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In Beijing Sports stadium on Saturday, the peripheral roads were blocked at four or five in the afternoon.

Before the concert started, there was already a long queue outside Beijing Sports. Liang Xiaoduan’s fan base had a characteristic, that was, the proportion of her male fans was very high. Therefore, the faces of many young boys could be seen in the crowd. They were usually shy in private, there were a lot of singles, and even if they had a girlfriend, they were less likely to express their outspoken love. But today, they wore shiny headbands on their heads, with the words Liang Xiaoduan on their cheeks, and held up the cheering sign high with excitement, so they could express their love for their idol without concealment.

Today’s concert adopted two listening modes: live pure enjoyment and online live broadcast. In addition to the crowded lively scene, as soon as the online live broadcast window opened, a group of fans rushed into the live broadcast room calling for their mother.

#Come on!

#First concert here I come!

#By the way, who is the mysterious singing guest today?

#Liang Xiaoduan is a newcomer, what kind of guests can she invite? It is estimated that it must be someone who debuted in the same period when she was participating in the singing competition two years ago.

#You forgot that Liang Xiaoduan is Bai Fumei who went home to inherit the family property before she made her debut. She has a wide network of people. It would not be surprising for her to invite the King or Queen of Songs.

#Pure rumors. Xiaoduan is an ordinary girl. Her achievements now depend on her own efforts.

Regardless of how the barrage was arguing, Liang Xiaoduan had already changed into her costume, and her body was covered with bright powder, making her look like an angel in a moonlit night.

Jiang Zheng held a thermos cup as she came to cheer her up.

Liang Xiaoduan hummed: “Sister Zheng, when I thought that you would listen to me singing in the audience later, my legs began to tremble…”

Jiang Zheng laughed, “You are much stronger than me. During my first concert, if Han Yi hadn’t dragged me desperately, I might have killed myself on the spot.”

Han Yi laughed dryly beside them. This was real. The city of Rome was not built in a day, nor was the great devil transformed in a day. Jiang Zheng almost deserted her first concert because of the pressure. Of course, he had told Jiang Zheng all this, and now this matter had been taken out to comfort Liang Xiaoduan, the younger generation.

Liang Xiaoduan drew strength from this untold story, then she took a deep breath and walked into the elevator set up for her entrance.

The Beijing Sports stadium, which could accommodate tens of thousands of people, was now a sea of pink. The prelude to the first song was played, and the audience shouted Liang Xiaoduan’s name wildly.

Jiang Zheng handed the thermos cup to Han Yi, “You don’t have to accompany me tonight.” This person was by her side 360 days a year, always full of fighting spirit, without any slack. He was always picking up constant phone calls, all related to work. Speaking of which, he had no friends other than her.

Han Yi said with a serious face: “You have a performance tonight, how can I not watch it?” He had always felt very guilty about Jiang Zheng’s memory loss, so he couldn’t wait to keep his eyes on her for 24 hours to ensure her safety and that she could live hassle-free.

Jiang Zheng smiled meaningfully, “I think Jing Meini is also single…”

Han Yi stared at her like he was being fired, “It’s absolutely impossible for me and her.”

Jiang Zheng: “…What did I say? Is it?”

Han Yi blushed suddenly.

“I mean, you and Jing Meini are both busy agents, and you are both single. It seems that the business of agents is really delaying people.”

Han Yi: “…You mean this.”

Jiang Zheng smiled, “Otherwise!”

Han Yi: “…” Goodbye!

In addition to having a very influential position, a concert also required extraordinary physical strength. A concert could be as short as two hours or as long as three hours. In some concerts, in order to give singers time to relax, they would invite many guests to help warm up the venue.

For Liang Xiaoduan’s first concert, she had had no plans to invite guests. It was for no other reason, she had just wanted to make this concert a date between her and her fans. When it came to dating, of course there was no room for third parties. However, Jiang Zheng was not someone else, she was Liang Xiaoduan’s wall, and emotionally she was still her driving force. So, she was very much looking forward to Jiang Zheng’s appearance.

After the seventh song was sung, the lights in the audience suddenly dimmed.

Everyone didn’t know why, they didn’t know what was going to happen next, but they felt like the organizers were ready to do something.

Suddenly, the unique sugary voice pierced the night sky and rang in everyone’s ears. The treacherous and gorgeous music style, elegant with depression and an ethereal or haunting lilt, the style was changeable and highly recognizable.

The fans at the scene were stunned, and after searching for a long time, they didn’t know where the sound came from.

#ahahah this is Jiang Zheng’s song, this is her voice.

#As a zheng fan, I knew it was her just by listening to the first note.

#Aigoo! Jiang Zheng went to Liang Xiaoduan’s concert?

#They only participated in the recording of “Terror City” together two days ago.

#Mysterious guest is Jiang Zheng?? The people in the audience have saved a lot of money. You paid one price to listen to two people’s concerts.

#impossible! How could Jiang Zheng come to the concert of a younger generation? It’s too much lowering of her coffee position.

#My Xiaoduan is not weak and easy to cut?! She is still young and already so powerful.

#I understand. Everyone knows that Liang Xiaoduan is a fan of Jiang Zheng. She must have played her idol’s song at her concert to pay tribute to her idol.

#Yeah. It must be the recorded version.

#The front is either deaf or the headset is too bad. I can clearly hear the sound of breathing. This is Jiang Zheng’s live performance.

Just as the barrage was getting hyped up, a beam of light shot from the front to the back, and then shot from the back to the front. After going around a few times, it finally settled at the height of the three-story building directly above the stage.

A pair of slender calves swayed gently on a swing suspended in the air, Jiang Zheng sat in the air, wearing a plain long dress made of gauze, two bright red lines on the corners of her brows penetrated into the temples, making her whole face look sad and sweet.

The audience was stunned for three seconds, and then a roar resounded throughout the audience.

One of the little milk voices was loud and sharp, “Ah ah ah ah, sister Zheng.”

Fans: ??? Who is giving the concert? Girl, can’t you stand your ground?

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