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He Xiao’s impression of Jiang Zheng before participating in the “Star Games” could be described in three words: unattainable, invincible to criticism, and impossible to provoke.

However, after holding her waist and competing with her, he found that these three words were purely false and unfair assumptions made by outsiders towards her. Although she was very cold and glamorous when she was not smiling but she was sincere and calm when she was laughing, and sometimes she was also a little cute.

Liang Xiaoduan’s impression of Jiang Zheng before participating in “Terror City” could also be described in three words: She is the master, my eldest sister, and my wall. No matter how the outside world described her, she would always stand as majestic as the Mount Mordor in her heart and would never collapse.

After participating in “Terror City”, she had an even better impression of Jiang Zheng. As soon as the recording of the program ended, she asked Jiang Zheng to sign an autograph for her, although Ji Muye took away the precious book in the end. But… she seemed to have eaten a particularly sweet candy, and best of all it was discovered by her alone.


After learning that she was going to take a flight with Jiang Zheng later, she looked at the other person’s car and raced against time to talk to her wall. He Xiao just happened to be going back to Beijing as well, so the three of them took the same car to the airport.

Ji Muye was going to Hainan to shoot a cover for a magazine, so he could only watch these two guys and Jiang Zheng ride in the same car.

After getting into the car, Liang Xiaoduan very considerately asked Jiang Zheng to rest for a while. During the day, everyone was exhausted by zombies, and she had to endure even if she had a lot of questions she wanted to ask.

Jiang Zheng looked at Liang Xiaoduan’s big and round eyes, and smiled, “Just say what you want to say. Don’t hold back.”

He Xiao: “Liang Xiaoduan, your eyes are quite big. Why? When we were in Wuyou City just now, that was not the case!”

Liang Xiaoduan was angry, she was crying so hard just now, her eyes must have swelled into a seam. This guy couldn’t open the pot and throw it at her.

She was too lazy to pay attention to him, so she turned her face and asked with a smile: “Sister Zheng, when will the second season of “Dongnu Country” be filmed?”

Jiang Zheng shrugged, “It depends on when Teacher Yu Juan’s script will be finished. If she has written it and is ready to shoot, I will surely make time for it.”

Liang Xiaoduan applauded excitedly, “Really? Great. The first season was too cruel, and many fans were unhappy, wanting to eat candy, they want to see you and Teacher Ji fall in love.”

Jiang Zheng choked and corrected: “…It’s Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness who are in love.”

Liang Xiaoduan chuckled, “There’s no difference.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

“Sister Zheng, I took the time to go to Xiaojin County some time ago.” Liang Xiaoduan’s face was full of sweet memories, “It’s beautiful. Diaolou, Pear Blossom, River Valley, the snow-capped mountains were exactly the same as those in the TV series. It is like a fairyland on earth, incredibly beautiful. There were so many tourists there.”

Like many fans of “Dongnu Country”, she thought of Qiang City in Xiaojin County as a holy place. With postcards in hand, she went to the palace tower, the imperial mausoleum, the river, and the pear blossom forest outside the city to compare the stills and look for the scene of the filming at that time.    

“I also wore clothes similar to Her Majesty and took a lot of photos in Qiang City.” Liang Xiaoduan said a little embarrassedly: “Oh, yes. I also went to the river to sit on a cowhide raft.”

He Xiao squinted his eyes and asked, “…Do you dare? You are so timid?!”

Liang Xiaoduan rolled her eyes at him.

“What’s wrong with me?”

“Next time when we record “Terror City”, I won’t hold you anymore.”

He Xiao: “…” It sounds like he is dying to be hugged.

Jiang Zheng watched the two little guys bicker in a good mood.

She suddenly remembered something, turned her face and asked He Xiao, “How is your solo album going?”

He Xiao hurriedly sat up straight, “The title song has been recorded. Thank you, Teacher Jiang for helping me sing the chorus last time. I showed it to a few seniors and fans, and the response was very good.”

Jiang Zheng snorted and said casually, “Let me hear.”

He Xiao immediately took out his mobile phone, opened WeChat, and forwarded it.

Liang Xiaoduan’s eyes were bleeding from jealousy. He Xiao actually had Sister Zheng’s WeChat account???

Then she glanced at Jiang Zheng’s phone and saw many more accounts! She glanced at random and saw Ji Muye’s image. Sister Zheng actually had Teacher Ji’s WeChat?!!! My goodness. Don’t they not get along well in private?

Liang Xiaoduan ate another candy in an instant, and her heart was bubbling with beauty.

Jiang Zheng casually looked at Weibo, where the discussion on the topic of #terror city# had already covered tens of thousands of floors of comment buildings. In the next issue, whether the city of terror was the city of the future, the city of the terrible doomsday, the city of Star Trek, or the city of the underground world, everyone had brought out extensive imagination and discussion. It seemed that the ancient city of zombies in the first episode had been greatly recognized.

It had only been two hours since the live broadcast, and the highly productive and efficient Jiang Ye CP fans had already made a video of the interaction between her and Ji Muye and posted it online. In the video, she was the arrogant guardian madman, and Ji Muye was a well-behaved and obedient loyal dog. CP fans accurately marked the number of times the two pulled each other’s arms, held hands, and looked at each other. Her last sentence: He is my husband! And Ji Muye’s sentence: I am your Ji Lang, had become the sweetest line in the whole process. As soon as these two sentences appeared, the barrage was full of wsl[1].

Jiang Zheng swiped across the video quickly and turned sideways carefully to turn it off.

However, Liang Xiaoduan had already seen her small movements in her eyes. Her whole heart was pounding: My mother. Sister Zheng would secretly watch the high-sugar videos made by their CP fans. Divide two by three and five, no, if it is rounded up, doesn’t it mean approval…hehehe.

Suddenly Jiang Zheng turned her face and said, “You have a concert at Beijing Sports the day after tomorrow.”

Liang Xiaoduan was stunned and nodded quickly.

Liang Xiaoduan debuted through a singing competition two years ago. She was beautiful and cute, and her dancing ability was also good. The key point was that her milky rapping voice made her highly recognizable among many young singers. So, people fanned her, and her company naturally pushed her vigorously. This time, it was an important step in her personal development to be able to participate in “Terror City” with such celebrities like Jiang Zheng and Ji Muye. How could the company have known that this guy put participating in the show second, and star chasing and cp first. After the end of the first episode of “Terror City”, many fans were saying that Liang Xiaoduan didn’t come to participate in the show, but to eat candy. Many people also said that she was the biggest fan among the CP fans.

The concert the day after tomorrow was her first concert after her solo debut. Although the tickets could not be said to have sold out in seconds, but they were basically all sold out.

Liang Xiaoduan wanted to invite Jiang Zheng to take the time to watch her concert, but she didn’t dare to open her mouth.

Right at this moment, Jiang Zheng asked with a smile, “Are there any tickets left?”

Liang Xiaoduan was stunned, and immediately became excited, “Yes, yes, yes, why not!”

Ah, ah, my idol is coming to listen to my concert. What kind of fairy is she for pampering fans like this.

“Before I came in contact with Sister Zheng, they said you were a big devil,” Liang Xiaoduan said, “not only have three heads and six arms, but also nine tails.”

He Xiao quickly winked at Liang Xiaoduan, this guy must have become dizzy with joy and was now saying anything.

Jiang Zheng had a calm expression on her face, “They saw that I was too hot, so if something goes wrong, there must be a demon, right. I know it all.”

Only then did Liang Xiaoduan realize that she was talking nonsense. She quickly apologized.

Jiang Zheng didn’t take it to heart at all. After the meeting, she suddenly winked her eyes, “Perhaps you still lack a guest performer?”

Liang Xiaoduan: “!!!” No! Can! can!

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[1] An exclamation by netizens loosely meaning I’m dying.

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