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Due to Duan Rulan’s urgent summons, Ji Lin’s heart was still a little hot, and he was worried that something happened at home, but when he stepped into the living room to see Xu Qingwan, that heat was quenched by half. After Duan Rulan said these words, his heart completely cooled down.

There was something in Duan Rulan’s words, how could Ji Lin not hear it?

But it was precisely because he heard it that he felt cold. Duan Rulan’s words clearly classified Siyu into the category of “messy things”, and also hinted that he should cut off contact with Siyu.

But Ji Lin didn’t understand-why? Both of the siblings were Duan Rulan’s biological children. How could she be so unsympathetic to her daughter and not miss any mother-daughter affection?

“Mom…” After a long silence, Ji Lin spoke in a low voice. He lowered his head, his expression hidden in the shadows, making it difficult for people to see clearly, “What are you trying to say?”

Duan Rulan laughed, she was very pretty and she was a woman who was good at disguising, even if she was facing her own son, she was not willing to speak thoroughly, but she said it with a sincere heart: “A Lin, you want to be a star, I have no objection, but you must always remember your identity. Unlike other nonsense stars, you are the only son of the Ji family. You have to know that the most indispensable thing in the entertainment industry is for people to climb up through unspeakable means and become a phoenix[1]. Mom is just worried that you will be deceived. You don’t come home all the year round. You don’t want to tell your family anything. If I didn’t happen to know Miss Xu, I won’t know that so many people are attacking you!”

Xu Qingwan interjected: “Yes, Brother Ji, Aunt Lan is just caring about you, after all, you are alone outside. As a parent, she is definitely the most worried.”

Xu Qingwan’s words came at the right time, and Duan Rulan found them very comfortable to hear, as if she really just called her son back to care about the current situation, and nothing else. Thinking about it this way, Duan Rulan was a little more satisfied with Xu Qingwan.

Xu Qingwan was introduced by a business partner of the Ji family. Duan Rulan heard that she was a star at first, and she had a bit of contempt for her, but after chatting a few times, Duan Rulan was surprised to find that Xu Qingwan had many ideas. They were all very similar to her!

In this way, the conversation got deeper and deeper, Duan Rulan’s contempt for Xu Qingwan gradually disappeared, and she began to pour out her bitterness on Xu Qingwan slowly. For example, a lady of a certain family bought a good necklace, and she was robbed of the limelight at a certain banquet. Xu Qingwan always stood by her side to help denounce other people, so Duan Rulan felt that she was caring enough. When the time was right, Xu Qingwan mentioned the fact that Siyu and Ji Lin had become very close. At this time, Duan Rulan trusted her enough, and she was naturally furious when she heard this.

Unexpectedly, the withdrawal of capital did not even land a slight blow to Siyu, that money-losing good!

In this way, under Xu Qingwan’s control, Duan Rulan called Ji Lin back without hesitation.

As Ji Lin listened to the two women singing each other’s tunes, he couldn’t help but smile sarcastically: “Mom, we don’t have to talk in riddles, did you see that you can’t get my sister to move away, so you turned to persuade me?”

As soon as Duan Rulan heard this, her face changed drastically, and she almost screamed: “She is not your sister! I have only one son, and that is Ji Lin!”

Duan Rulan’s reaction was far more intense than Ji Lin had imagined, like the word “sister” was an unmentionable taboo to her. Duan Rulan seemed to realize that she was overreacting, so she calmed her emotions down. Then she slowly squeezed out a smile: “A Lin, you don’t need to know some things, you just need to remember. It’s enough for only you to be your mother’s good child.”

Xu Qingwan sitting aside, also persuaded, “Aunt Lan, please calm down and don’t harm your body.”

Ji Lin sat and watched them with cold eyes, as his mother praised Xu Qingwan as being well-behaved and sensible, and he suddenly solved a puzzle that he had been confused about. It turned out that he didn’t like Xu Qingwan at first because this person was too similar to his mother.

The same elegant style, but with a mask on her face and a three-point smile at the sight of others, but eyes full of hypocrisy. At that time, the young Ji Lin didn’t like such a mother because Duan Rulan only cared about running her own social circle. Every day, she thought about how to gain a foothold in the upper class and threw her son to the nanny to be taken care of. She only came to ask about him once in a few days. And this seemed to be enough for her to feel that she had fulfilled her responsibility as a mother.

And Xu Qingwan was simply a copy of Duan Rulan. Ji Lin didn’t have a deep feeling before, but his subconscious made him resist Xu Qingwan’s approach. Only now did he understand where this resistance came from.

“Mom, if you are in such a hurry to urge me to come back just to talk about this, then I don’t think we need to continue talking.” Ji Lin stood up, and although he tried to suppress it, he could still hear the anger in his voice. Duan Rulan was his mother and his elder, he couldn’t scold her as he pleased, but he could choose not to see her.

“Wait a minute! A Lin, don’t you even listen to your mother’s words?” Duan Rulan saw that he hadn’t said a word before. Ji Lin turned around and was about to leave but froze when Duan Rulan hurriedly called him.

Ji Lin stopped and turned his back to Duan Rulan, with a hint of exhaustion in his tone: “But Mom, you haven’t told me anything since I was a child. When I am an adult, you look back and hope that I will listen to you. Do you think this is possible?”

Duan Rulan was scorned by her own son, and she couldn’t sit still. She almost instantly attributed this fault to Siyu’s head. It must be that cheap girl who filled Ji Lin’s ears! She had no abilities and no luck, so she came to harm her good son, she was really a wild girl from a remote country. She couldn’t get on stage, or it will cause others to abuse her!

That girl wanted to enter the door of Ji’s house by pleasing Ji Lin? Dream on! The Ji family would never recognize such a money-losing good and would never allow her to ruin the future heir!

Xu Qingwan looked at Ji Lin’s back, her nails pierced deeply into her palms without her knowing it. She thought Duan Rulan could persuade Ji Lin, but she didn’t expect Ji Lin to defend Siyu firmly in the face of his own mother. What went wrong? In the last life, Zhou Siyu was so disgusting that everyone was disgusted with her. Ji Lin was finally very disappointed in her. He was so cold that he drove her out of the house and never took care of her again. But why this time, no matter what kind of situation he faced, Ji Lin always believed in her and was standing on her side?

Xu Qingwan couldn’t understand it, but she had a hunch that it would be more difficult to persuade him in the future if Ji Lin were to leave the house. And the glance that Ji Lin cast at her just now when he turned around… It was so cold as if it seemed to see through all her calculations.

“Brother Ji, don’t worry, Aunt Lan may be a little bit rushed when speaking, but her starting point is definitely for your own good. I think you might as well listen to it. There are unspoken rules in the industry…some things are not necessarily groundless.” Xu Qingwan also stood up and tried to pull Ji Lin back to the sofa, but unexpectedly, when she got close, Ji Lin suddenly turned around and waved her hand off.

Then, Xu Qingwan felt that she was looked at by an extremely angry gaze. She raised her head in a panic, and saw Ji Lin staring at her with disgust in his eyes. He said in a deep voice, “I won’t fight a woman, but if you say one more thing to slander my sister, I swear that your name will not appear in any well-known director’s work in the future!”

Xu Qingwan’s heartbeat accelerated when she heard it, and Duan Rulan shot up from the sofa in anger. Ji Lin warned Xu Qingwan, which was tantamount to throwing her face away. How could she tolerate it, “Ji Lin, don’t forget that our family always injected capital into films and television shows that you are participating in. Without the paving of the family, you couldn’t have walked steadily to this day? What’s the matter that you’re talking rudely now, can you still block Miss Xu by yourself!”

Duan Rulan was sure that Ji Lin would not be able to dig out even a single tree without Ji’s backing. How would he block Xu Qingwan?

Unexpectedly, Ji Lin was only silent for a while, and sighed in his heart. His mother, as expected, still as usual…didn’t know him.

“Mom, do you think I’m just a second-generation ancestor who relied on the family to make a living?” The disappointment in his heart slowly expanded, and Ji Lin’s expression turned cold. “Some of my opportunities may have been won with the family’s help. But I can come to this day by relying on myself step by step. I said that I can block Xu Qingwan, it is by no means empty talk!”

Xu Qingwan became more panicked as she listened, and said to Ji Lin, “Brother Ji, let’s not talk about this for now, okay?”

Ji Lin just coldly said: “No, you spread rumours in front of my mother to maliciously slander my sister, you think I would just forget it?”

Xu Qingwan was in a dilemma. She didn’t know what to do. The door of her house was suddenly opened. Ji’s nanny led a sweet girl in a bubble skirt inside while greeting her cordially, “Miss Chu, why haven’t you been here during this time? Madam misses you very much.”

Chu Shuangyan! Xu Qingwan gritted her teeth and said this name in her heart, she actually ignored this rival! Before she married into Ji’s family in her previous life, Chu Shuangyan had made a lot of trouble, and Duan Rulan almost accepted Chu Shuangyan as a daughter-in-law!

Why did this woman come here at this time!

Chu Shuangyan also saw Xu Qingwan who was standing embarrassedly behind Ji Lin. Because she had already sent someone to investigate her information, Chu Shuangyan immediately recognized her and showed her a look of resentment.

“Get out of here!” No one expected Chu Shuangyan’s first sentence to not be directed towards Ji Lin or Duan Rulan but instead, she rushed to Xu Qingwan and raised her hand without hesitation, “You woman deliberately spread rumors, right? The reporter of Orange Weekly, there is not a single truth in his mouth, I know that the person interviewed you, and you slandered Zhou Siyu by saying that she was chasing A Lin. It’s you! How did you become so cheeky as to step into Ji’s house!”

Xu Qingwan was caught off guard and was rewarded by Chu Shuangyan with a big scolding, and her whole person was stunned.

Standing next to her, Ji Lin was also shocked. What’s the matter? Had Chu Shuangyan met Xu Qingwan? Why did she suddenly become angry?

Chu Shuangyan still refused to give up. She raised the brand-name bag in her hand and threw it on Xu Qingwan’s body, causing her to step back painfully. Then she raised her head high and said with contempt: “If you didn’t stir the muddy water, I wouldn’t have found the wrong target! Now that I don’t dare to go back to my family home, it is all thanks to your ass!”

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[1] Enter into improper relations.

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