RCFS Ch. 241

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Ming Siye frowned slightly, and looked up at the figures in military uniforms on the second floor.

He only knew one, Young Master Di!

“Are they really here to select talents?” Heishui Cheng was a little excited.

“It’s possible.” Bai Jingchen said: “There is news that the higher-ups need manpower to carry out some fatal tasks.”

As they spoke, the two of them looked at Ming Siye in unison: “What’s going on with the second young master?”

Ming Siye said frowning: “There’s no news at all!”

Seeing him turn around and walk away, Heishui Cheng clicked his tongue: “You’re so stingy, you won’t tell us anything about it. If you take the exam, you can be directly recruited into the imperial rank?”

Heishui Cheng said: “The relationship is good!”

Immediately filled with chicken blood, Heishui Cheng decided to perform well at the campus festival.

“Look, people from Yehuang are here!”

Heishui Cheng turned his head, and he saw Ye Yunxi walking over with people from her society.

They were all handsomely dressed. He heard that Yehuang’s program was modern dance?

“School Girl Yunxi, don’t blame the brothers for not being merciful this time. If Huangjue’s people come, we can’t let you win.”

Bai Jingchen said with a smile.

Ye Yunxi took a glance and saw a few familiar figures on the seats on the second floor. Di Junxie’s dark eyes were hidden in the shadow of the brim of the hat. Even if she couldn’t see clearly, she could still feel the coldness and darkness that belonged to that man.

Didn’t you forbid Weiqian to come?

Why are you still here?

“Whether Huangjue’s people come or not, what’s the problem?”

“It’s a big problem!” Heishui Cheng yelled: “If I am selected by Huangjue, I don’t need to take the exam! By the way, it has nothing to do with you anyway. Today’s competition will be between our three major clubs.”

After finishing speaking, he pulled Bai Jingchen backstage: “Let’s go, let’s get ready, let Yehuang go play house by itself!”


And Ye Yunxi wanted to laugh a little.

Huangjue came to pick someone?

Stop dreaming!

It was just that Di Junxie wanted to do it himself!

Really, can this man be more reliable? Just come and see for yourself, why bring so many people here?

What was he doing?

Ye Yunxi was very speechless.

Junyao’s students all thought that Huangjue came here to pick talents, and everyone was all 120,000 degrees energized to prepare for today’s performance, but as far as Ye Yunxi knew, Di Junxie was just here to watch her dance.

When the principal finished speaking with great excitement, Junyao’s annual campus festival officially began.

Each club had prepared good programs, covering all forms of artistic expression such as magic, singing and dancing, martial arts, and sketches.

The Sky Club performed the drama “Guaranteeing the Frontier”.

Ming Siye was dressed in a military uniform, with his thin waist drawn out by a belt, and a handsome face under a big-brimmed hat, which dazzled many young girls in the audience. His tear-jerking story had won the hearts of many students. The show of Sky Society was definitely the best show so far, crushing the previous shows by a few blocks, wasn’t it right?

However, when the programs of Berserk and Tyranny came up, they detonated twice more in an instant!

Berserk’s martial arts performance was so cool, whether it was moves or sparring, it caused everyone to scream. Tyranny’s skit was cheerful and tear-jerking, with a thought-provoking response.

“As expected of the Three Great Clubs!”

“There is no one in this realm!”

“If I were Huangjue, I would definitely choose these presidents to be directly recruited!”

“Ha, the next show will be Yehuang!”

“I heard it’s modern dance. Compared with the high-end themes of our three major clubs, it has nothing to it.”

“Do you still want to compete with the three major clubs? Yehuang is not even worthy of carrying shoes for the three major clubs!”

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