MGSGW Ch. 288

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Ning He, from the perspective of a professional Western medicine doctor, professionally gave instructions to the patient’s family members, then he could only shrug, give Yun Ting an all the best expression, and left with his medical kit.

They all walked to the door, and Ning He turned around and said to Lin Mumu: “It’s great that you can come. What patients need most now is the company of their families. From a medical point of view, the company of family members can make patients recover faster.”

“I understand.” Lin Mumu nodded seriously.

Then Ning He glanced at Lin Mumu, wanting to say something more, but not knowing what to say, so he simply opened the door and went out, closing the door behind him, leaving space for the two of them.

In the ward, the white walls, white beds, white sheets, and white hospital gown made people a little scared of the snow-white world.

Lin Mumu pursed her lips and looked at Yun Ting quietly.

Yun Ting was also white now. He even deceived Qiu Jun. What did it mean to be shot in the arm? His whole body was in bad condition!

He just went out for a trip, and he turned out like this before he left Yanjing City. What if he were somewhere else?

When Lin Mumu saw Yun Ting now, she thought of her master back then, who came back dying, making her think he was going to die.

Lin Mumu’s nose felt sour and she couldn’t hold back her tears.

But she didn’t want him to see her cry, so she just kept a straight face and endured it.

Yun Ting felt a little guilty. After being caught by Lin Mumu, he originally wanted to enjoy the patient’s privileges and pretend to be asleep.

But the scent of Lin Mumu always attracted him and tickled his heart.

He couldn’t help but squint at Lin Mumu, and saw Lin Mumu’s red eyes like rabbit eyes and delicate red lips. Because the lipstick marks were not completely wiped off, some residues were not very deep, but looked a little…, delicate and charming.

Yun Ting couldn’t help but go a little crazy. His little girl was also a beauty! No worse than anyone else.

Lin Mumu had a thousand questions in her heart that she wanted to ask Yun Ting. She originally planned to ask him why he hid it from her.

But at this moment, she suddenly became quiet. After quietly covering Yun Ting with a quilt, she sat quietly on the edge of the bed and just looked at him quietly.

On the contrary, Yun Ting was not used to it and felt a little guilty.

“Mumu, I didn’t mean it.”


“Mumu, are you angry?”


“Mumu, we can’t divorce this marriage!”


“Mumu, you and me, let’s talk for a while.”

“What did you say?”

Lin Mumu finally said something different, and Yun Ting also breathed a sigh of relief. This time it was Yun Ting’s turn to stare at Lin Mumu.

The atmosphere between the two suddenly became quiet.

There was no other movement in the room, only the autumn wind roaring outside the window and hitting the window glass with a whining sound, and the sound of the drip water falling bit by bit.

Lin Mumu sat quietly in front of Yun Ting’s hospital bed, carefully looking through the medical records on the bedside, without showing any emotion on her face.

Yun Ting felt that Lin Mumu was a little strange today, as if she had suddenly transformed from the little girl who loved to cry, laugh, eat and make trouble into a mature and quiet woman. Yun Ting was really not used to this feeling.

She bit her lips lightly, and there were still traces of flaming red lips on her lips. It was originally an exaggerated red color, but after Lin Mumu wiped it with a tissue, most of the color had been wiped off. Now it was not an exaggerated red color, but it was more coquettish than her original lip color.

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