KHSW Ch. 276

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Inside the cinema.

Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi were sitting in the last row of viewing seats, and a gloomy clip was being played on the huge screen.

Xu Yizhi frowned from time to time, and closed his eyes from time to time, turning his face indistinctly, but he saw Ling Xi watching “with relish” while drinking milk tea and eating popcorn, without seeming to be afraid at all.

Xu Yizhi was slightly surprised, the last time she went to the City of Terror, wasn’t she quite scared? Why now…

He suddenly regretted his decision, why did he listen to Chi Jingyu’s suggestion.

Suddenly, there was a burst of baby laughter unique to horror movies in the movie, which made Xu Yizhi’s scalp tingle, and he didn’t even dare to look back at that scene.


Xu Yizhi rolled his throat involuntarily.

Suddenly, a scream sounded in the movie…

Ling Xi turned her head quietly, and saw Xu Yizhi holding her arm with one hand, and his hold getting tighter and tighter, but his face was turned to the other side.

Could it be that he felt afraid while watching horror movies?

Ling Xi curled her lips slightly, she didn’t expect Yizhi to be so cute, he was obviously terrified and still wanted to take her to watch a horror movie.

She remember that when he booked the ticket just now, it was suggested by him himself.

Ling Xi pulled out her arm abruptly, then she held Xu Yizhi’s hand behind her back, interlocked their fingers, and seemed to be able to feel his slight trembling.

Xu Yizhi turned his head slowly, put his eyes on their crossed fingers, and immediately felt at ease. When he raised his eyes to look at Ling Xi, he saw that she was still focusing on the screen.

One hour and forty minutes passed, Ling Xi was watching the movie, but Xu Yizhi was watching Ling Xi.

The movie finally ended, Xu Yizhi took Ling Xi’s hand and walked out contentedly, standing in front of her all the time, walking out of the crowd.

Finally breathing fresh air, Xu Yizhi bent down slightly, “Shall I take you to eat supper?”

“Supper? Are you trying to make me fat for nothing? If I’m overweight, then the consequences will be ‘serious’.”

At that time, Sister Pei would definitely whisper in her ear.

“It’s okay, I will accompany you to burn calories.”

…It’s a cubicle, and nobody’s going to bother.

Xu Yizhi didn’t like dessert very much, but sitting beside her and watching her eat was also a kind of enjoyment.

While eating dessert, Ling Xi felt Xu Yizhi’s fiery gaze.

“So, you’re afraid of ghost movies?” There was a trace of teasing in Ling Xi’s eyes.

Xu Yizhi really looked away, “…”

“I found out at the movie theatre just now, you were not watching a movie, were you?”

Ling Xi slightly raised her eyebrows.

Xu Yizhi turned his head, “That’s right, I was looking at you.”

Ling Xi decided not to continue this topic, she just scraped off a small piece of dessert with a spoon, and stretched it out in front of Xu Yizhi, “Ah—”

Seeing that Ling Xi wanted to feed him, Xu Yizhi opened his mouth unceremoniously, and ate the dessert into his mouth.

“How is it? Is it delicious?” Ling Xi’s eyes shone like glass under the light.

Xu Yizhi nodded lightly, “It’s delicious.”

“I want you to feed me.” Ling Xi couldn’t help coquetting.

Xu Yizhi stretched out his hand…but just when Ling Xi opened her mouth, Xu Yizhi suddenly withdrew the spoon again.

“Xu Yizhi, you are so bad, I just fed you. It’s so unfair.” Ling Xi pretended to be sullen.

There was a smirk on the corner of Xu Yizhi’s mouth, and then he stretched out the spoon again. Just when Ling Xi was about to open his mouth, Xu Yizhi pulled the spoon back again, and his sexy thin lips replaced it.

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