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On Monday morning, everyone gathered at Xianyun Ferry in Kangyanchuan, Wangcheng, to film the next episode.

The Queen and her husband had a good relationship after marriage. Her Majesty laughed more, and her whole person became a lot more alive. She was no longer the lonely girl standing in the palace tower looking at the mountains and rivers from afar.

For three meals a day, Her Majesty the Queen must go to the palace of His Royal Highness to accompany him. The mammy of the food bureau said that His Majesty would eat more and be happier only when she saw His Royal Highness. Cen Baoqian yawned and said that Her Majesty and His Majesty had a lot to do every night, such as reading, drawing, and writing, and one night Her Majesty even forced His Majesty to paint her eyebrows with his own hands. She was watching the night outside the palace, and she was choked to death by the dog food sprinkled by Her Majesty from time to time. She really missed her A Lang.

On this day, Tang Qinlan remembered that Cui Ling had said that he wanted to go to Xianyun Ferry to see the scenery, so she gathered a group of people and took her husband out of the city to play.

Despite its name, Xianyun Ferry looked like a paradise, but it was actually quite steep. The mountains on both sides stood up, like a god throwing a giant axe. However, the scenery was amazing, and because of its ingenious craftsmanship, this was a place where people from the Dongnu Country flocked to enjoy the scenery.

The strange thing was that the top of this river was steep, but when you went down a hundred meters, the rapids become slow water. Many people took the leather rafts unique to the Dongnu Country to go down the Ruoshui river and go to the Mount Mordo to worship, or drift further to Yizhou City in the Tang Kingdom.

Speaking of cowhide rafts, Dongnu Country had high mountains and dangerous roads, and it was relatively easy to travel by water. However, bamboo rafts and wooden boats were easy to sink in the rapids. Dongnu Country people used common cows to blow out sacs with their skins, and then used tough wood as the skeleton, so they could run rampant in the weak water, unobstructed.

Her Majesty the Queen was going to sit on a cowhide raft to enjoy the view. Cen Baoqian was very nervous, and hurriedly called for the guards to prepare tools and sent five teams to protect the safety of Her Majesty and His Highness.

At Xianyun Ferry, Tang Qinlan took Cui Ling’s hand and told him the name of the mountain and the shape of the clouds with great interest. Cui Ling listened attentively, the sun shone on his handsome face, and his lustrous skin made Tang Qinlan’s heart tremble.

She glanced back at Cen Baoqian.

Cen Baoqian understood her mind, and quickly made everyone turn around.

The sky and the earth were far away, the mountains were high and the water was deep, while the reeds on the floodplain were swaying in the wind. Tang Qinlan’s eyes were only for Cui Ling, she gently tiptoed, her fingers hooked on Cui Ling’s chin, and she started kissing him.

She liked this kind of action the most, and Cui Ling blushed every time she kissed him.

Cen Baoqian was looking left and right when she suddenly heard a huge sound of water rising behind her.

She turned around abruptly and found that Her Majesty the Queen was already sitting on another cowhide raft holding His Royal Highness’s hand.

“Your Majesty…” As soon as she shouted, Tang Qinlan glared at her.

Cen Baoqian was so frightened that she immediately knelt down and did not dare to take a step forward.    

Tang Qinlan turned her head in satisfaction, raised his chin towards Cui Ling, and said arrogantly, “Your Highness Royal Consort, you must protect me.” As soon as the water potential hit the shore, the cowhide raft immediately drifted down.    

Cen Baoqian was so anxious that she had to let the guards protect her along the way.    

The cowhide raft had eaten enough water, and it was lighter. It was bumping up and down in the water waves. Tang Qinlan was not at all frightened but looked at Cui Ling with a smile.    

At this time, looking up at the mountains on both sides of the strait, it felt even more thrilling.    

Cui Ling’s back was covered in sweat, and he carefully controlled the wooden oar, for fear of an accident.    

The guards chased farther and farther, unable to keep up at all.    

There was no one in the four fields, only the two of them were left in the world.    

After crossing this rapid shoal, they came to an open water surface, which was gentle and leisurely, and they could float down it even without paddling.    

Tang Qinlan took a deep breath, and suddenly smiled and said: “Cui Ling, do you know what the national treasure of my Dongnu country is?”    

Cui Ling shook his head calmly, “I don’t know.”    

Tang Qinlan’s face had was a hint of sarcasm, “The Tang Dynasty and the Tubo people said that the national treasure of our Dongnu Country is Zhen.”

Comparing the queen of Dongnuo Country to a beautiful and expensive object, it could be seen that those male-dominated dynasties sneered at the establishment of the country by women. Cui Ling had heard this saying, but in his eyes, whether it was a woman or a man who established a country, a monarch who loved the people was what an orthodox country should look like.

“Cui Ling, I will tell you quietly.” Tang Qinlan hooked his hands.

Cui Ling got closer.

Tang Qinlan lowered her voice, “They are all wrong. The national treasure of the Dongnu Country is not me, but a golden map.”

Cui Ling’s eyes sank, and he lowered his eyelids silently.

Golden map! This was the first time Tang Qinlan had mentioned it in front of him.

Tang Qinlan pointed to the Ruoshui River and said that the ancestors of the Dongnu Kingdom received the protection of this water in addition to the protection of the holy water of the Mordo Mountain. Weak aquatic currents gave out some minerals, and after cleaning those minerals turned to gold. The technique of gold rushing and the legendary gold mine treasury that was only known in the Dongnu Country was the envy of everyone, and it was the foundation of the Dongnu country.

“Cui Ling, do you know the golden map, where am I hiding it?” Tang Qinlan asked unintentionally.

Cui Ling’s expression became restrained, “I don’t need to know.”

Tang Qinlan smiled and pinched Cui Ling’s chin, “You…”

Cui Ling couldn’t guess what she meant, so he kept silent.

Two cameras shuttled across the river, each facing the faces of the hero and heroine.

In order to show the grand scene of the cowhide raft on the Ruoshui River in the East Girl Country, Xing Weimin did not arrange for people to follow the shots but used a combination of long-range and close-up shots to zoom out the camera to show the momentum of the deep canyon, and how Her Majesty the Queen was so eloquent in flirting with love in perilous situations.

There were no other elements in the way, and there was no need for post-editing, the overall effect could be displayed as it was.

After Jiang Zheng finished saying “you”, she suddenly heard a rustling sound from under the cowhide raft, like… the sound of some kind of gas escaping from a small hole.

Her face changed, she subconsciously grabbed Ji Muye in front of her, and said with a trembling voice, “Is the boat leaking?”

Ji Muye lowered his head, Jiang Zheng’s hand was tightly clasping his wrist, and she was quite strong.

Was she afraid?

The water in this area was gentle and wide, and the sediment from the upstream settled here to raise the water level. The cowhide raft made a sizzling sound because it touched the sediment in the shallow water.

They ran into each other by chance last night, the two sincerely apologized to each other, and finally ended the scene with a magical ear pinching. He went back to his room, pondered for a night, and came to a conclusion: Jiang Zheng is essentially a cute person, or a person who is particularly obsessed with his earlobe. Such a little cutie.

Her venomous tongue was her armor to protect herself. After so many days of filming with the crew, he never once saw Jiang Zheng’s face lose his temper. On the contrary, she showed a little bit of naive look from time to time.

Ji Muye’s mind changed, and he feigned to observe under the raft. He looked up and his face turned pale, “Okay, it seems to be true. This cowhide raft is too weak.”

Jiang Zheng was about to cry, this was a flowing river, not a swimming pool.

Suddenly, Ji Muye grabbed her hand and dragged her into his arms, trembling like chaff, “I’m afraid.”

Jiang Zheng: “…”

Xing Weimin looked at the two people hugging each other on the monitor: What the hell?

Jiang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she saw that Ji Muye was trembling more than her. It turned out that Brother Mu was also afraid at times.

She stretched out her hand silently, patted his back, and coaxed: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid. Your sister is here.”

Ji Muye: “…”

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