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“Qinglan, my scenes for today are over, you wait for me for a while, I’ll change clothes and leave.” Yu Xiaoxuan ran over, still wearing her costume, Shen Qinglan nodded and told her not to hurry.

Yu Xiaoxuan came back quickly, “Qinglan, let’s go.” Glancing at Fu Hengyi, she looked a little hesitant, um, she wanted to talk to Qinglan, this person was inconvenient here, and although this man was very good-looking, but the momentum on his body made her talk in a low voice.

Fu Hengyi saw Yu Xiaoxuan’s discomfort and smiled slightly, “You little sisters get together, I still have a little bit to do beforehand. When it’s over, send me the address and I’ll pick you up.”

Shen Qinglan nodded, “Okay.”

Fu Hengyi left the car to Shen Qinglan, called Han Yi when he went out, and Han Yi, who had already driven halfway, turned back to pick up someone.

“I really owe you.” Han Yi muttered.

“Glamour gathering at night.” Fu Hengyi ignored Han Yi’s muttering and said to himself.

“Yo, don’t care about your wife?” Han Yi smiled with great interest.

“She went to party with her friends.”

“It turned out that you were abandoned, poor you.” Han Yi clicked his tongue.

“It’s better than some people who don’t even dare to say that they like others, at least I have a wife.” Fu Hengyi was calm.

Han Yi vomited blood and glared fiercely at Fu Hengyi, “I’m your brother anyway, how can you just stab your brother twice for a woman?”

Fu Hengyi calmly said, “Brothers are like siblings, women are like clothes, can you go out without clothes?”

Han Yi’s face was blue and black, this bastard who was oblivious to reason, so he called Gu Yang and Gu Kai angrily, “Seven o’clock in the evening.”

Then he called Shen Junyu and Jiang Chenxi again, and notified them as well. Only then did he look at Fu Hengyi, “May I ask where Master Fu is going now?”

“Let’s go directly to Meise.” There were special rooms for several of them upstairs in Meise. Sometimes when it was too late or they were too lazy to go home, they would just sleep there.

Han Yi had no objection and drove to Meise.

“If you are serious about Xiaoxuan, then as a brother, I have nothing to say, but if you just treat her like your previous girlfriends, it’s best not to provoke her. She is Qinglan’s friend, if you hurt her and Qinglan wants to teach you a lesson, I won’t stop her.”

Han Yi pouted, I count on you? Don’t say stop, it’s fine if you don’t help hand the knife to her.

“I don’t like that yellow-haired girl. She has no breasts, no cheeks, and has a bad temper. I’m not blind, why would I fall in love with her?”

Han Yi stopped talking, and the look in his eyes became uncertain. In fact, he didn’t know what kind of feelings he had for Xiaoxuan.

As soon as Gu Yang came in, he saw Fu Hengyi, his eyes narrowed, a big smile raised on his face, and he said, “Brother, don’t you have to accompany little sister-in-law today?” When Han Yi called him, he didn’t say that Fu Hengyi would also come.

Fu Hengyi glanced at him and said nothing, but Gu Yang felt cold all over and felt uneasy, “That, brother, I have something to do later, so I’ll go first?”

“Come back.” Fu Hengyi said lightly.

Gu Yang stepped back, suddenly stopped and looked at Fu Hengyi, “Brother, I really have something to do, it’s very urgent.”

Fu Hengyi didn’t speak, but just looked at him fixedly, Gu Yang’s scalp went numb, and he could only walk back into the box and sit down, but he sat far away from Fu Hengyi.

Han Yi watched with relish, resting his head on Jiang Chenxi’s shoulder, “Yo, Gu Yang, what did you do to be sorry in front of Hengyi?”

Gu Kai knew that Gu Yang had lost a lot in Bliss Casino. In the end, it was Shen Qinglan who came forward to solve it, and it seemed that Fu Hengyi knew it too.

In fact, Gu Kai felt a little hairy in his heart, but he always had a cold face, and others didn’t see anything wrong with him for a while.

Fu Hengyi glanced at Gu Yang and Gu Kai, and there was only one thought in their hearts: it’s over, eldest brother (Brother Fu) knows.

“I’ve already said hello to Company Commander Li, and the two of you will go to the army to practice together after the New Year.” Fu Hengyi said lightly, but just after he finished speaking, Gu Kai looked over.

“Well, Brother Fu, I don’t have to go, right?”

Fu Hengyi glanced over lightly, “I called Uncle Gu, and he said that since you don’t want to take over the business, then you can go to the army with Gu Yang.”

Gu Kai: …

Knowing this was the result, he immediately entered the company, but his biggest hobby was racing. If it wasn’t for the strong opposition of his parents, he might be a racing driver by now.

Gu Yang didn’t dare to say a word. From the look of Fu Hengyi, he knew that he must know about the casino. If he didn’t speak, he might be better off in the army.

Seeing Gu Yang’s obedient appearance, Fu Hengyi’s eyes flashed with satisfaction.

He dared to take his wife to race cars, fight and even gamble, any of which could make Fu Hengyi relax his muscles and bones, let alone committing three crimes.

Gu Yang met Fu Hengyi’s cool eyes, and wished to disappear in front of his eyes immediately, big brother, you might as well beat me up.

Shen Junyu was the last to arrive. He pushed open the door and came in. He saw a group of people, “Yo, everyone is here, what day is today?”

“Someone was abandoned by his wife, so he thought of us group of bachelors.” Han Yi coolly opened his mouth, but there was a taste of schadenfreude.

Shen Junyu looked around the box, but he didn’t see Shen Qinglan, “Where did Qinglan go?”

Han Yi smiled very nicely, and his peach blossom eyes were shining brightly, “She went on a date with her little friend, leaving Fu Hengyi to stay alone.”

Fu Hengyi glanced at him coldly, Han Yi immediately silenced, you’re so great to threaten people, even threatening with your eyes, this young master is a big measure, so I won’t care about you, hmm…

Shen Junyu knew that there was no truth in Han Yi’s mouth, but he was too lazy to call him out. He sat down beside Fu Hengyi, but his eyes fell on Gu Yang, “What’s wrong with Gu Yang and Gu Kai, why are they so downcast?”

Gu Yang didn’t speak, where would he still be in the mood to joke now, he was just lying on the sofa and pretending to be dead, Gu Kai was also not in a good mood at the moment, and didn’t want to talk.

Han Yi laughed even more happily, “Someone died and owes someone else to clean it up, and now they are being cleaned up.”

In fact, Han Yi didn’t know what Gu Yang and Gu Kai did, but seeing someone more unlucky than him, his mood improved. This place was very comfortable.

Jiang Chenxi pushed his head away, a big man didn’t sit well, and was leaning on another man, could this be seen?

“Chenxi,” Shen Junyu saw Jiang Chenxi and remembered something, “Have you ever had a blind date with Shen Xitong?”

“What? A blind date? Who went on a blind date with whom?” He jumped up, and his energetic look was completely different from just now.

Jiang Chenxi’s face was slightly dark, and when he mentioned that woman, he couldn’t help but feel a fire in his heart. He had never met such an ugly woman, not because she had an ugly face, but because of her ugly heart.

Seeing Jiang Chenxi’s expression, Shen Junyu didn’t understand anything. He was afraid that Shen Xitong, who had eyes above her head, might have looked down on Jiang Chenxi and said some unpleasant things.

“I didn’t know that my mother wanted to tie a red thread for the two of you.”

“It has nothing to do with you.” Jiang Chenxi smiled slightly, “You are you, she is her.” He never linked the two together, even if they were nominally siblings.

“It’s fine if you don’t take it to heart.” Shen Junyu was relieved, but he wasn’t worried about Shen Xitong, just worried about what Jiang Chenxi might have thought.

“Which one of you will explain what happened to the blind date?” Gu Yang looked at Jiang Chenxi and Shen Junyu with a confused look on his face.

Han Yi was also curious, but looking at Chenxi’s appearance, he knew that things were probably not pleasant, so he should not touch the tiger’s beard. This fellow Jiang Chenxi, on weekdays, was absolutely gentle like jade and a modest gentleman, but if anyone really annoyed him, he could become a wolf who was black to the core, then you would have absolutely no place to cry when you wanted to cry.

Gu Yang rushed to Jiang Chenxi’s side, looking like a curious baby, “Brother Chenxi, what’s going on, why are you messing with Shen Xitong?”

Jiang Chenxi glanced at him with a smile, and asked gently, “You want to know?”

Gu Yang wanted to nod his head and say yes, but looking at Jiang Chenxi’s smiling eyes, he couldn’t nod his head, but waved his hands, “Actually, I don’t want to know that much either.”

After saying that, Han Yi gave him a cowardly look, and Gu Yang stared, if you are not cowardly, why don’t you ask.

Han Yi looked away, he wouldn’t be so stupid.

A group of big men had nothing to do, so Han Yi took out a mahjong set, “Come on, play a game.”

Shen Junyu sat down first, Gu Yang sat down closely, Gu Kai didn’t play, so he just sat and watched them play.

“Chenxi and Hengyi, we are missing one.” Han Yi greeted.

“I’ll go out for a while, you guys play.” Jiang Chenxi was not interested, Fu Hengyi stood up, and the crisp sound of mahjong collision quickly filled the room.

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