MMMYT Ch. 7.1: Burning Cauldron

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After Jiang Sui came back from Zhao’s house that day, she stopped playing with Liang Qian’er and Zhao Nan.

Even as a child, having different views could be very uncomfortable.

In order to join the group, Jiang Sui had to go out to watch Sun Xiaowei and the others play football.

Sun Xiaowei looked at the little pink dumpling whose face was covered with injuries, and felt so disgusted that his hair almost exploded: “…”

Jiang Sui was sick! Instead of playing house and rubber band jumping with the girls, she came to watch them play football!

There were too few people who could afford a good football ball in this era. However, Young Master Sun was cheering and running around the yard with a group of boys.

After failing to score several times, Sun Xiaowei became angry. He was used to finding fault with others, so he blamed Jiang Sui who was sitting on the steps.

“Ugly girl, it’s all your fault. Whenever you look at me, it affects my performance!”

Jiang Sui didn’t mind his personal attack at all.

In her eyes, Master Sun was like a moving funny figure, fierce but not threatening.

The rich people who really made people feel hairy in their bones were like Chi Yiming.

Her bright peach blossom eyes blinked, revealing a small and cute nest on her cheek. Jiang Sui covered her eyes: “Then I won’t watch.”

Sun Xiaowei suppressed his blush, and finally snorted loudly, then he turned around and ran back to the boys.

The boys didn’t chase Jiang Sui away after all.

So Jiang Sui managed to survive until the beginning of September, when Jiang Shuisheng finally gave up on the idea of asking someone to take care of little Jiang Sui.

She didn’t seem unhappy playing by herself.

Amidst the drizzle of rain, school finally started.

Jiang Sui’s birthday was on September 1st. Jiang Shuisheng cooked her two poached eggs and bought her a small cake.

She was ten years old now.

Jiang Shuisheng touched his daughter’s soft hair. Time flew by so fast. The little pink wrinkled ball at the beginning had now turned into such a big girl.

Their family didn’t celebrate birthdays, so even though it was her birthday, the father and daughter just had a simple meal, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Jiang Shuisheng handed Jiang Sui a new schoolbag: “Sui Sui, let’s see if you like it?”

On the pink schoolbag, two small fur balls were swinging back and forth.

For some reason, Jiang Sui remembered the Snow White schoolbag that was laughed at. She tried not to think about it and hugged her new schoolbag: “I like it very much, thank you, Dad.”

Some people were born to be loved, and some people were born to dust.

Jiang Shuisheng took Jiang Sui to register, and Jiang Sui officially entered the fifth grade of elementary school.

It had been so long ago that Jiang Sui could hardly remember what the fifth grade of elementary school was like.

Jiang Shuisheng would drive Jiang Sui to school on his bicycle in the morning, she would eat in the cafeteria at noon, and Jiang Sui would walk home after school at four in the afternoon.

The September wind blew on her cheeks, and Jiang Sui said, “Dad.”

Jiang Shuisheng responded to her: “What’s wrong?”

Jiang Sui said softly: “You should be well and not get sick.”

Jiang Shuisheng couldn’t help but laugh: “Okay, our Sui Sui should also be well and grow up quickly and healthily like our seedlings.”

Jiang Sui smiled softly.

His cirrhosis of the liver would not develop until ten years later. There were many reasons for cirrhosis of the liver. Most of them were due to viral hepatitis and long-term alcoholism, but Jiang Shuisheng did not fall into either category. He lived a good life, did not smoke or drink alcohol, and the cause of the disease was not found back then. This was what Jiang Sui was most anxious about after she came back.

Fortunately, liver cirrhosis could be treated if it was discovered early. In the next few years, Jiang Sui planned to have her father go for a check up every six months.

Jiang Sui sat on the bicycle with her hand on her father’s back, and the bicycle’s crisp bell rang, which was very pleasant in the early morning mist.

Jiang Sui pulled Jiang Shuisheng’s clothes tightly and saw two thin figures at a glance.

On the right side of the road, Chi Yan and Chi Yiming were walking to school.

Jiang Sui’s eyes fell on their backs.

Perhaps Chi Yan had done a lot of heavy work and had exercised very well. So, even though he was thin, he was extremely tall. In comparison, Chi Yiming only reached his shoulders.

Chi Yiming was carrying a gray schoolbag that looked very old. Yet he had a spring in his step and seemed to be in a good mood to start school.

Jiang Sui was startled when her eyes fell on Chi Yan’s schoolbag. The Snow White glue printed on it was scraped off and had disappeared.

The wind blew into her eyes, giving her the feeling of a slight astringency.

She stopped looking at them and started admiring the familiar scenery along the way.

She walked this path for a total of nine years in elementary school and junior high school combined.

The worst thing Jiang Sui had encountered was that she and Chi Yiming were classmates and deskmates in elementary school.

Sunshine Elementary School and Sunshine Junior High School were in the same community. This year, there was no different campuses for elementary school and junior high school. Chi Yiming came to the fifth grade class to study, while Chi Yan would probably go to the junior high school.

When the teacher introduced the new classmate Chi Yiming, both boys and girls looked at Chi Yiming curiously.

Chi Yiming was carrying a schoolbag with a kind smile on his face.

He showed two small tiger teeth, looking cute and shy.

Chen Shujun, who was in the front row, turned around and said, “Sui Sui, our new classmate seems easy to get along with.”

Jiang Sui gritted her teeth and slowly said “Huh”, “Maybe.” She said.

Chi Shao, who seemed to be “easy to get along with” and would be known as a cunning smiling fox in the future, said shyly: “Hello, classmates, my name is Chi Yiming. It originally means an inscription next to the golden letters.”

The teacher smiled and nodded. Teachers all liked good students. She had seen Chi Yiming’s results, and it would not be a problem to get the first place in her class.

In order to help the new students better integrate into the group, the teacher asked if any students wanted to take the initiative to be seatmates with the new student?

A lot of little hands were raised enthusiastically in the class. Children were often the most expressive and active in primary school.

Jiang Sui had a dull look on her face. This time she would no longer act like a fool who was happy to help others and raised her hand.

She was not nine this time, she was very hard-hearted!

The teacher looked pleased and glanced at Chen Shujun: “Then, student Chi Yiming, please sit next to Chen Shujun. Student Liu Xingyue will have to feel aggrieved but can you sit in front?”

Liu Xingyue had no objection and moved to the front.

Jiang Sui’s face was dull and her heart was complicated. She didn’t know whether she should be happy or sad, but she was happy that she no longer had to sit at the same table with the little pervert. The sad thing was that he and Chen Shujun were sitting together at the table before her!

Fortunately, she was an optimistic little girl, and she quickly comforted herself that this time Chi Yiming was in the innocent stage of nine years old, not the estrus stage of nineteen years old.

It was hard to make someone like you, but wasn’t it easy to make someone hate you?

This could be done from a young age, and Jiang Sui became more confident when she thought about it.

There were no lectures on the first day of school, but new textbooks were distributed.

Jiang Sui got the new books and flipped through it with interest.

In the People’s Education Press textbook, unfamiliar yet familiar texts appear vividly on the page.

“Mooring on Guazhou”, “Pearl Bird”, “Father and Son in the Earthquake”…

The sun shone into the classroom in 1997, so bright that you could even see the dust floating in the air. The young, tender and energetic voices of the children made Jiang Sui’s heart soften with joy.

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