MMMYT Ch. 7.2: Burning Cauldron

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However, in Class 5 of the second grade of junior high school, all the boys and girls stretched their necks and looked outside.

The boy stood outside the door. The head teacher of the second grade class 5 sighed: “Classmate, your name is indeed not on the teacher’s roll call.”

Chi Yan tightened his grip on the strap of his schoolbag.

His voice was dry, like old bellows, low and slightly hoarse: “Teacher, my name is Chi Yan. I transferred from another school. My uncle said I am in Class 5.”

Teacher Tan gave him a troubled look: “Teacher didn’t lie to you. If you don’t believe me, just look at it. There is no record of your payment.”

He handed the roll call list to Chi Yan.

The young man stretched out his hand to catch it. The white paper was filled with the teacher’s neat handwriting, and the fragrance of the clear ink was still present.

Teacher Tan frowned and glanced at Chi Yan’s hand.

Those were hands that often did heavy work.

The joints were wide, the knuckles were raised, and the fingers were long but covered with scars and calluses.

Chi Yan looked at it carefully, his gaze getting slower and slower.

In the classroom, strange boys and girls were whispering.

“Who is he? He just walked into our classroom?”

“I thought he was a new classmate this semester, but it seems not. The teacher said he didn’t pay.”

“Look at his pants.”

The boy’s legs were very long, but his tall height made his pants obviously much shorter, exposing his ankles.

Unexplained eyes wandered down from his neat black hair and fell on his thin and ill-fitting clothes.

Chi Yan did not listen to their animated conversation. His knuckles turned white and he asked calmly: “If I pay enough tuition, can I come to school?”

Teacher Tan answered him: “This is a bit troublesome, classmate, you are not originally from our school. Transfer students have to go through transfer procedures and submit transcripts. If you want to come to school to study, why didn’t your parents go through the procedures in advance? Oh, you go back and talk to your Mom and dad and discuss it. The Academic Affairs Office is open during working hours, so you have to complete all the procedures first.”

Chi Yan’s narrow eyes drooped. He took out his report card from his schoolbag and handed it to Teacher Tan.

“If I pay enough fees, can you give me a chance?”

The class bell rang, so Chi Yan didn’t wait for Teacher Tan to answer. He walked down the stairs of the teaching building amidst the eyes of everyone watching the excitement.

It rained every year at the beginning of school, but now it had stopped.

Chi Yan looked at the willows on campus, his masseter muscles bulging, then gradually became quiet again. He walked out of the school carrying the schoolbag he had picked up and washed carefully many times.

At the door of Grade 2 class 5, Teacher Tan looked down at the report card in his hand and sighed deeply for a long time.

Full marks in all subjects.

What a shame.


Chi Yan sat on the stone at the door of the courtyard.

His schoolbag was placed at his feet, and his eyes were filled with autumn colors, showing a bit of coldness.

Zhao Songshi arrived home before Zheng Yulian. When he saw Chi Yan sitting at the door, his body stiffened.

Chi Yan had already stopped him, and the young man said in a low voice, “Uncle.” He said, “My tuition and living expenses have been given to you, and I have also given you my transfer certificate. Why is there no payment record in the school?”

Zhao Songshi did not dare to look into the eyes of this unrelated “nephew”.

He said cowardly: “A Yan, your aunt is holding that money… Your aunt said, she said…” He couldn’t say it, and his face was so ashamed. Under Chi Yan’s cold eyes, Zhao Songshi wanted to go directly into the house to escape.

Chi Yan said calmly: “You said that I should go to work for Boss Zheng, and if I earned enough tuition and living expenses, you would let me study in the second grade of junior high school. I have worked for two months, and I have learned that the state exempts tuition and miscellaneous fees, and I can save fifty yuan more on living expenses. My transfer certificate…”

“Your transfer certificate!” Deng Yulian walked in impatiently and said, “It has been burned as firewood!”

Chi Yan looked up at her.

“Why do you look at me like that? Do you think you only need money to study? This house cost tens of thousands, and when we moved here, we had no money at all. You and Chi Yiming live in and eat from me, is it possible that we still need to support you two studying? You turned thirteen a few days ago. Is it difficult for people like you to work part-time at your age? Zhang Qiang, the former Zhang Qiang, went to work at the age of twelve to reduce the burden on his family. I will give you food. Stop, what’s that look in your eyes!”

Chi Yan stood up.

He had grown a little taller during this summer vacation and was even taller than his uncle Zhao Songshi. Zhao Songshi lowered his head and walked quickly into the yard without looking at him.

Deng Yulian said: “Whatever you do, you still have to rebel!”

Chi Yan went into the house and picked up a pile of garbage and threw it out together with the clean schoolbag in the trash can outside the compound. His eyes fell on the schoolbag. Even though the Snow White seal had been scraped off, there was still a faint mark on it.

Deng Yulian smiled, her eyes a little proud. Little brat, you’re only thirteen years old, do you believe that you can still pull something out of the sky?

Chi Yan suddenly said calmly: “Auntie.”


“Have you ever heard that one hundred and two Qin Passes will eventually belong to Chu[1]?”

Deng Yulian didn’t understand what the hell this was and felt baffled: “What?”

Chi Yan glanced at her lightly, then opened his thin lips and said, “It’s nothing.”

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