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Little crybaby Mo Gungun was finally going to see his mother. Lu Xiaoqi said that they had an appointment at a teahouse.

In order to meet his mother, Mo Gungun was fully prepared in the early stage. After asking the ghost relatives and friends, he finally decided on his outfit.

Wearing a little suit, Mo Gungun pinched his little tie, looking forward to it but also feeling nervous.

Mom was mom, but he might be different from the past.

The closer the time came, the more nervous Mo Gungun became, almost timid.

Lu Xiaoqi led the people to the appointed small private room. Then he turned to look at the twitching panda.

Mo Gungun grabbed the corner of his clothes and lowered his head. He noticed the big monster looking over and raised his eyes: “Big monster, how am I looking?”

Lu Xiaoqi pinched the boy’s cheek: “Very good, very neat.”

When Mo Gungun heard this, he smiled brightly.

Lu Xiaoqi found it interesting to see his little panda being so nervous.

Thinking of the identity of the person he would face next, Lu Xiaoqi couldn’t help but tense up. As a marshal, he was not worried, but he was indeed prepared. He held Mo Gungun in his left hand and the small gift box in his right hand. Inside the gift box were gifts that he had carefully prepared within two days, specifically to please his mother-in-law.

Lu Xiaoqi grabbed Mo Gungun’s hand, “Then let’s go in?”

Mo Gungun took a deep breath and exhaled again. Following the big monster, he took two steps forward and suddenly stopped.

Lu Xiaoqi looked over suspiciously and asked patiently and gently, “What’s wrong?”

Scratching his face, Mo Gungun raised his head and said, “Will mom not remember me?”

Lu Xiaoqi almost laughed, “How can she not remember, when she sent you the code, and still came to meet with us today.”

Mo Gungun thought about it for a moment, and after thinking about it, he felt calm.

Lu Xiaoqi touched his head: “Inside is your mother, a relative of Gungun. She must like Gungun very much.”

Lu Xiaoqi expressed Mo Gungun’s worried thoughts and completely dispelled Mo Gungun’s anxiety.

Mo Gungun stared at the big monster steadily, with the corners of his mouth raised, obediently.

Lu Xiaoqi looked at such a cute little panda and thought to himself: It’s me who really should be worried.

However, Lu Xiaoqi would not tell the little guy this. It would be best if the elder could get the illusion that their relationship was irreversible.

Then he knocked softly on the door.


There was a knocking sound on the door.

In fact, just five minutes ago, the gourmet couldn’t help but feel a little nervous sitting on the sofa. Fortunately, the man beside him comforted him softly, and he returned to his calm smile.

The gourmet said: “Tell me, will Gungun remember me? Will he still recognize me? After all, I am completely different from before. I look so ugly…”

Man, “Instead of worrying about whether that little guy will recognize you, it’s better to worry about whether he has been snatched away.”


Hearing the knock on the door, the gourmet sighed. No matter what the outcome was, he still had to face the facts.

The gourmet chuckled: “Please come in.”

Lu Xiaoqi and Mo Gungun walked in, facing three pairs of eyes.

Lu Xiaoqi froze.

Mo Gungun was a little dazed.

The gourmet on the Internet was just a handsome man in his thirties. There were still some differences in reality, a few fine lines had appeared on the corners of his eyes. But he was still less than forty. Men of this age were no longer like unsheathed swords, their temperament had settled, and they had an extremely mature male charm.

Mo Gungun was stunned because right on the sofa was a black and white dumpling three times his size.

The dumpling was looking at him with a pair of bright and nervous little eyes.

And Lu Xiaoqi was stunned because…

He saw a familiar face, a man in his fifties who had met him during the day and praised his report document.

The man stroked his beard and said, “Sit down.”

The gourmet smiled and walked forward, pulling the stiff Mo Gungun into the room, “Sit down Gungun.”

Mo Gungun stared at the gourmet, his eyes filled with mist in just a blink of an eye, and he whispered nervously: “Mom?”

The gourmet paused, then he smiled and hugged Mo Gungun into his arms.

The gourmet’s eyes were also a little moist: “Gungun, I’m very happy.” The little baby he had been worried about was living a colorful life.

Mo Gungun’s eyes were dim with tears, and his already well-behaved little face looked a little pitiful.

Mo Gungun: “Mom~”

The gourmet was also excited: “Gungun!”

Lu Xiaoqi, who was standing aside as a bystander, couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

The old marshal chuckled and patted Lu Xiaoqi’s shoulder: “Sit down and let them reminisce about old times first. Let’s talk.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s body froze, and he looked at the old marshal with a rare surprise, his expression changing.

The old marshal burst out laughing: “You don’t have to think too much, this can be considered fate.”

Originally, he didn’t want to hand over his power. After all, he had been in business all his life and had fought for this position his whole life. Even though Lu Xiaoqi was very good, it still couldn’t make him feel at ease. But after learning the truth about Gungun from his lover, he began to change his attitude towards Lu Xiaoqi. The two of them after all had a community of interests by chance, so he felt relieved to come down.

After all, his lover was a special individual.

In the past few decades, the reason why he had been holding power was to protect his lover. To be honest, he was a full twenty years older than his lover. When his lover first appeared beside him, he was so innocent that he didn’t even know how to speak.

Mo Gungun burst into tears: “Mom, I’m so happy.”

The gourmet also wiped the corners of his eyes: “Gungun, be good.”

Just as the two were preparing to renew their mother-child relationship, Mo Gungun felt an extra force at his feet, a little guy who was yelling “Hmm”.

Mo Gungun lowered his head and looked at the round face with big dark circles under his eyes.

Mo Gungun was shocked: “Mom, he is…”

This was a somewhat mutated panda, with a few black marks on its back and a fluffy tail like a fox’s tail.

The gourmet smiled and picked up the mutated panda and put it in Mo Gungun’s arms: “He is your brother.”

Younger brother!

Mo Gungun’s eyes widened!

Wow, he has a brother! Mo Gungun and the mutated panda stared at each other with wide eyes.

The mutated panda sniffed gently, Mo Gungun tensed his body, for fear of throwing his brother down.

Looking at each other for a moment, the mutant panda placed its small paws on Mo Gungun’s arm, and its fat belly arched into his arms. The little tail swayed happily from side to side, and the fluffy tail hair swept Mo Gungun’s arms.

The gourmet chuckled softly: “You brothers are strangers, but he seems to like his brother very much.”

Mo Gungun also liked his younger brother very much, but he was so big and chubby that he could almost not hold him in his arms.

Mo Gungun carefully stroked his younger brother. His younger brother’s hair was very long, so he looked stronger, but it felt very soft. He caressed him back and forth almost reluctantly, and his mouth opened wide, revealing two pointed little tiger teeth.

The younger brother seemed to enjoy the elder’s caress very much. He narrowed his eyes in enjoyment and even exposed his belly.

Mo Gungun rubbed his soft belly, and the smile on his face became brighter.

The gourmet was secretly relieved when he saw the harmony between the two brothers. What he feared most was that the two brothers would be incompatible with each other and could not get along. After all, the two little guys did not grow up together.

Mo Gungun’s eyes were bright. He liked his furry brother so much that he couldn’t help lowering his head and kissing his little brother: “My brother is so beautiful!”

The younger brother’s eyes suddenly widened, almost as if he was frightened and did not dare to move.

Mo Gungun saw his eyes widening and raised his eyebrows: “How can my brother be so cute!”

Being a brother for the first time, Mo Gungun was extremely happy. If two pandas were born in a litter, one of them would basically die, but strictly speaking, they were no longer considered pandas from Earth. Gourmet, Mo Gungun and even the stuffed brother had all been influenced by the interstellar era, and their interpretation of their loved ones was somewhat different from the past.

Mo Gungun and his younger brother got along harmoniously. This was what Lu Xiaoqi hoped for, but now he was a little confused.

A hug was fine, but his little boy even kissed him on the lips!!

This couldn’t be tolerated!

Lu Xiaoqi’s face went dark, and the old marshal looking at him seemed to be smiling but not smiling.

Rubbing his brother’s belly, Mo Gungun raised his head and looked at Gourmet: “Mom, what’s my brother’s name?”

The younger brother raised his head and pointed his two little ears at Mo Gungun: “Hmm~ um~”

Mo Gungun let out a surprised sound.

Mo Gungun: “What did my brother say?”

As a panda, he could indeed understand what his younger brother said, but his younger brother said, “Yeah.”

So, what is my brother’s name?

The gourmet’s smile gradually deepened: “His name is Neng.”

Mo Gungun raised his head: “Mo Neng?”

The gourmet shook his head and glanced at the old marshal beside him with a smile, “His surname is Zhang.”


Mo Gungun raised his eyes in confusion: “Why is his surname Zhang?”

He followed the gourmet’s gaze to the side and met the old marshal’s kind smiling face.

The gourmet went to the old marshal and sat down: “Because um, um, I took his last name.”

Then why.

Mo Gungun still didn’t understand why he didn’t take his mother’s surname when she gave birth to him, so…

Suddenly, the panda had an epiphany. He clapped his hands in realization and said, “Ah, is this grandpa’s younger brother?”

The younger brother born to my grandfather…

When Lu Xiaoqi heard Mo Gungun’s words, the corner of his mouth twitched hard.

The old marshal, who was still smiling at first, also looked a little bad.

The gourmet laughed out loud. The younger brother who was sitting in Mo Gungun’s arms perked up his ears and covered his mouth with a squeak.

The ghosts floating in the air were laughing so hard that they almost screamed like pigs. Xiao Hong was the only one who was very considerate and blinked in confusion without making fun of the short-sightedness of his friend.

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