MMMYT Ch. 6: Hardship

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Jiang Sui was annoyed with her stammering little voice and decided not to speak again. What was the use of this voice!

Fortunately, Chi Yan had nothing to say to her, and he returned the book and left.

After his tall and thin figure disappeared, Jiang Sui picked up her “Summer Paradise”, and three banknotes fell out. Jiang Sui picked them up. They were one dollar and fifty cents, clean without any wrinkles.

Jiang Sui was stunned, this was not the crumpled money she gave to Chi Yiming, it must be his own.

She opened her palms and could see that these banknotes were cherished.

The outline of the moon appeared in the west, and Jiang Sui forced herself not to think too much. Chi Yan hated her so much, and he even said that the best way to repay him was for her to stay away from him.

Jiang Shuisheng’s voice came from the backyard: “Sui Sui, the wind is blowing. Come inside quickly. Dad is worried it’s going to rain.”

“I know, Dad.”


The scorching heat in August still hadn’t gone away, and Jiang Sui rarely went out anymore.

Seeing Jiang Sui alone, he was a little worried and said: “Sui Sui, why don’t dad ask Aunt Chen to take care of you again?”

When Jiang Sui heard this, she quickly refused.

She shook her little head like a rattle, and Jiang Shuisheng looked at her worriedly. Jiang Sui really had no choice but to worry that her father would make the same mistake again if he persisted in his decision, and then he and Chen Caiqiong would hold a wedding ceremony in the spring of next year to get their marriage certificate.

Jiang Sui said: “I’m not bored, I’m writing at home. It’s very hot outside.”

Jiang Shuisheng occasionally glanced at the children running around with the windmill in the yard, and his eyebrows were filled with sadness.

Jiang Sui really had no choice but to think about it and say in an innocent tone belonging to a child: “Dad, Aunt Chen’s house is not fun. I will go out to play with other children every day.”

Jiang Shuisheng breathed a sigh of relief.

Jiang Sui felt extremely helpless. Other families were afraid that their children would be naughty, but Jiang Shuisheng was afraid that she would be unsocial and overly well-behaved, losing her childhood interest.

So Jiang Sui went out the next day under Jiang Shuisheng’s eager eyes.

She was so small that she stood blankly in the yard for a long time, her slightly curly light yellow hair tied into two small braids.

A girl not far away lit up when she saw her.

“Jiang Sui, come here and play with us!”

Jiang Sui was very resistant when she saw Liang Qian’er, but compared to letting Chen Caiqiong be her stepmother, playing with Liang Qian’er was no big deal.

She moved slowly over.

Liang Qian’er stood with four or five girls of the same age, and Chi Yiming’s cousin Zhao Nan was also there.

She didn’t know what Liang Qian’er said to Zhao Nan. Zhao Nan looked at Jiang Sui curiously and strangely. Jiang Sui came over, the weather was very good today, the sunshine was mild, and the warmth made people drowsy.

Liang Qian’er swung her ponytail and took Jiang Sui’s hand affectionately: “You’re just in time, Zhao Nan wants us to go to her house to play! There is a seesaw at her house, let’s go together!”

Zhao Nan’s family was equal to Chi family, Jiang Sui’s tender calves went stiff.

She didn’t want to go!

But now if she went back, Jiang Shuisheng may be even more afraid that she did not fit in with others, then he might insist on finding a woman to marry and take care of Jiang Sui.

Jiang Sui calmed down and asked Zhao Nan in a soft voice: “Is anyone in your family home?”

Although Zhao Nan didn’t like Jiang Sui, Liang Qian’er’s “best friend”, Zhao Nan had just arrived and it was not too late to please the girls here. So, she quickly said: “There is no one in my family. My parents are at work. Chi Yan and Chi Yiming are not at home either.”

Jiang Sui said bravely, “Oh, okay, let’s go.”

So a group of girls went to Zhao Nan’s house hand in hand.

Jiang Sui’s little flower face was calm, but her heart was a little agitated.

The blue sky and white clouds had become gentle. This was the first time Jiang Sui saw the place where Chi Yan and Chi Yiming lived.

Entering the small courtyard on the north was the main room, which had a round table for eating.

The courtyard had not been fully supplied with tap water this year, and some people still used wells. She had the impression that the water in the well was clear and cold. In the era of lack of air conditioning, it looked like melted ice.

The Zhao family had such a well and a large ceramic water tank.

The water tank was full. Liang Qian’er couldn’t help but stretch out her hand and soak her hand in. She smiled and said, “It’s so comfortable.”

When the girls heard this, they all put their hands in to play with the water.

Jiang Sui stood upright, like a small wooden stake. She thought dully…such a big tank of water…

Sure enough, Zhao Nan hesitated and said, “This is the water we use for cooking at home.”

After hearing this, two girls quickly took out their hands and said awkwardly: “I’m sorry, it’s dirty.”

Liang Qian’er pursed her lips and took out her hand unwillingly.

Zhao Nan was afraid that she would be unhappy, so she laughed again after thinking about it, and dipped her hand in as well: “It’s okay, it’s really comfortable. We can play like this, and at worst, let Chi Yan fill up the water again.”

Jiang Sui raised her eyes.

She heard Zhao Nan say as usual: “Anyway, if the water tank is out of water, Chi Yan will be beaten.”

The innocent eight or nine-year-old girl didn’t realize how cruel these words were and giggled.

Jiang Sui slowly squatted down. She had told herself countless times that it was none of her business, but for a moment, she still clearly felt the pain in her heart amidst all the laughter.

It turned out that Chi Yan was responsible for filling such a big tank of water every day, and his cousin was now leading others to soak their hands in it.

Jiang Sui bit her lip.

The little girls chatted happily——

Someone asked: “Zhao Nan, does your little cousin really do homework for others?”

Zhao Nan curled her lips, feeling a little embarrassed, but everyone knew it, so she didn’t deny it: “Yeah.”

Liang Qian’er also became interested and asked, “Does he have good grades? I think he even does homework for Zhang Lan.”

You must know that Zhang Lan was almost in sixth grade this year, and Chi Yiming would enter fifth grade next semester.

Zhao Nan reluctantly said: “He ranked first in the class.”

Liang Qian’er marveled for a moment, then asked, “What about Chi Yan? Are his grades good?”

Liang Qian’er’s face turned even more disgusted, and she hesitated but said, “Yeah.”

This was the annoying part. There were three children in the family, and the two little bastards had very good grades. Forget about Chi Yiming, he was her cousin after all, but why should Chi Yan have it! He was also number one in the class before!

Zhao Nan’s grades were particularly poor. She was among the bottom ten in the class. Her mother, Zheng Yulian, was very angry after every exam.

Zhao Nan finally found such a good-looking friend as Liang Qian’er, and she was afraid that she would look down on her because of her grades.

She tried her best to show her disgust: “You don’t know, Chi Yan is disgusting. The schoolbag he carries is for girls. He picked it up from somewhere last year.”

Liang Qian’er looked at Zhao Nan with great interest.

Seeing Liang Qian’er’s interest, Zhao Nan said flatteringly, “Do you want to take a look?”

Liang Qian’er said: “Isn’t this bad?”

“What’s wrong? Anyway, he’s not here now. Come on, I’ll take you to have a look. Oh, he also picked up his pen and eraser.”

Jiang Sui sat under the elm tree.

The sun was a bit dazzling, so she closed her eyes.

In the small house converted from a grocery store, the laughter of Liang Qian’er and several girls was particularly clear.

“It’s so funny, there’s Snow White on his schoolbag!”

“Hey, the pen is pink too!”

“How disgusting.”

“He picks up things like this and uses them…”

Jiang Sui hugged her clumsy little body tightly, and she forced herself not to listen.

It’s okay, it’s okay. Didn’t Chi Yan grow up healthily in the end? He grew into a strong person that could not be eroded by wind and rain.

But more than ten years later, most of the donations of Hope Primary Schools were from Mr. Chi Yan.

Even though he didn’t want to see her anymore, even though the cheerful little girl in the room was Mr. Chi Yan’s favorite white moonlight, Jiang Sui still felt so uncomfortable that her “malnourished” little fur almost flew up.

She stood up suddenly and walked quickly to the grocery store closest to the well.

Her left foot tripped her right foot, and she fell so hard that her forehead hurt.

Jiang Sui punched the ground with her fist and got up from the ground.

Several girls in the room heard the “dong” sound and stuck their heads out to take a look.

Jiang Sui’s face was stained with dust, her forehead was bruised, and her eyelids were swollen.

Everyone looked at Jiang Sui, who held back her sobs and wordlessly picked up the pens and textbooks they had thrown on the bed.

This bed was really simple, the dark blue bedsheet frayed at the corners.

Like unprotected self-esteem, exposed to everyone’s eyes.

Liang Qian’er asked: “What are you doing, Jiang Sui?”

Jiang Sui picked up the textbook. The boy’s calligraphy was strong and powerful, and “Chi Yan” was neatly written on it. She put the pink pen in the bag and zipped it up.

Sure enough, there was a Snow White printed on the outside of the school bag.

Jiang Sui said: “Didn’t your parents teach you not to mess with other people’s things?”

The sound of her soft little words had no offensive power, but as soon as these words came out of her mouth, Jiang Sui stood on the opposite side of all the girls.

Jiang Sui handed the schoolbag to Zhao Nan: “Put it back from where you took it.”

Zhao Nan took the schoolbag, and the girls looked at each other, but no one said anything.

Liang Qian’er snorted, okay, Jiang Sui didn’t listen to her, and now she was not her best friend!

Liang Qian’er didn’t want to stay in a cramped room anymore, so she might as well go out and play on the seesaw.

As a result, the girls were stunned as soon as they went out.

Under the August sunshine, Chi Yan looked at them expressionlessly.

There was a band of cloth wrapped around his hand, and his pupils were so intensely black that the pupil couldn’t be differentiated.

A girl screamed on the spot.

When did he come back? How long had he been listening to them?

No one was afraid of Jiang Sui, but under Chi Yan’s cold gaze, almost no one dared to look at him.

Only Zhao Nan, who didn’t know how to be afraid, said, “You came back just in time. The water in the tank is dirty. Change it quickly, or I’ll tell my mother!”

The girls ran out of the Zhao yard like a nest.

Jiang Sui, who moved the slowest, carefully poked half of her head out from behind the door.

Chi Yan turned his back and sat down by the well.

He didn’t look at her, as if he didn’t know there was a little girl in the house who couldn’t escape and was forced to stay.

Jiang Sui covered her face depressedly and walked out.

The boy was covered in sweat as he began to draw water from the well.

His exposed arms were thin and strong, and the muscles bulged when he exerted force.

Jiang Sui wished she could run away quickly, so she didn’t have to listen to the squeaking sound of fetching water. Did he see her? He didn’t see her, right?

After a short walk, she broke into a cold sweat.

Chi Yan turned his back to her, took off the cloth strip from his hand, bit it with his teeth, and re-wrapped the wound on his palm.

He squinted at the small shadow on the right that was shining in the sunlight, slowly and forcefully walking towards the door.

Chi Yan’s face was reflected in the water, and sweat dripped into the plastic basin, creating a layer of ripples.

The words of those girls just now still rang in his ears.

“How disgusting.”

“He picks up things like this and uses them…”

Chi Yan did not look back.

He thought that life had already worn away his little self-esteem and shame, and he would no longer feel uncomfortable with such things that could not fill his stomach. But he didn’t know why he refused to look back since he didn’t care and didn’t feel uncomfortable.

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