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Shen Qinglan woke up early in the morning and found that it was pouring rain outside. She did not go out for a morning run. She made breakfast at home alone, and then painted at home. She had not painted for a long time recently because of Chu Yunrong’s incident. Today, it was rare that she was alone at home, so she thought about painting a picture. As she was painting, she suddenly heard a call from the living room. It was from the security guard at the door, saying that someone was looking for her.

Shen Qinglan was confused. People usually called her directly when looking for her. “Who is looking for me?”

The security guard glanced at the woman in front of him and said a name. Shen Qinglan’s eyes flickered, “I know her, I’ll come down right away.”

Shen Qinglan had never seen Fang Tong in such an embarrassing state. Her whole body was soaked by the rain, her eyes were red, and she looked lost. “Fang Tong.” Shen Qinglan called out.

Fang Tong glanced at Shen Qinglan and recognized who the person in front of her was. Before she could speak, tears started to flow down. Shen Qinglan sighed slightly and pulled her under the umbrella, “Follow me home first.”

When they arrived home, Shen Qinglan first went to the bathroom to prepare the bath, then pushed Fang Tong in, “Don’t say anything, take a hot shower first.” She just touched Fang Tong’s exposed skin, which was cold.

Fang Tong stood under the shower head, letting the hot water pour on her body, without even taking off her clothes. Shen Qinglan found a pair of clothes that she had never worn before, and knocked on the bathroom door, “Fang Tong, I have prepared clothes for you. I’m leaving them at the door, and you can put it on when you’re done taking bath.”

The person inside didn’t respond. Shen Qinglan waited for a while and then said something again, but Fang Tong still didn’t respond.

Half an hour later, Shen Qinglan saw that Fang Tong still hadn’t come out, so she finally couldn’t help opening the bathroom door, only to see Fang Tong squatting under the shower head with a dull expression.

A trace of anger flashed in Shen Qinglan’s eyes. She stepped forward to turn off the switch and pulled Fang Tong up from the ground. “Fang Tong, what are you doing?” She raised her chin, forcing her to look at her.

Fang Tong’s eyes were unfocused, and Shen Qinglan’s cold voice seemed to bring her back to her senses. Suddenly, she hugged Shen Qinglan and began to cry, heartbreakingly, full of sadness and despair.

Shen Qinglan let her hold herself until Fang Tong’s crying subsided. Then she took a bath towel and wrapped it around Fang Tong. “Change your clothes first.”

This time Fang Tong changed her clothes obediently and sat down. But she was sitting on the couch without saying a word.

Shen Qinglan poured her a glass of hot water and put it in front of her, “Can you tell me what happened now?”

Fang Tong was silent for a long time before she said, “Ding Minghui cheated.” As soon as she finished speaking, her tears fell.

Shen Qinglan paused briefly and glanced at Fang Tong, “Did you see it with your own eyes?”

Fang Tong nodded, “Qinglan, I really didn’t want to break up with him, I just wanted to calm down for a while, but he…”

Only then did Shen Qinglan realize that so many things had happened to Fang Tong while she was busy with family affairs.

Because of previous rumours in the company, the relationship between Fang Tong and Ding Minghui was tense for a time. Later, because of Wen Xiyao’s appearance and Shen Junyu’s warning, the rumours subsided a lot. However, because of Fang Tong’s distrust of Ding Minghui, the two had been in a state of cold war.

On Li Boming’s birthday a few days ago, Fang Tong and Li Boming had a meal. Ding Minghui saw Fang Tong talking and laughing with a strange man and then driving away in his car. However, within two days, Ding Minghui bumped into the scene of Li Boming and Fang Tong’s family having dinner again.

“Li Boming is the son of my father’s good friend. He had no one to spend his birthday with him a few days ago. Afterwards, my parents found out and invited him to dinner. Who knew that we bumped into Ding Minghui when we were eating out. I went with him and explained it to him, but he didn’t listen to my explanation, and we had a big fight.”

“Why did Ding Minghui show up there?” Shen Qinglan was suspicious, he just happened to meet them when they went out to eat. What a coincidence.

Fang Tong shook her head, her eyes were red and swollen, “I don’t know, we had a fierce argument that day.”

Fang Tong even said to break up, but Ding Minghui did not agree, but the relationship between the two changed again in the next two days. It dropped to freezing point, and every time Fang Tong wanted to talk to Ding Minghui, Ding Minghui avoided her. Just this morning, Fang Tong suddenly received a message from Ding Minghui, saying that he was sick and had a high fever, and asked Fang Tong if she could go see him.

As soon as Fang Tong thought of Ding Minghui being alone in the capital, with no one to take care of him when he got sick, her heart softened. She went to the drugstore to buy some cold medicine, and then took a taxi to where Ding Minghui lived.

Although she had never lived in Ding Minghui’s house, Fang Tong had the key to Ding Minghui’s house and used the key to open the door. When Fang Tong saw the lady’s high heels at the door, her heart suddenly sank.

Ding Minghui lived in a one-bedroom apartment. The house was not large in size, except for a small living room and bedroom. Fang Tong looked at the bedroom door and suddenly wanted to turn around and leave.

A voice in her heart told her to leave immediately, but another voice drove her to open the door.

Fang Tong had thought about the future between her and Ding Minghui, maybe getting married, maybe breaking up due to family reasons, but she never thought that Ding Minghui would sleep with another woman, and this woman was still ten years older than her, she was basically an old woman.

“Qinglan, I know that woman. That woman is his manager. I bumped into them having dinner together last time. Ding Minghui also attended the company’s annual meeting last year with her. You say they have been together for a long time. Yeah, Ding Minghui has been lying to me all this time, or…” Fang Tong couldn’t continue, now her heart was like meat on the felt board, chopped into pieces.

“Qinglan, what should I do?” Fang Tong shed tears silently. She was even more distressed now than before. A cold light flashed in Shen Qinglan’s eyes. She did not expect that Ding Minghui who looked like an honest man would cheat.

“What do you want to do?” Shen Qinglan asked. It was not easy for an outsider to interfere in such a matter.

“Qinglan, I want to break up. As long as I think about him sleeping with another woman behind my back, and how maybe it’s not even the first time, I feel sick.”

“Just do what you want.”

“But my heart aches so much, Qinglan, I have been with him for almost four years. He told my parents more than a month ago that he would marry me after graduation and would be good to me all his life, but now…” Fang Tong covered her chest, which seemed to have been stabbed with a knife, leaving behind a hole with her bleeding.

Shen Qinglan took the initiative to hug Fang Tong, “Some things should be broken when they are broken. Instead of suffering for the rest of your life, it is better to cut the knot with a sharp knife now. Long-term pain is not as good as short-term pain. Even if I don’t say it, you should understand.”

The embrace did not warm Fang Tong’s heart. She only felt as if she was in an abyss at the moment.

Shen Qinglan had never experienced anything like this. She didn’t know how she could comfort a lovelorn woman. She just hugged her and patted her back gently.

When Fang Tong left Shen Qinglan’s home, the rain outside had stopped. After the spring rain in the capital, even the air was filled with the breath of life, but Fang Tong only felt cold. As soon as she walked out of the door of the community, she saw someone waiting for her. Ding Minghui was there. His clothes were a little wet. She didn’t know how long he had been waiting here.

When Fang Tong bumped into him in the morning, Ding Minghui also panicked. Watching Fang Tong run out, he hurriedly picked up the clothes on the ground, put them on his body, and chased out, but did not see Fang Tong. He gave Fang Tong call and found that she had turned off her phone. When he went to the company, he was told that she had not come to work at all. He did not know where Fang Tong’s home was. He vaguely remembered that Shen Qinglan lived here. After all, he had come here to pick up Fang Tong, so he just wanted to try his luck here, but he didn’t expect to find Fang Tong here.

“Tongtong.” When Ding Minghui saw Fang Tong, his face lit up and he came up to her.

Fang Tong seemed to be frightened and took a big step back, “Don’t come over.”

Ding Minghui stood there helplessly, “Tongtong , please listen to my explanation, things are not what you think.”

Fang Tong’s face was very pale, but her eyes when looking at Ding Minghui were very cold, “It’s not what I thought, what is it then, you want to tell me that you didn’t follow me at all. Did you not go to bed with that woman, or were you actually forced? Ding Minghui, am I so easy to deceive that you still want to deceive me now?”

Fang Tong seemed to think of the disgusting smell she smelled when she opened the door, and Fang Tong felt that her stomach was churning.

“Tongtong, listen to my explanation. It’s really not what you think. I was drunk yesterday, and I don’t know why she showed up at my house. I didn’t lie to you.” Ding Minghui’s face turned a little pale, and he didn’t know if it was because of the cold or because of the way Fang Tong looked at him.

“Ding Minghui, I said before, my emotional world has no room for deception, let alone betrayal. It’s over between us. From now on, you will walk your way, and I will walk mine.” Fang Tong said decisively.

Ding Minghui looked ugly and looked at Fang Tong in disbelief, “Tongtong, are you going to break up with me?”

Fang Tong said expressionlessly, “Yes, Ding Minghui, I will never love you again.”

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