RCFS Ch. 242

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“That’s right, Ye Yunxi’s brain is flooded. The three major clubs are so good but she wants to start a club. When that club becomes dirty, she will definitely regret it!” The students chattered. They really didn’t like Yehuang and Ye Yunxi.

However, some people didn’t think so. Di Junxie’s fingers were crossed, and the white gloves outlined the knuckles of his fingers. He looked at the stage expectantly. Beside him, Di Weiqian also widened her eyes, and subconsciously grabbed Di Junxie’s coat: “Brother, next is going to be my sister’s performance, right?”

“Well, things are ready?”

“Brother is right, the dance that sister dances must be recorded!”

The little princess clenched her fists, her eyes were burning. Seeing this, Di Junxie rubbed her head as if praising her, and looked towards the stage.

Backstage, Gao Shuying was crazily cheering up her students.

“Don’t be nervous, don’t be nervous, if you really forget how to dance, remember to see how the people around you dance. Also, teacher doesn’t require you to take the first place, even if you are at the bottom, it doesn’t matter. You must not have a psychological burden, you know? Just call me back if you know? I know, I know, I know… balabalabala…”

Fang You couldn’t help laughing: “Hey, I found the same kind!”

Someone was more talkative than him!!

“Teacher is nervous!”

“Hey, teacher, don’t be nervous, we are not nervous, why are you nervous?”

“Yes, teacher, don’t worry, we will definitely show you the first place!”

Hearing this, the students who were preparing around started paying attention to Yehuang’s people.

Hehe, there were so many wonders in the world, those who didn’t go on stage always comforted those who were going on stage, but now it was the other way around, those who were going on stage comfort those who didn’t, they didn’t know why they thought Gao Shuying was going to dance!

But Yehuang’s people could really talk big!

“Take the first place? Just you guys? Is it possible?”

“Heh, this is to cheer yourself up, otherwise it’s not certain whether they will be able to jump down!”

“Okay, this is the last swan song. After the festival, Yehuang will be disbanded, so you people shouldn’t fantasize about taking the first place.”

Everyone immediately burst into laughter, to take the first place? Who dared say such big words to their face?

“What are you talking about?”

Ren Qi became furious, rolled up his sleeves and wanted to beat someone up, but was pulled back by Ye Yunxi.

Ye Yunxi was dressed in black, her hair was neatly tied up, her ears and temples were braided three times, and she was full of heroism in her enchanting outline.

The thick eyeliner had drawn upward arcs at the end of the eyes, and the red lips were like blood, evoking a confident arc.

“Ren Qi, let’s go, let’s crush them on the stage.”

The blood-red lips turned even more curved, and her confident appearance inexplicably made Ren Qi and others full of confidence!

Ren Qi gave those students a hard look, straightened his vest handsomely, followed Ye Yunxi, and walked away arrogantly.

What awaited them was the stage, spotlights, thousands of eyes, and…

The honor of the champion!

Seeing his wife appearing on the stage, Di Junxie hooked the corners of his lips, and his black eyes fell wantonly, locking on the little figure firmly.

The stage was plunged into darkness in an instant, and the following spot lights came down, illuminating a slender but beautiful face.

Ye Yunxi lifted her chin slightly, smiling alluringly and arrogantly, her black eyes were like obsidian, sweeping across the audience arrogantly and disdainfully.

The students in the audience were shocked by this amazing appearance and stared blankly at the stage.

Inexplicably, Ye Yunxi looked really beautiful, very stylish!

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