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Xuan Ming brought over a dozen bodyguards, all of whom were tower-like strong men, all wearing sunglasses and suits, with fierce looks on their faces.

The only house left with Zhuang Dahai was only 40 square meters, so this many people made the corridors feel crowded.

There were more than 20 families living on this floor, and it was just in time for getting off work. The neighbors were startled by these two rows of strong men as soon as they got out of the elevator. The first thought that popped into their heads was – it’s over, Zhuang Dahai, that prodigal son really took out a loan from a loan shark!

They walked in slowly on their sides, and when they accidentally touched the corners of the strong men’s clothes, they quickly squeezed out a stiff smile and apologized in a low voice: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I borrowed it. What’s wrong? How much money does Zhuang Li owe, hiss—”

There was no doubt that the gasping sound originated because of Xuan Ming’s impressive face.

In the past, Xuan Ming was very low-key and had never appeared in the media. Even the Forbes rich list could not see him all year round. However, the assassination plan of the United States gave him a free advertisement, which made his handsome face quickly become popular all over China.

Now he was a well-known national father, and his wealth could directly kill the current richest man in China.

Neighbors tugged at the door frame and looked inside, their desire for gossip far outweighing their fear of the strong men in black.

“It’s the national father Xuan Ming, why is he here?”

“Did he come to find Chang Dongming?”

“I heard that Chang Dongming has been working as an assistant to Xuan Ming, and the relationship between the two should be very good.”

“In my whole life, this is the first time I have seen such a big man! Tomorrow I have to go to the company and have a good blow!”

“Didn’t Zhuang Dahai divorce Chang Hui today? Dongming is so highly valued by the boss, I don’t know how Zhuang Dahai is feeling now.”

“Don’t ask, asking is regret.”

“Hahaha, Zhuang Dahai is not lucky.”

The neighbors’ discussions came from outside the door intermittently, but Chang Dongming, who was standing in the room, did not feel the slightest complacent, but lowered his head and blushed.

Chang Hui’s complexion also turned blue after a while, and she didn’t understand how all this happened in front of her eyes. How could Zhuang Li be the head of the research and development department of Haiming Group, and he also got the bounty that had been hyped up on the Internet recently?

That was a villa + 60 million bonus + 40 million annual salary! Together, there were four hundred million!

What was the concept of 400 million? Chang Hui didn’t even dare to think about it before, but now, they were spread out like that, lined up on the coffee table in the same way, so clear that they were so heavy that they seemed hard to touch.

Zhuang Li put a pen in Zhuang Dahai’s hand and said in a flat tone, “Dad, you sign the property transfer letter, and this suite will be yours from now on.”

Zhuang Dahai was like a fool. When his son asked him to hold the pen, he held the pen shaft. When his son took his hand to write, he signed his name in a trance.

Looking at the photo of the villa attached to the contract, so magnificent, so spacious and bright, so expensive and delicate, Chang Hui suddenly felt a burst of angina, and she fell on the sofa with a trembling.

The three houses that Zhuang Dahai sold were pre-marital property, and she didn’t even think of getting them, but this house could have been half hers. In just a few hours, she would have become a noble lady worth hundreds of millions! Just a few hours away!

Chang Hui covered her chest and took a breath. Chang Liang hurriedly held her shoulders, and his face was horribly ugly. One second he also said that Zhuang Dahai would go to sleep on the street when he was old, but the next second he went to sleep in the big villa, his face was clearly slapped…

“What’s the matter?” Chang Liang looked at Chang Dongming with suspicion in his eyes.

He hoped that his nephew could tell him that everything in front of him was fake, and that Zhuang Li was still the same Zhuang Li, a hopeless prodigal who only knew how to eat old trash. Since he was no longer a relative, he naturally couldn’t see Zhuang Dahai doing well.

Chang Dongming quickly logged into the company’s website and saw the news that Qiao Yanan was fired and Zhuang Li was promoted to the head of the R&D Department. The company’s official Weibo also issued an announcement saying that the reward order had already been owned, and a photo of Zhuang Li was attached below the text.

Netizens were making a fuss at the moment, no one believed that an unknown young man could squeeze Qiao Yanan away.

The stock market had closed, so whether Haiming’s share price had changed was unknown at this time. But when the market opened tomorrow, investors’ distrust of Zhuang Li would definitely show up in the plummeting stock price.

Chang Dongming saw a lot of comments criticizing Zhuang Li, and just felt a little better in his heart, but he saw that the company officials released several news successively, while new investors continued to join the big family of Haiming, and how they had pulled up billions in capital in just a few hours.

It was conceivable how Haiming’s stock price would soar when the market opened tomorrow. Zhuang Li’s entry did not bring any negative impact to Haiming at all, but instead gave it a qualitative leap.

Immediately afterwards, the company’s official Weibo released another blockbuster news that starting tomorrow, Haiming would officially start deploying 5G networks.

Chang Dongming rubbed his eyes and looked at this Weibo again and found that he really read it correctly. It was deployment, not R&D. How did Haiming do it? How could they go straight to the sky with one step?

Really? Zhuang Li was brought out in order to attract investment and confuse Americans, right?

Thinking of this, Chang Dongming felt a little better, but when he raised his head, he was stabbed in the eye by the fortune of more than 400 million. Although it was false, all the benefits that Zhuang Li got were true. Why was the world so unfair?

Chang Dongming turned off the screen with the force of crushing the phone and shook his head at his uncle with a livid face.

After Zhuang Dahai signed the signature, he shouted: “Hey, wait, this villa is not mine, but my son’s!”

“I’ll buy a bigger one in the future when I need it.” Zhuang Li said those shocking words in a normal tone.

Zhuang Dahai became more and more dizzy. He looked at the real estate transfer contract, the car keys, and the card that was said to have 100 million in it, and murmured, “What’s going on? Am I dreaming? Is my son really promising?”

Zhuang Li rubbed his head and didn’t answer the silly question. He just asked the bodyguard to help move things away.

Xuan Ming took Zhuang Dahai’s hand and said with a smile, “Uncle Zhuang, you have given birth to a good son. He is the most valuable investment I have made over the years. He can change the world.”

“Boss, you have passed the prize. My Xiao Li is still young. Please take care of him in the future.” Zhuang Dahai shook Xuan Ming’s hand vigorously, and tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke.

Others said that his son was not promising, only he had always believed that his son was just not sensible and would definitely grow up in the future. Fortune tellers had told him that his son was a late bloomer.

But how late it would be, Zhuang Dahai didn’t know, he could only hold on with this belief. When he heard that his son would be fired from the company, for a moment, he was really scared.

He was afraid that what he had done these years was really as bad as others said, that he had harmed his son for a lifetime, and that he was accustomed to spoiling his son…

The feeling of fear was long overdue, Zhuang Dahai’s tears fell even more fiercely, and he kept saying: “I knew that my family’s Xiao Li was a person with great prospects. The night his mother gave birth to him, I dreamed a good big snake ran after me, then plunged its head into my house and disappeared. It wasn’t a snake, it was a dragon! My Xiao Li was born from a dragon in the sky!”

Xuan Ming: “…”

The dream was quite predictable.

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