “I know you all have such questions, why do you need to do these training before going to the Air Force Department?”

“Report.” Liming actively interrupted the captain’s words.

“Speak.” The captain raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Flying an airplane also requires physical and mental strength.”

The others were all holding back their smiles, for fear that they would be called to do push-ups by the captain.

The captain nodded slightly, “Yes, no matter on land or in the air, as long as you are a fighter, you should have the ability and spirit of a fighter… Our physical training has come to an end here, and you will face a more severe survival link…”

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