IHSB Ch. 30

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Nuan Nuan looked at her little brother with big eyes and blinked, wondering if she had heard it wrong.


Gu An was a little embarrassed. “What? Are you not happy if I allow you to call me brother outside?”

The soft little girl shook her head quickly, her eyes suddenly looking at him.

“Really? Brother, aren’t you afraid that Nuan Nuan will embarrass you?”

The little girl’s voice was soft and excited, but she did not seem angry at all.

Gu An folded his arms and snorted coldly, “I’m the boss at school and I have the final say. If they dare to dislike you, I’ll beat them up!”


“Brother, you are amazing!”

Being praised by his sister’s soft and waxy little milky voice, Gu An looked at her with affection.

“That’s right, I have the final say in school.”


Dad Gu slapped the back of his head unceremoniously, Gu An covered his head and complained, he was pretending to be coercive in front of his sister, so he showed resentment for his father on his face.

Dad Gu looked over with a light look, and Gu An shrank his neck cowardly and forcefully.

“Heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses. Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, when I grow up…”


Dad Gu glanced at him, and he shut up.

With a cold snort, Gu Linmo touched the little fluffy head of his good daughter.

“Nuan Nuan, don’t listen to your brother’s nonsense, no one will dislike you.”


The little girl snorted softly, her eyebrows were crooked and her little head rubbed against her father’s palm, she thought this was good.

Gu An glanced at his little sister who was as soft as a kitten, and when he saw her head, he was eager to touch it.

But he was stared back by his father.

Gu An was so angry. He thought that his father was getting more and more extreme! Nuan Nuan was still his sister, why couldn’t he touch her head!

When the car arrived at Gu’s villa, the two pets were still guarding the door. When the car approached, Rhubarb came running over, wagging his tail.

Nuan Nuan got out of the car and was barked at by the excited dog as he begged for hugs.

As Nuan Nuan was rubbing Rhubarb’s big face, Briquettes walked to the front and easily jumped into Nuan Nuan’s embrace. The advantages of being small were fully reflected here. Rhubarb whimpered and looked at Briquettes with envy.

“Baby is back.”

A gentle voice came, Nuan Nuan looked at her mother with bright eyes, put Briquettes on Rhubarb’s head and flew over with her short legs, hugging her mother.


As soon as the milky voice called for her mother, she was picked up by mother Gu and kissed on her small cheek.

“Mom’s Nuan Nuan looks even more beautiful today.”

Nuan Nuan blushed shyly, hugged her mother’s neck and dared to kiss her on the face.

“Mom is also super nice.”

The mother and daughter showed such a happy and warm scene, but at this moment, a strange Yin and Yang voice interjected.

“Mom, do you only remember that you have a daughter and forgot that you have a smart son. If you really have forgotten your son, this family will soon lose any position for me, Gu An!”

Gu An was annoyed, such a big boss like him was standing here alone, but these two women didn’t even give him a look!

Mother Gu hugged Nuan Nuan and looked at her bear son, then asked with a smile, “Would you like mother to give you a kiss?”

Gu An instantly stepped back several steps and shouted with a blushing face, “I’m so old, who wants a kiss?”

Mother Gu rolled her eyes and asked, “Then what do you want?”

Gu An “…”

He just felt unbalanced, what happened!

“Brother, come here.”

Nuan Nuan called to her brother, waving with her beautiful eyes.

Gu An put his hands in his pockets and hummed, feeling particularly cool, “Who did you do that puppy gesture for?”

Nuan Nuan looked at him “Brother~”

The sweet voice of the soft and glutinous milk ball made Gu An melt. He muttered in his heart, thinking that his sister must be made of toffee, her voice was so sweet!

“Women are trouble!”

A certain elder brother showed disgust with his mouth, but his body was extremely honest. He raised his feet and walked towards Nuan Nuan while pretending to be disdainful.

Mother Gu looked at her little son, who was too straight, with contempt.


Nuan Nuan lowered her head and kissed her little brother softly on the face.

“Nuan Nuan kissed brother, don’t be angry anymore.”

Gu An fell in a trance. When she spoke in a milky voice, her voice was full of magic.

“You, you… What are you kissing me for!”

In two seconds, Gu An’s small white face suddenly flushed red, and he stuttered as he took a few steps back while covering his kissed face.

Nuan Nuan looked at him blankly, thinking that her brother didn’t like her kisses, so feeling a little disappointed, she poked her fingers.

“If my brother doesn’t like it, then Nuan Nuan won’t kiss you anymore.”

Grandpa, mom and dad all like her kiss, but her brother didn’t like it.


Gu An’s heart fluttered when he heard her words, and his eyes flickered, “It’s just…it’s too sudden.”

Dad Gu and Grandpa Gu couldn’t help laughing at the side. Mother Gu also burst out laughing.

Gu An became angry, “What’s so funny!”

After saying that, he ran away with his schoolbag on his back, and went back to the room to cover the cheek kissed by his sister. His slightly immature face was still slightly red, and he snorted.

“My lord, my charm is really great!”

Gu An had returned to normal by the time it was time to eat, but he still looked like a stinky fart. He glanced at the seats on the dining table, Nuan Nuan sat next to his grandfather, and his father and mother had gone to the kitchen. Before they got to the table, he twisted his butt and sat on the other side of the little girl with a proud look on his face.

“There are dishes that I like to eat here!”

It wasn’t because of Nuan Nuan, he made a blunt excuse for himself.

Grandpa Gu wanted to roll his eyes at his grandson.

Mom and Dad Gu came out with a few glasses of milk and sat down on the table.

“Brother, what do you like to eat?”


Gu An casually pointed to a bowl of cola chicken wings.

With a warm and soft sound, she took a chopstick and put a chicken wing into his bowl.

“Brother eat.”

The moist eyes that were curved into small crescents looked at him brightly, like a gentle little angel who had fallen into the mundane world. Who could bear to refuse such a cute and gentle little angel.

Gu An looked at the cola chicken wings in the bowl, his eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but lift up, “It’s not like I can’t get it.”

Then he asked, “What do you like to eat?”

Nuan Nuan said obediently, “I like them all, they’re all delicious.”

Gu An, “Too unspecified!”

He said this, but his body honestly added a lot of dishes to Nuan Nuan’s bowl.

“Reciprocity, I don’t owe you anything!”

Nuan Nuan nodded softly, and said softly, “Well, brother, you are so kind.”

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