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Shen Qinglan raised her eyebrows and looked at the person in front of her. She didn’t expect to see Han Yi here, “Why are you here?”

Han Yi had also not expected to meet Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi here. Hearing Shen Qinglan’s question, he smiled, “Naturally, I came to hang out.”

Shen Qinglan looked sideways, “Mr. Han is really in a good mood to run so far to hang out.”

Even when he was teased, the smile on Han Yi’s face did not change at all, “Aren’t you here too? Aren’t you also hanging out?”

“We’re not here to hang out.” Fu Hengyi said lightly, but his tone was indifferent.

“Xiaoxuan is filming here, I’m here to see her, you won’t have come to see her too, right?” Shen Qinglan looked at Han Yi calmly, but her eyes were secretly scrutinizing him.

Han Yi said, “How is it possible, I’m not familiar with that yellow-haired girl, why should I come to see her. I’m just here to inspect the work, as I have invested in this TV series as well.”

“That’s the best.” Qinglan with a hint of warning in her voice, Han Yi’s eyes sank, but he didn’t say anything, and followed the two into the studio.

When they came in, they happened to see Yu Xiaoxuan filming, so they didn’t go up to disturb, but stood in the corner.

“I can’t see how, but this yellow-haired girl has made great progress in just a few months.” Han Yi touched his chin and said with great interest, then he looked at Yu Xiaoxuan with a smile in his eyes, “Sister-in-law, you have a good eye, this girl is indeed a raw talent.”

Shen Qinglan was also looking at Yu Xiaoxuan, she seemed to have lost weight compared to before, but she was very serious in filming.

“My wife’s vision is naturally not wrong.” Fu Hengyi said lightly.

Han Yi squinted at him, I know that you have a wife, and that your wife is awesome, but can you not have the arrogant look saying my wife is the best in the world and everyone else is a dog, this is not at all in line with your character set up, is it? Anyway, you are also the captain of the special forces. Isn’t it shameful to look like a henpecked husband?

Master Fu said that he was not ashamed. He was proud of having such a wife and gave Han Yi a look of “I know you are jealous of me”, and finally glanced in the direction of Yu Xiaoxuan with a meaningful look.

Han Yi was in a hurry. He felt that he must have seen a fake Fu Hengyi, since the Fu Hengyi he knew would never do such a childish and boring thing.

After Yu Xiaoxuan finished filming, she saw Shen Qinglan standing in the corner with a face full of surprise, and rushed over to hug Shen Qinglan.

Fu Hengyi embraced Shen Qinglan’s waist and turned her around slightly, causing Yu Xiaoxuan to hug the empty air.

Yu Xiaoxuan pouted, this domineering person was the same, she looked at Shen Qinglan, and asked, “Qinglan, why did you come here?”

Shen Qinglan said, “I came to see you, and brought you something to eat by the way.”

She had almost forgotten to hand her the bag in her hand.

Yu Xiaoxuan took it with a smile, opened it to take a look, and took a deep breath, “Is it the shrimp dumplings I like to eat, the one on Xinyuan Road, Qinglan, you are the best to me, you are so good, what should I do if I want to promise myself to you?”

The voices of the two men sounded at the same time.


“You dare.”

The former was Fu Hengyi, and the latter was naturally Han Yi.

Only then did Yu Xiaoxuan notice the existence of Han Yi, her eyes widened, “Why are you here?” Her tone sounded disgusted.

Han Yi blushed. This dead girl had no conscience. It must be his delusion, what did that disgusted tone mean now?

Han Yi sneered, “I’m the boss, can’t I come and see if my subordinates are working properly?”

Yu Xiaoxuan rolled her eyes, “Okay, why not, I’ve never seen a boss like you, just wandering around in front of people all day long. Is it because the company is about to close down?”

Han Yi gritted his teeth, this stinky girl really needed a lesson, he must have hurt his head to come here.

“I’ve got something to do later, so I’ll go first.” After dropping this sentence, Han Yi flew away.

Yu Xiaoxuan glanced at Han Yi’s angry back, with an inexplicable look on her face, “What’s wrong with him?”

Fu Hengyi said lightly, “It’s menopause.”

Behind the heads, “Qinglan, what do you think about what I just shot?”

Shen Qinglan smiled lightly and nodded, “Very good, great progress.” Compared with what Yu Xiaoxuan was like last time in Jinning City, she had indeed made great progress this time. Even though her acting skills were still immature, it was already rare for a newcomer.

Yu Xiaoxuan was very happy to get Shen Qinglan’s affirmation, “Really, Qinglan? Do you really think I have improved?”

Shen Qinglan nodded affirmatively, “Yes, you have made great progress.”

The smile on Yu Xiaoxuan’s face was almost reaching her ears, and she smiled happily while holding the shrimp dumplings. She knew it was not easy to go this way when she chose to go this route, and in the past few months, she had really paid a lot for her choice. She even had to go out to work during the Chinese New Year. Now that she had been affirmed by her most important friend, Yu Xiaoxuan’s mood was like eating a stick of ice cream in the hot summer.

“Xiaoxuan, it’s your shot.” Someone shouted over there.

Yu Xiaoxuan responded and handed the shrimp dumplings to Shen Qinglan, “Qinglan, hold it for me first, wait for me for an hour, no, just half an hour, and I’ll be back right away.”

“Okay, don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.”

Yu Xiaoxuan ran halfway and turned back, “You must wait for me.”

“Understood, I will definitely wait for you.”

After getting Shen Qinglan’s assurance, Yu Xiaoxuan finally felt relieved and went back to filming with peace of mind.

Shen Qinglan’s mouth twitched lightly, looking at Yu Xiaoxuan’s appearance, her mood became clearer.

Fu Hengyi saw the smile at the corner of Shen Qinglan’s mouth, and there was a smile in his eyes. In fact, he never asked for much, as long as Shen Qinglan was happy.

Shen Qinglan was originally beautiful, and Fu Hengyi was also good-looking. The two standard together was a standard combination of handsome man and beautiful woman. They attracted the attention of many people as soon as they came in, but at the beginning Han Yi, the big boss, was with them. When they were together, no one dared to come over. Now that Han Yi had left, a middle-aged man walked towards them.

And since Shen Qinglan’s identity as a well-known painter Leng Qingqiu was exposed, many people in the capital had come to know her, so she had been recognized as soon as she appeared here.

“Are you Xiaoxuan’s friends?” The man had a kind smile on his face. He knew Shen Qinglan, so asking this was just a way to strike up a conversation.

As the saying went, nobody could hit a smiling face, the other party had thrown out goodwill, so Shen Qinglan naturally responded to it, not to mention that according to her observation, this person had some weight in the crew.


The smile on the corner of the man’s mouth widened, he took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Fu Hengyi, “I am the director of this TV series, and my surname is Wang.”

Fu Hengyi took it and glanced at Director Wang.

“Director Wang, it’s the first time we have met, please take care of my family’s Xiaoxuan for me.” Shen Qinglan said politely, it was rare for such words to come from her mouth.

Fu Hengyi glanced at her sideways, she was always so concerned about the people she cared about.

Director Wang smiled, “Xiaoxuan is very hardworking and has a lot of spirit. Everyone in our group likes her very much, but it’s not like taking care of her.”

Others in the crew were surprised to see Director Wang speak so politely. Director Wang was well-known in the circle for being unsmiling and even having a quirky temper, but when they saw the faces of Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi, they showed an expression of understanding.

Director Wang also had another well-known trait in the circle, that was, he cherished talents, especially when he saw good seedlings, he couldn’t bear it, thus a certain first-line male star had been excavated by him, and he was even forced into it by the Director.

“Xiaoxuan often mentions you to me, saying that you take good care of her, and you don’t despise her because she’s a newcomer.” Shen Qinglan continued. Of course, this was not what Yu Xiaoxuan said, but what she said.

Director Wang’s smile turned genuine, no matter what kind of person one was, they always liked to listen to good words, “Xiaoxuan is still willing to work hard, I still have a good script in my hand, and the second female role in it is very suitable for Xiaoxuan. I plan to work with Xiaoxuan again after this TV series is over.”

Shen Qinglan smiled slightly, but did not expect to receive such an unexpected joy, “Then I will thank Director Wang on behalf of Xiaoxuan.”

“May I know what Miss Shen is doing now?” Director Wang asked tentatively.

Shen Qinglan was not surprised that the other party knew her, “I haven’t graduated yet, so I’m just an unemployed person.”

“Miss Shen is modest, you are a great painter.”

“You can’t talk about me being a great painter, it’s just a hobby. In comparison to Director Wang, my little achievements are not worth mentioning at all.”

Director Wang smiled so much that his face bloomed, he hesitated for a while, but still couldn’t help itching, “I don’t know if Miss Shen is interested in filming, I have a script at hand. There is a movie in which the heroine’s temperament is very consistent with that of Miss Shen’s.”

Shen Qinglan did not expect that Director Wang came to talk to her specifically for this, she was slightly surprised and shook her head, “I’m sorry, Director Wang, I don’t plan to get involved in the entertainment industry.”

Not to mention that she was not interested in this, but even if she was, with her current status, it was inconvenient for her to get involved in the entertainment industry. The identities of the Shen family and the Fu family would not allow the children of the family to be so mixed in the entertainment industry.

Director Wang was very sorry, but he didn’t want to give up. He got the script a year ago. It was great. He was sure that it could be popular, but he had high requirements for the appearance of the male and female lead. However, it had never been fulfilled.

When he saw Shen Qinglan today, his eyes suddenly lit up, as if he had discovered a big treasure.

“Miss Shen, don’t rush to refuse. I’ll send you the script first. If you’re interested, we can cooperate. If you’re not interested, it doesn’t matter. What do you think?”

After hearing his concession, Shen Qinglan naturally could no longer refuse and agreed.

Director Wang glanced at Fu Hengyi and seemed to be very interested in him. Shen Qinglan turned slightly to block Director Wang’s sight, “Director Wang, Xiaoxuan seems to be fine.”

Director Wang was a high EQ person, so he naturally understood Shen Qinglan’s meaning. He smiled and said, “Miss Shen can contact me at any time after thinking about it. My phone number is on the business card.”

Shen Qinglan nodded politely.

Director Wang left, and the others were frightened by Fu Hengyi’s momentum, so no one came up to disturb them, thus there were only the two of them left there.

Fu Hengyi looked at Shen Qinglan and said, “If you want to try it, it’s okay. I can talk to the two grandfathers.”

Shen Qinglan knew what he was talking about and shook his head gently, “I’m really not interested in these.”

Fu Hengyi didn’t say any more. He had always adopted a stocking model for Shen Qinglan. She could do whatever she wanted. Even if the sky was pierced, he could cover it for her.

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