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On the plane, Jiang Zheng slept all the way.

After getting off the plane, Han Yi hesitated. Jiang Zheng yawned and said softly, “Old Han, you’re too old to hold back and get into trouble. Can’t you speak straight?”

Han Yi choked, he was two years younger than Ji Muye, how could he be called old??

“Zhengzheng, you are really good to He Xiao. You helped him sing the solo chorus, and then went out to help him push it on Weibo.”

“Do you know how much an advertisement on your Weibo is worth?”

“He’s really got good luck.” Jiang Zheng, who had encountered amnesia, was expressing her kindness.

Before Jiang Zheng got on the plane, she forwarded the song He Xiao sent her to Weibo, and marked it with one sentence: Come on, brother. She also thoughtfully added a tag #HEXiaoOriginalSong#.

“Oh.” Jiang Zheng said lightly: “My Weibo only has selfie with beautiful pictures, or advertising business, I don’t think there is any human touch. It’s good to interact with people in the circle occasionally.”

She opened Weibo, “Besides, if He Xiao’s songs are not good, what’s the use of me pushing him again?”

The Weibo posted two hours ago had already received 30,000 to 40,000 comments and retweets and likes. And this song suddenly rushed to the top of the new song charts of major music players. It could be seen how popular Jiang Zheng was.

He Xiao was flattered, retweeted Jiang Zheng’s Weibo, and said, “Okay. elder sister. I must try.

#HEXiao is the first singer recommended by my sister, I will definitely support it.

#Wow, there is also the rap of Zhengzheng. It matches He Xiao’s voice so well.

#Come, black fans come quickly. Here comes the counterevidence that my sister Zheng suppresses the younger generation!

#Hexiao is really awesome. He even got Jiang Zheng to endorse him!

#I suddenly opened my brain: the charming queen zheng×cute brother Xiao. Sibling love is okay?

#Uh-huh. This pair is delicious.

#please. Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye are the official match. What kind of candy are you eating?

The Internet had a long memory, and fans were good at archaeology.

Someone found the video of Jiang Zheng and He Xiao participating in the “Star Games” together and found that the two had participated in a two-person skateboard race together. He Xiao’s hand had gone over Jiang Zheng’s slender waist. When Jiang Zheng was filming “Dongnu Country”, He Xiao promoted the whole process and chased the drama on time every day. At that time, the popular princess held a model show, He Xiao was the first star to imitate.

Suddenly, they felt that this pair was also very good, what should they do?

Ji Muye leaned his back against the wall, clutching his mobile phone, and his face was filled with indistinct emotions.

Inside the photographer was still adjusting the lighting. He was wearing a brown trench coat, and showed a bit of ascetic desire…

Of course, he didn’t dare to browse Weibo on his official account.

He logged on to his trumpet silently, watching the fans who caught and made a CP for Jiang Zheng, the ravine between his eyebrows was deep enough to stuff a cow.

A fan said: Jiang Zheng is such a bright and decisive queen, so she should be matched with a cute and gentle baby dog brother.

Ji Muye laughed and left eight big characters under this person’s comment: Shit doesn’t make sense, nonsense.

Immediately, the other party replied in seconds: You should not breathe your shit here. Otherwise, who does Jiang Zheng match best? Could it be that old man Ji Muye?

Ji Muye, the deity hiding behind the trumpet: … World peace depends on forbearance.

He quit Weibo and sent a WeChat message to He Xiao: Gongxi has released a new song. Blessings.

He Xiao took five minutes to reply. His phone had been inundated with well wishes from friends, fan comments and media interviews.

[Hmm, thank you Teacher Ji. Do you know? Sister Zheng is so nice, she took the initiative to help me promote it. I can’t claim the success.]

Several barrages flew out of Ji Muye’s mind.

#Of course I know she is very nice.

#You can’t repay her, don’t promise yourself over.

However, the barrage could only fly through his mind.

Han Yi sent Jiang Zheng to the hospital for a checkup. Since the last time she hit her head and lost her memory, she had been busy with various tasks. Taking advantage of a free night, they just came to the hospital for a check-up.

Before getting off the car, Jiang Zheng said as casually as if she was talking about the weather, “I’m going to a concert the night after tomorrow. Don’t arrange anything for me.”

Han Yi was taken aback, “Whose concert?” If you don’t watch other people’s concerts, you won’t join in the fun.

Jiang Zheng: “Liang Xiaoduan’s.”

Han Yi couldn’t help laughing, “My sister, you promised her?”

“Well. I also want to be a singing guest. I have to go to the Beijing sports center for rehearsal early the afternoon after tomorrow.”

Han Yi: ” …”

The doctor prescribed a series of examination items, and it was already nine o’clock in the evening.

Jiang Zheng yawned, but fortunately, her body was normal, except that her memory still hadn’t recovered.

Han Yi asked his assistant to send Jiang Zheng home first.

He stayed and had a long talk with the doctor.

“Will people who have lost their memory change their personalities?”

The doctor asked with a smile: “How has it changed?”

Han Yi: “Becoming a little cute?” The devil, Jiang Zheng, who had lost her memory, had completely collapsed the persona of the big devil until it couldn’t be taken back. More than one person in the circle had told him that your Zhengzheng loves to laugh recently, takes the initiative to chat with people, takes the initiative to praise people, and the rainbow farts were not repeated.

Today, she not only took the initiative to help He Xiao promote the new song, but also promised to be a guest singer in Liang Xiaoduan’s concert.

In a few days, was she going to be a witness at the wedding scene of some artist couple? It was not impossible.

The doctor laughed when he heard Han Yi’s words: “Maybe she has found herself?”

Han Yi: “…She is now responsive to other people’s needs, and even takes the initiative to meet their needs. What’s the situation?”

The doctor shrugged: “It means that Miss Jiang is willing to help others.”

Han Yi: “…” Quack doctor!

Rehearsal scene.

When Liang Xiaoduan saw Jiang Zheng appearing on time, her eyes turned red with emotion.

In the previous fashion show with her designer fan, Jiang Zheng suddenly appeared to help the show, and he became the envy of all fans.

Unexpectedly, her sign was also flipped over[1] by her wall today.

Jiang Zheng was wearing casual clothes, had tied her hair back with her favorite ball hair tie, held the microphone, and rehearsed on the stage seriously.

Han Yi took the health-preserving wolfberry tea and stayed by the side.

Liang Xiaoduan took out her mobile phone and took a photo of the edge of the stage, posted it on Weibo, with the caption: Guess who will be the mysterious guest today? It scared me anyway.

Jing Meini accidentally swiped this Weibo. The photo was only a corner of the stage, and Han Yi’s recognizable round head.

She quickly reported to Ji Muye.

Ji Muye said lightly: “You and Han Yi are quite familiar with each other?” The real body was not revealed, only the back of the head was enough to recognize the person. He and Jiang Zheng still hadn’t reached this level of understanding!

Jing Meini: “…”

“I shouldn’t have any plans tonight.” Ji Muye looked up at her.

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[1] Refers to the Taoist procedure used by the ancient emperor when he chooses his concubine at night. Each card represents a concubine. If the emperor likes which one, he will turn the sign over and send a certain concubine to the bed. 

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