KHSW Ch. 275

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Xu Yizhi smiled lightly, imitating Ling Xi’s tone and said: “Are you sure you were picked up by me?”


After Ling Xi left, Xu Yizhi immediately called Chi Jingyu into the office.

“Brother, why did sister-in-law leave so soon?” He suddenly remembered that this should not be the focus of my attention, “Tsk, no, why didn’t you go back with sister-in-law?”

“Yeah.” Xu Yizhi was still thinking about his words.

Hearing Xu Yizhi’s “huh” and then silence, Chi Jingyu couldn’t help but feel helpless. My sister-in-law must be very tired facing such a taciturn and humourless person all day long, right?

“Have you ever been in love?” Xu Yizhi suddenly asked.

“Dating experience? I have too much of that stuff.” As if realizing something, he suddenly leaned forward and asked mysteriously, “Brother, do you need me to teach you some tricks? I promise my sister-in-law will be very happy.”

“You can talk about it.”

“As for women, there are a few common problems. They love shopping, shopping for bags and clothes…”

“Stop, you can go out now.” Before Chi Jingyu could finish speaking, Xu Yizhi interrupted.

“Brother, I’m teaching you how to flirt with sister-in-law, how can you ask me go?”

The innocent look on Chi Jingyu’s face, he suddenly realized, “Oh~ I see, according to your temperament, you must definitely have filled up a cloakroom for sister-in-law, so this trick won’t work, then I’ll think again, think again… Yes, you can take sister-in-law to watch horror movies. Generally, women will feel scared when they see scary things. At this time, you can naturally hug her in your arms and give her a sense of protection, a sense of security.”

Hearing what he said, Xu Yizhi recalled the last time they went to the City of Terror together, Ling Xi seemed to be quite scared.

“Well, that’s a good idea.”

Seeing that his opinion was adopted, Chi Jingyu was so happy, “Of course there are…”

This time, Xu Yizhi did not pretend. He was worried that others would recognize him as the former actor Elvis, so he put on a little disguise, but he found that after five years of not filming, he had been forgotten by people, and everyone had already started to hold up the “little fresh meat”.

He waited at the place agreed with Ling Xi, and after a long time he didn’t see Ling Xi, so he couldn’t help feeling a little worried.

Ling Xi suffered from prosopagnosia, could she have mistaken someone else for him? Thinking this, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called, “Where are you now?”

Ling Xi had already seen Xu Yizhi holding the phone, hung up the phone, and walked around behind him.

Xu Yizhi thought the signal was not good, and when he was about to call again, someone covered his eyes with his hand, “Guess who I am?”

The corner of Xu Yizhi’s mouth slightly curved, “My wife.”

“No, guess again.” Ling Xi tiptoed and continued to cover his eyes.

“Ling Xi.”

“Still wrong, guess again.”

“My lover.”

Only then did a smile appear on Ling Xi’s face, and she took her hands from both sides, “Bingo, great, we are now a couple, not a husband and wife relationship, you owe me love, make it up to me these two days.”

Now that it was winter, people would exhale a burst of “white steam” when they spoke, Xu Yizhi turned around and held both of Ling Xi’s hands in his palm, “Okay, I’ll make it up for you, I’ll go buy you a cup of milk tea first, and then we’ll go to the movies.”

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