RCFS Ch. 243

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“The following is the dance from the Yehuang Club, “SEXY GIRL”!”

The host’s voice has not yet fallen, but the students below were about to go crazy.

“”SEXY GIRL”! Did you make a mistake?”

“That is the most difficult dance among all modern dances, and you can’t do it without a few years of dancing skills!!”

“Yes, although there are no explosive and difficult moves, But those poses look very stiff and ugly when performed by people without dancing skills!”

“Is this Yan Mubai’s famous song? No one in the circle can dance better than Yan Mubai. Where did Yehuang get the confidence to dance this dance?”


“If they ruin Mubai’s dance, as a die-hard fan, I will never end with Yehuang’s people!!”

“Dance “SEXY GIRL”?”

Yehuang is absolutely crazy!

No, Ye Yunxi is absolutely crazy!

It was absolutely impossible to dance well!

Ye Yunxi, if you discredit Yan Mubai, these fans will never let you go!

Many students were filled with righteous indignation and stared at each other.

The moment the music sounded, the gorgeous figure under the spotlight started dancing to the rhythm of the music.

“SEXY GIRL”, an ambiguous and seductive song, but without losing a strong rhythm.

Ye Yunxi danced very beautifully, the rhythm was in place, the movements were strong and powerful enough, whether it was sliding or jumping, it was just right, sometimes domineering and arrogant, sometimes enchanting and charming, sometimes unruly, the blood of the people watching has started boiling!

And the flickering lights made the whole stage look so cool. At that moment, it seemed that it wasn’t Ye Yunxi who was dancing on the stage, but the original creator of this song!

“Okay, that’s amazing!”

“The dance is so handsome!”

“It feels better than Yan Mubai’s dance. Does it feel different for a woman to jump around than a man?”

“Oh my god, my heart is about to jump out, so exciting!”

The students got excited, because Ye Yunxi, who danced this dance, looked so handsome!

Even those students who looked down on them subconsciously held their breath and stared at the stage.

This was definitely the hottest dance in Junyao’s school history!

So f***ing handsome!

Under the stage, there were screams one after another!

Ding! Awesomeness XP+10+10+10…

On the second floor, Di Junxie hooked the corners of his mouth, brushed the corners of his lips with his gloved fingers, and narrowed his black eyes dangerously.

The original complete dance was like this?

S*xy enough.

What a hook!

Di Junxie was short of breath.

And beside him, Di Weiqian stared with her big watery eyes, without blinking.

The young lady is so handsome!

This dance is so beautiful, isn’t it!

Awesome! Very handsome!

As expected, she still loved sister the most, bar none!

Until the last moment, everyone in the Yehuang Society was performing hard, and the audience’s eyes-on movements made them even more excited.

Don’t you look down on Yehuang?

Didn’t you say that our show would be at the bottom?

Then why are you still staring so intently?

Tsk, youths, surrendering to the charm of Yehuang!

The music stopped abruptly, and the dancers maintained their handsome postures, their smiles were frozen, and they looked flamboyant!


The students cheered, the atmosphere of the campus festival reached the boiling point at this moment and the sound of shouts almost knocked the roof off!

The presidents of the three major clubs couldn’t help but click their tongues.

“Second Young Master Ming, it seems that no one of our three clubs will be able to win the title of the first place in the campus festival!”

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