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Jiang Zheng didn’t know why Ji Muye was so generous all of a sudden. Although she was quite interested in his earlobes, there was a difference between pinching secretly and pinching under the eyes of the master.

She wasn’t sure whether he was joking or telling the truth.

Ji Muye frowned and urged, “If you want to pinch, just pinch, or you will regret it.” Fortunately, it was dark all around, otherwise his blushing face would have been discovered by Jiang Zheng.

Seeing this, Jiang Zheng sighed, pursed her lips, and carefully stretched out her right hand…

It was night. The full moon above their heads shed bright white moonlight, while the towers towered over them, and a row of bamboo in the forest rustled in the night wind, creating a different atmosphere.

The girl stood on tiptoe with her slender arms stretched towards the right side of the tall man. When she touched the man’s right earlobe, the man must have felt sensitive and so his figure shook slightly. The girl quickly attacked and pinched his earlobes accurately, as fast as lightning, as if afraid that he would regret it.

After pinching and twisting, the girl even closed her eyes and enjoyed the extreme softness brought by the earlobes.

Ji Muye endured the itch and looked at the guy opposite. What hobby was this? He kept guessing that model worker Jiang Zheng must have other hobbies besides work, but he didn’t expect her to have a soft spot for his earlobes.

His eyebrows, lips, nose, and even his Adam’s apple was praised by fans. Ji Muye could hear the cacophony, but Jiang Zheng alone thought his earlobes… were cute and invincible. As expected, she was big brother Jiang with a slanted sword.

Jiang Zheng knew that this was probably the last time she would be able to pinch Ji Muye’s earlobe, so she held it for a longer time. Anyway, the earlobe was in her hand, so she was not afraid that he would regret it.

But she also knew that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after that and in the future, the two would still have to meet. Some things couldn’t be overdone.

So, she pinched for about three minutes, then let go.

Ji Muye looked at her helplessly, “Is it fun?”

Jiang Zheng hummed, “It’s fun.” If there was a bed for her to lie on now, and she could sleep while pinching, it was estimated that she would fall asleep in minutes. It was very hypnotic.

After the question and answer, the two suddenly laughed at the same time.

It must be that the moonlight tonight was too good, making people laugh like big fools. Fortunately, they were being stupid together, so nobody would talk about anyone.

“Dongnu Country” adopted a weekly broadcast mode, so the length was not long, and it had only 12 episodes. Intense plot conflicts were concentrated in just 12 episodes, so there was an assurance that each episode had high highs and bursts. The two episodes that aired last week were the selection of the sweetest husband in the whole drama and the wedding bridal chamber. However, while the audience was screaming sweetly, they also maintained a high degree of vigilance against the sadomasochistic foreshadowing of the previous episodes.

Many people had opened their minds on Douban and Weibo, guessing how the remaining four episodes would go. Some people said that Her Majesty the Queen would become furious when she would find out that Cui Ling was a staff member of Jiedushi in Yizhou and would imprison him and force him to choose. Cui Ling was devoted to the Tang Kingdom, and would rather die than give in. The queen finally accidentally killed him, and the whole play ended. Some people said that Cui Ling used a handsome man’s trick to deceive the golden map from Her Majesty the Queen. After handing it over to Lord Jiedu, he rescued his sister and resettled her, and then returned to the Dongnu Country to plead guilty. In the end, whether Her Majesty will forgive or not depended on whether the screenwriter’s heart was ruthless.

Someone compared the scripts written by Teacher Yu Juan in the past few decades and found that 80% of the scripts were BE[1]. The results of this study scared everyone enough for them to shiver. If you look at the selection of the husband and the wedding room in this way, it was simply too cruel.

So, a group of people ran to Yu Juan’s Weibo to petition and ask her to raise her hand. It was okay to be a little abused, but don’t let them end such a good life. If it was to happen, many people threatened to send her razor blades or that they would block her.

Teacher Yu Juan showed these messages to director Xing Weimin. Xing Weimin immediately gathered everyone together. There were four episodes left of “Dongnu Country”, and no one was allowed to reveal any news about the ending to the outside world. If anyone was found to be talking nonsense outside regardless of the discipline of the crew, no matter who it was, he would be blocked.

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[1] Bad endings.

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