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Not only was it bad, Lu Xiaoqi always had the illusion that his baby had been spoiled.

Mo Gungun stuck out his tongue and raised it: “Don’t you want to kiss me?”

His innocent little eyes were extremely bright, but his words made the Marshal uneasy.

Lu Xiaoqi took a deep breath.

Mo Gungun tilted his head, suddenly retracted his tongue, and had an epiphany: “Oh! The comics say, be stronger.”

Suddenly, he imitated the expression in the comics and twisted his face: “Don’t move, big monster, I want to fuck you!”

Lu Xiaoqi: “!!!”

Mo Gungun said terrible words, then he still lowered his head and sucked hard on the big monster’s mouth.

Lu Xiaoqi’s whole body trembled, and his pupils shrank suddenly: “!!!!!!”

After sucking, Mo Gungun tilted his head, his expression had returned to normal and innocent, and his wet eyes were full of confusion.

Mo Gungun was puzzled: “Big monster, why are we doing this?”

He twisted twice: “It feels like your lips will be swollen. How uncomfortable it is. Is the comic really correct?”

Lu Xiaoqi: “…” All the charming atmosphere was shattered by this sentence. Lu Xiaoqi could hardly maintain the peace on his face. He twitched the corners of his mouth and let out a long sigh.

Feeling helpless and funny, Lu Xiaoqi touched his head and pulled him up.

Lu Xiaoqi: “If it’s correct or not, let’s verify it later, okay?”

Mo Gungun thought for a while and nodded.

He still needed to check it online. He secretly cheered himself up, he was really a good panda who loved to learn!

Lu Xiaoqi: “Want to see mom right away?”

Mo Gungun nodded heavily.

Lu Xiaoqi sighed, “Okay, then I’ll make the arrangements, okay?”

Don’t be starry-eyed.

Chengfeng, who was hiding in the space button, spoke up: “Panda’s mother has appeared! She must be very cute and beautiful too!”

Mo Gungun tilted his head and recalled and said happily: “Yeah! Mom is the most beautiful in the world!”

Chengfeng: “That’s right! I’m really looking forward to it.”

Mo Gungun: “Hey hey hey.”

Lu Xiaoqi: “…” He had always been called “ugly”, so his mentality was a bit unbalanced.

As the most handsome man in the military world, Lu Xiaoqi really didn’t know how he ended up in such a disgraceful situation in the little guy’s hometown.

Suddenly, Lu Xiaoqi froze.

The little guy’s race had a unique sense of aesthetics, so would the elder also dislike his appearance?

Oh, by the way, the gourmet elder also reminded him that he did not look well…

His face turned green and white, and Lu Xiaoqi was depressed.

With a slight cough, Lu Xiaoqi wiped his face: “Gungun, what’s your favorite facial feature about mom?”

Mo Gungun pondered for a moment and said solemnly: “I like it all. Mom has a big and round face, soft and dense fur, which is black and white, her body is round and strong, and her teeth are sharp, but when she held me in her mouth, I still didn’t feel pain.”

After finishing saying this, Mo Gungun praised his mother while counting on his fingers.

Lu Xiaoqi’s face turned a little dark.

He had a human face and not much hair. I’m sorry.

There was always a sense of frustration like he was humiliating himself. Lu Xiaoqi took a deep breath, but after that, he still felt like he wanted to explode on the spot.

Mo Gungun looked at the man, and belatedly realized that the big monster seemed to be in a bad mood.

After pondering for two seconds, Mo Gungun said bluntly: “But no matter how good-looking my mother is, I also like big monster the most. Big monster has a strong tail and a pair of sharp black pupils. In the super-rich territory, big monster is the most powerful.”

Very good, Lu Xiaoqi was comforted immediately.

The ghosts floating in the distance looked at each other in confusion. Who said the little panda was not smart enough to get away from the boss? This invisibly resolved a family disaster.

They almost thought a family ethics drama was going to be released.

Gun Boss was always teasing people, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Xiao Wen sighed: “One will naturally turn dark when you stay in the depths.”

Sun Xiaoquan crossed his arms against his chest: “I kind of sympathize with the general. For men, isn’t this the same as being soft and hard…”

Xiao Wen looked at him speechlessly, and then glanced at his crotch meaningfully.

Xiao Wen: “You are a ghost, not a man.”

Sun Xiaoquan exploded immediately. What the hell happened! Ghosts can’t have a happy life?!

After the gourmet’s performance was over, Mo Gungun looked at the familiar dishes, his eyes turned red again, and he tenderly called out: “Mom!”

Lu Xiaoqi felt heartbroken because he couldn’t stand it anymore.

He pulled the young man into his arms: “We’ll see her soon, don’t be sad.”

Mo Gungun grunted in response.

Lu Xiaoqi took out his communicator.

The director in the audience was observing the performance on stage when he suddenly received a strange communication. He frowned and wondered who had sent the communication at this time, but when he saw the beginning of the communication ID, he was immediately startled.

After all, being able to use communication IDs starting with these numbers must have a lot of background, for example…

After swallowing, the director gingerly connected and met the face of the unsmiling marshal.

Lu Xiaoqi glanced over sharply, and the director trembled.

Director: “Hello, Marshal. What’s the matter with you?”

From the director’s point of view, this was definitely not good news. He had just agreed to participate in their live broadcast, but now that he was communicating again, it was obvious that he had regretted it, otherwise how could he have been contacted.

The director, who felt anxious and disappointed, asked cautiously.

Lu Xiaoqi was silent for a second: “The program team must have information about each contestant. Give me the gourmet’s communication details.”

Logically speaking, this was against the rules, but in front of Marshal Lu, this great master was the rule.

After the director was stunned for a moment, he immediately responded and asked someone to pass all the information about the gourmet to Marshal Lu.

Marshal Lu nodded, rarely expressed his gratitude, and turned off the communication under the flattered expression of the director. Then he handed the gourmet’s information to Mo Gungun: “This is the information left by the gourmet on the Internet. Take a look first.”

As for the deeper content, Lu Xiaoqi decided to investigate it secretly.

For the sake of his family’s safety, he wanted to ensure the authenticity of this mother-in-law. Lu Xiaoqi didn’t know that the little guy came from another world, so he speculated that there was a possibility that he knew Mo Gungun from the past.

On the other hand, the gourmet got off the Internet, took off the glasses on his head, and felt a pair of warm hands.

The gourmet smiled gently: “Was I okay?”

“Is he really your son?” The voice was a little sour.

The gourmet was stunned and laughed: “Yes, it’s absolutely true, my little guy is a foodie. He…”

When talking about the past, the gourmet couldn’t help but smile nostalgically.

The next second, a kiss fell on his lips: “I don’t want you to smile like this, I will be jealous. Will you like that little guy more than me in the future?”

The gourmet’s eyes were fixed on the man in front of him. He was a man who looked a little older: “Haha, how old are you?”

The gourmet chuckled and shook his head: “He is fine now, and I am not prepared to interfere in his life.”

The man snorted softly.

Seeing that he was still sour, the gourmet sighed: “Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to survive long ago. You still don’t believe me after all these years?”

The man groaned: “I believe it, but I always feel that I have to share you with others.”

The gourmet’s mouth twitched: “No, our race is very independent. You must know that that man doesn’t like others to interfere in the affairs between him and Gungun. However, it is really depressing to say that. My child has become someone else’s.”

The man’s eyes flashed, and it was over: “That’s right, that boy is protecting him like food.”

The gourmet sighed: “I wonder if the little guy watched the live broadcast.”

Would he recognize him?

Seeing a hint of worry in his eyes, the man said, “Don’t worry, that little guy likes your show.”

A soft smile bloomed in the gourmet’s eyes, as he stroked the red fruit in his hand.

He remembered that the little guy liked to eat this the most. He wanted to find this fruit for the little guy, but he didn’t expect to fall in crisis. He drove him away when he was so young. So, he had always had a knot in his mind. Red pandas with no mother, eight out of ten children couldn’t survive, but he was very satisfied to be able to meet him here and see the little guy alive in such a heartless way.

However, the little guy was malnourished.


Too small.

Bang, bang, bang, a pom-pom jumped at the man’s feet, and it let out two tender sounds.

The gourmet’s eyes were kind, he picked up the pom-pom and kissed his little nose.

Mo Gungun, who was malnourished, was looking in the mirror. He winked at the mirror, swayed his short legs, then sat down, his ears drooping, and the whole panda looking languid.

Seeing this, Lu Xiaoqi asked helplessly: “What’s wrong with Gungun?”

Mo Gungun, who had transformed into his Panda form, turned around with tears in his eyes, as if he had been greatly wronged. He threw himself into the big monster’s palm and burst into tears: “Uh-huh! Uh-huh!”

If he was so weak now, his mother would definitely scold him.

His mother said that children who ate a lot grew faster, but he kept eating and still didn’t grow very much.

Lu Xiaoqi felt distressed and helpless when he learned that the little guy was struggling in his heart. He kneaded the dough-like panda and said, “Gungun looks very good like this. Everyone likes it. It’s fine as long as Gungun is healthy and happy.”

Mo Gungun blinked with bulging eyes, and his two round black ears dangled in a circle.

Lu Xiaoqi couldn’t help laughing when facing the little one who looked careless and had a glass heart.

The little crybaby sniffed.

Lu Xiaoqi pointed at the ghosts: “If you don’t believe me, you can ask them.”

Mo Gungun looked over with misty eyes.

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