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Several people looked at Mo Nianchen in unison, and couldn’t help thinking, is it because he finally won Li Shengxia’s heart, and he was depressed about his own side?

The thought made a few people flinch…

At this moment, Mo Nianchen suddenly appeared and sat between them, holding a wine bottle in one hand, while his face seemed to be flushed after drinking.

“What are you talking about?”

Several people were so frightened that they immediately fell silent.

Ouyang said, “I was just thinking, Li Shengxia is officially debuting today. Do you want to invite her to a celebration party?”

“Celebrate the ghosts—” Mo Nianchen was suddenly furious, as if he had thought of something, he roared angrily, “You bastards, I told you not to help her, why did you want to help her!”

Several people suddenly paled: If they didn’t help, then also they would be scolded, right?

Cheng Zheng said with a smile: “A Chen, look, you’re all drunk…”

“I’m not drunk!” Mo Nianchen shouted angrily, “Why do you want to help her! Why do you want her to be arrogant in front of me?”

“Otherwise, should I ask someone to change the first place?” Ouyang asked tentatively.

Mo Nianchen automatically ignored what Ouyang said and complained unpleasantly: “She has hard wings[1] now, she dares to say that to me! She is tired of living—”

“What the hell is he talking about?” Ouyang collapsed and held his forehead. He seemed to be really drunk.

Ling Tian said, “If you really care about her that much, go and chase her back.”

Mo Nianchen couldn’t help sneering when he heard this: “I should chase her? Why should I chase her? Who does she think she is? She has no body, no looks, no brains, a bad temper, stubborn personality, and like to attract bees and butterflies, and always hates me…”

“So, she’s really useless– —” Ouyang was speechless.

Slap –

Mo Nianchen threw the bottle directly. He held Ouyang’s collar and said, “Why do you speak ill of her? What right do you have to speak ill of her!”

“Didn’t you say this yourself?” Ouyang was very innocent.

“*** only I can say that, why do you say it!”

“It’s my fault, I won’t say it again, okay? You’re drunk, why don’t you go home first?”

Hearing this, Mo Nianchen patted Ouyang on the collar and let go of him and said a sentence without end: “You all want to know why I received a letter of confession and asked her to forget about that letter. Right?”

Everyone’s attention was attracted!

This thing had always been a mystery!

They had also wanted to know for a long time.


“Yeah, why exactly?”

Mo Nianchen had never forgotten her. He had been doing so many things to attract Li Shengxia’s attention. He finally succeeded in doing it, but he rejected her! Why exactly? If he didn’t like her, why was she still the only one in his heart after five years…

Mo Nianchen raised his lips slightly, and said a few words: “I just don’t want to tell you *** .”





Then he fell on the sofa in the bar and fell asleep…

The few people immediately stepped aside. They really don’t know how to learn from past mistakes. They had been tricked by him a few times, but they still expected him to tell the truth of that year!

“I think he was a pure scumbag at the beginning, and he regrets it now.” Ouyang came to a conclusion out of nowhere.

“Are you going to sleep with him at the bar again tonight?” Jiang Youxi was helpless.

“Otherwise, you will send him home?!” Cheng Zheng said lightly.

“…I’d better sleep at the bar.”

Ling Tian looked at Mo Nianchen and sighed helplessly.

They didn’t know when it started to rain.

Li Shengxia was walking in the rain, still a mess.

She felt a hint of coldness when the rain hit her body, and she remembered Mo Nianchen’s sharp eyes, which also had a deep coldness, so she couldn’t help but shrink and fold her arms.

Since she was a child, he was the only one who could give her such coldness, right? It seemed that her heart would be frozen cold, and it was so cold that she was about to die. A simple sentence, an expression, or even just a single word from him, could take away her happiness and warmth…

That person had such a presence in her life, she didn’t want to be swayed by him, but was repeatedly disturbed by him.

Because of the rain, pedestrians were in a hurry, and taxis were called away one after another. Everyone seemed to be running desperately to avoid the rain.

The rain suddenly became so heavy that it seemed like a water pipe had exploded and poured down. Li Shengxia shivered coldly. She suddenly remembered the day she wrote a love letter to him five years ago.

It also rained like this that day. She waited for him in the rain all night, and she was so heartbroken that he didn’t show up… It had been five years, how come she still didn’t have a long memory? Why was she so wet, so icy, so cold, so uncomfortable again, for the same person…

Forget him, Li Shengxia, wasn’t it good to forget him? After forgetting him, she would definitely be happy… The more she thought about it, the sadder she felt, and her eyes became warm…

At this moment, Ling Yarang suddenly took off her jacket, put it on her head, and rushed out rain curtain.

Tan Qing wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Ling Yarang said goodbye to him and called to chase after Li Shengxia.

Li Shengxia suddenly felt that the rain had become less crazy, and there seemed to be a warm atmosphere around her. She turned her face and found that Ling Yarang was covering her with his jacket with both hands to shield her from the wind and rain.

“Why are you alone in the heavy rain, quickly find a place to shelter from the rain.” Ling Yarang’s voice was disturbed by the mixed rain, and she couldn’t hear it clearly, but he still said it loudly, for fear that she could not hear clearly.

“No, I’ll go back by myself.” Li Shengxia said, she didn’t like someone getting too close to her, especially men. Although Ling Yarang was kind, she really didn’t like such an ambiguous distance.

“I can’t get a taxi here!” Ling Yarang said loudly to her.

The rain was so heavy that if you didn’t shout, you couldn’t hear what the other party was saying.

So, she also responded loudly, “It doesn’t matter, I can wait a little longer.” Having said that, Li Shengxia rejected his kindness and ran out from under his coat.

The rain poured down frantically again, and her body was as cold as ice.

What she was most afraid of was this kind of tenderness, like what Mo Nianchen gave her, giving her hope when she was in pain, but just as soon as she felt she could rely on him, he would not hesitate to pull away the wall she relied on. A brief moment of tenderness was better than none.

Therefore, she didn’t want others to give her such tenderness…because she was afraid of repeating the same mistakes.

Ling Yarang stood there for a moment, then followed her, covered her head with her coat, and ran with her…”

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[1] Someone who has become independent.t

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