APY Ch. 141: Meeting Shen Xitong

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Shen Xitong straightened her skirt, brought out a small mirror and took a look at herself and smiled, such that when she went out, she returned to being that lady with a noble posture.

The dinner was at Shen family home. Shen Xitong called the house and said that she had an appointment with a friend for dinner in the evening and was not going home. Chu Yunrong didn’t ask any more questions, but Shen Qian actually reached home before dinner.

Everyone was surprised to see Shen Qian coming back, but Chu Yunrong was the most surprised when she saw her husband, “A Qian, why didn’t you give a call, if you were coming back today.”

Shen Qian smiled warmly, even after so many years as a soldier, he was still as gentle as when he was younger, Shen Junyu’s temper was actually more like him, but under the gentle appearance of Shen Junyu, there was also the cunning of a businessman.

“Dad.” Fu Hengyi and Shen Qinglan called together, and Shen Qian responded with a smile.

“Uncle Fu.” Shen Qian called out to Mr. Fu in a respectful tone, and then said hello to Mr. Shen.

“Let’s eat first.” Elder Shen said.

The family sat down for dinner, only then did Shen Qian realize that Shen Junyu and Shen Xitong were not around, “Where are Junyu and Xitong?”

“Junyu is working overtime tonight, and Xitong said that she had an appointment with a friend for dinner and won’t come back.” Chu Yunrong replied to him.

Charming VIP box.

The Young Master Shen who was said to be working overtime, was playing Mahjong with several people at the moment.

“Hey, I must say that your sister is really amazing. That was one crazy person.” Han Yi threw a tile and said with a smile. He had watched the news reports and online videos. After watching it, he felt that he was right. Shen Qinglan was really impressive, as expected by Mr. Shen’s personal training, her skill was neat and tidy.

Shen Junyu’s face became very stinky, he glanced at Han Yi, and his tone was cold, “If you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb.”

Han Yi looked at him inexplicably, “What’s the matter with you today, have you eaten dynamite?”

Shen Junyu stopped talking again.

The other people present were two brothers, Gu Yang and Gu Kai. Jiang Chenxi had a class tomorrow, so he did not come.

Gu Yang and Gu Kai haven’t talked much, especially Gu Yang. Today’s words were even more pitiful than ever before. Han Yi closed the door at Shen Junyu and looked up to see Gu Yang on the opposite side. Only then did he realize that he seemed to be especially silent tonight.

“Xiao Yang, you’re not right today.”

Gu Yang snorted, “I’m wrong, I’m fine.”

Han Yi shook his head, “No, it’s as if your voice is not in this box, what’s going on today? It’s not your style at all to be so quiet.”

“Don’t talk like I’m chatty.” Gu Yang rolled his eyes.

Han Yi: …Aren’t you?

In fact, what’s wrong was not only Gu Yang, but also Gu Kai. Since they watched the video today, they knew that Fu Hengyi had actually come back. Although the main person in the video was Shen Qinglan and Fu Hengyi only had a profile view, but Gu Yang and Gu Kai still recognized him.

Thinking that they were the people who dragged Shen Qinglan to the race last time, and also provoked Shi Feng and got into a fight, their hearts were very empty, but Gu Kai usually had a cold face and didn’t like to talk, so Han Yi didn’t notice the difference.

If Fu Hengyi knew that they were pulling Shen Qinglan to do these things, their skins would be peeled off, how could they be concerned about Shen Qinglan’s heroic deeds, not to mention, they had seen Shen Qinglan’s skills at the racetrack last time.

The two of them were absent-minded all day, wanting to know if Fu Hengyi knew, but they didn’t dare to call to ask, for fear that if he didn’t know, they wouldn’t expose themselves.

“Are you really okay?” Han Yi was suspicious, always feeling that Gu Yang was a little weird tonight.

“What can it be?” Gu Yang rolled his eyes again and threw out a tile.

“Huh.” Shen Junyu’s voice sounded. Gu Yang’s face froze, and he looked at the mahjong table, only to find that he had just given a set to Shen Junyu together.

Han Yi gave him a look of “and you said you were fine”.

After two rounds of play, Shen Junyu’s mood did not improve at all, especially since there were two absent-minded guys on the table, who were almost pushing the table so he said, “No more.”

He took out a cigarette from his pocket and began to puff. His face was covered by the smoke, clearly disappearing in the haze.

Han Yi also felt that proposing to play mahjong tonight was a wrong decision, and he didn’t have the heart to play anymore. Like Shen Junyu, he took out a cigarette, put it in his mouth, but didn’t light it.

Shen Junyu smoked a cigarette, walked out, and said that he was going to the toilet, Han Yi glanced at the bathroom in the box, smiled and said nothing.

“It seems that our Master Shen’s heart is sprouting.” Han Yi only thought that the abnormality of Shen Junyu tonight was because of a certain woman, and the fact was indeed because of a certain woman, but it was not what he thought.

The Shen family had strict rules. Although Shen Junyu had been immersed in the shopping mall for many years and there were many beautiful suitors around him, but he had not had any scandals with any woman, and no woman had appeared by his side.

Gu Yang and Gu Kai were now full of worries as to whether Fu Hengyi knew or not. Where did they have the heart to accompany Han Yi to guess about this? Han Yi talked to himself for a while but felt that it was very boring, so he got up and walked out of the box. He went downstairs to the bar for a drink.

In the bar downstairs, Yu Xiaoxuan had rare free time today, so she wanted to come out to play. She originally wanted to call Shen Qinglan, but she thought that Fu Hengyi was back today, and the couple rarely saw each other. She was too embarrassed to disturb her and gave Fang Tong a call. On the phone, the woman turned out to be dating her boyfriend again.

Yu Xiaoxuan didn’t want to go out with other people, so she came to the bar alone and was drinking at the bar when she ran into Shen Xitong unluckily.

After Shen Xitong and a group of friends had dinner, someone suggested coming to the bar, so everyone came over. Now that she had returned to China and had plans to develop in the country, she naturally wanted to communicate well with the young masters of the capital.

She had the identity and background of being the Shen family’s daughter, no matter whether she was biological or not, everyone still needed to give her face for the sake of the Shen family.

Yu Xiaoxuan was sitting at the bar, Shen Xitong saw her as soon as she came in, remembering how Shen Qinglan humiliated her in front of them in the courtyard last time, she rolled her eyes and walked towards Yu Xiaoxuan.

“Isn’t this my sister’s friend? What’s the name?” She tilted her head, as if trying to recall, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a good memory, and I can’t remember people who are not in our circle. The one who lives by their name.”

As soon as her words came out, the three or four people who followed her understood that the relationship between this girl and Shen Xitong was not very good, and the background of this girl was also not good.

They were all daughters and young masters of some official or business families in the capital, but they were not comparable to Shen Xitong in terms of identity, so naturally they all followed her lead.

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